Tuition and Billing Services


The contact numbers listed below will connect you with the staff in tuition and billing services. Our staff can assist you with these topics as they relate to your Student account. Should you have questions related to Financial Aid, however, please call 561-297-3530 or email your Financial Aid Counselor using the information on this URL

1. Third Party Contracts & Military Chapters 297-1008
2. Collections & State Waivers 297-3121
3. Title IV, Refunds & Florida Prepaid 297-3120
4. Parent Plus, Alternative Loans & Florida Prepaid 297-1242
5. Fee Petitions & Payment Plans 297-3118
6. Payment Plans 297-1243 or 297-3103
7. Perkins & FAU Loans 297-3112
You can also reach tuition and billing services by emailing

 Last Modified 8/21/15