Chris Robé


Chris Robé
PhD, Film and Media Studies/Literature, Lehigh University

Email: crobe@fau.edu
Phone: (561) 297-1306
Areas of Expertise: Film and Media Studies, Historical Materialism, Cultural Studies, Media Activism

My primary research concerns the use of media by various activist groups in their quest for a more equitable world. In the twenty-first century, media does not simply offer a representational platform for disenfranchised voices, but more importantly serves as a material practice to engage in collective struggles for equity, justice, and more sustainable systems. I have written about U.S. radical film culture in the 1930s in my book  Left of Hollywood: Cinema, Modernism, and the Emergence of U.S. Radical Film Culture  (U of Texas Press, 2010) and have published numerous articles on media activism within various journals like  Cinema Journal,  Jump Cut,  Framework, Culture, Theory and Critique,  and  Journal of Film and Video.  My recent book,  Breaking the Spell: The Rise of Video Activism and the New Anarchism,  will be forthcoming in 2016-2017. I am currently researching the relationship between video/digital media activism and state repression related to animal rights campaigns, counter-summit protesting, and urban resistances within areas of highly concentrated poverty. I also occasionally scribble for the online journal  PopMatters.

Recent Publications

“The Convergence of Eco-Activism, Neoliberalism, and Reality TV in Whale Wars,” Journal of Film and Video 76, no. 3-4 (2015): 94-111.

"Anarchist Aesthetics and U.S. Video Activism," in Jump Cut 56 (Winter 2014-2015): http://www.ejumpcut.org/currentissue/RobeAnarchists/index.html

“When Cultures Collide: Third Cinema Meets the Spaghetti Western," Journal of Popular Film and Television 42, no. 3 (2014): 163-174.

"Materializing Cultural Struggle in Film and Media Studies," Culture, Theory and Critique 55, no. 1 (2014): 17-33.

"'Because I Hate Fathers, and I Never Wanted to Be One:' Wes Anderson, Entitled Masculinity, and the 'Crisis' of the Patriarch," in Millennial Masculinity: Men in Contemporary American Cinema, Ed. Timothy Shary (Detroit: Wayne State University Press, 2013);

Co-authored Peter N. Funke and Todd Wolfson, "Suturing Working Class Subjectivities: Media Mobilizing Project and the Role of Media Building a Class-Based Social Movement," Triple C 10.1 (2012): 16-29

Left of Hollywood: Cinema, Modernism, and the Emergence of U.S. Radical Film Culture(U of Texas Press 2010)


FIL 3803: Film Theory

FIL 6807: Film Theory and Criticism

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