University Policies and Procedures Manual

Welcome to the University Policies and Procedures Manual (“UPPM”). The UPPM is the official repository of University policies and procedures. Please see the Policy Guidelines for more details about the UPPM and University policy-making protocols.

Historically, the University had implemented University-wide policies through a collection of Presidential Memoranda (“PMs”).  All active PMs have now been updated and converted to the UPPM format, as appropriate.   Also included in the UPPM are links to University department and division policies. These departmental and divisional policies will supplement the University-wide policies of the UPPM.

Note:  Due to organizational changes, all policy references to University Advancement are replaced with Institutional Advancement, all policy references to Information Resource Management (IRM) are replaced with the Office of Information Technology (OIT), all policy references to Senior Vice President, Communications & Marketing are replaced with Vice President, Public Affairs, all policy references to Vice President, Facilities and Vice President, Executive Operations are replaced with Vice President, Administrative Affairs, all policy references to the Vice President, Public Service and Vice President, Student Affairs are replaced with Vice President, Student Affairs & Enrollment Management, all policy references to the Director of Purchasing are replaced with the Director of Procurement, and all policy references to the Office of Student Development & Activities are replaced with Student Involvement and Leadership (SIL).


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1. Office of the President

1.1 Guidelines for Policy Development
1.2 Alcoholic Beverages 
1.3 Lobbying
1.4 Flag Protocol
1.5 Trademark Licensing
1.6 Drug-Free Environment
1.7 Weapons on University Property
1.8 Naming of University Elements
1.9 Fraud
1.10 Consensual Relations
1.11 Video Surveillance
1.12 Workplace Threat Assessment Team
1.13 Disabilities and Accommodations

1.14 Emergency Management
1.15 Prohibited Sexual Conduct
1.16 Building Access Control
1.17 Panic Duress Alarms
1.18 HIPAA Compliance

2. Academic Affairs

2.1 University Libraries
2.2 Administration of Campus Surveys and
2.3 Honorary Doctorates

2.4 University Art Collections and Display
2.5 Advisory Bodies

3. Pre-Collegiate Programs

          3.1 Pre-Collegiate Programs

4. Facilities

4.1 Environmental Health & Safety
4.1.1 [Reserved]
      4.1.2 University Environmental Health and Safety
      4.1.3 Children in the Workplace
      4.1.4 Use of University Automobiles
      4.1.5 Bicycles, Skateboards, Skates and
      4.1.6 Golf Carts and Utility Vehicles
      4.1.7 Smoking and Tobacco Use on University Property
      4.1.8 Passenger Van Safety             

4.2 Space Utilization & Analysis
4.2.1 Use of University Facilities
      4.2.2 Campus Free Speech
      4.2.3 Campus Signage

       4.2.4 Distribution of Printed Material

5. Financial Affairs
5.2 Records Management 
5.3 Professional Services
5.4 Bank Accounts & Management of Funds
5.5 Auxiliary Enterprises Service/
      Recharge Centers Guidelines

5.6 Identity Theft Prevention Program
5.7 Cellular Phone and Data Services
5.8 Electronic Funds Transfers
6. Student Affairs & Financial Aid
           6.1 Volunteers
6.3  Waiver of Tuition and Fees

7. Human Resources
7.1 Employment of Relatives
7.2 Additional Assignment Compensation
7.3 [Reserved] 
7.4 Student Employment
7.5 Personnel
7.6 Reporting Child Abuse
7.7 Religious Accommodations for Employees

8.  Compliance & Ethics

           8.1 General Privacy Policy

9.  Institutional Advancement & Public Affairs
               9.1 University Gift Solicitation and Acceptance
               9.2 Social Media
               9.3 Visiting Dignitaries

10. Division of Research

          10.1 Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)

11. General Counsel

11.1 Signature Authority

12. Information Technology

12.1 University Administrative Data Systems
12.2 Acceptable Use of Technology Resources

12.3 Responsible Use of Data Access

12.4 Digital Millennium Copyright Act
12.5 Privacy of Electronic Communications
12.6 Security Awareness Training
12.7 System and Data Classifications
12.8 Payment Card Security
12.9 Cloud Service Providers
12.10 Information Security Policies

 13. Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine



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