Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Performance


Students are expected to make continued progress in their development as actors and artists. Retention is earned by the faculty’s evaluation of the student’s work, commitment, progress and personal growth. The BFA in Theatre Performance majors audition for all Departmental productions, and accept roles as cast. They frequently perform alongside MFA acting candidates.

BFA students can earn points in the Equity Actors Candidacy Program toward requirements for their Equity card.

B.F.A. Admission Requirements 

To gain admission into the BFA program, students must first be majors in the B.A. program in Theatre and Dance. After successfully completing acting 1 or in the second semester of their freshman year, students can audition for BFA admission. Auditions are held at the beginning of each semester. BFA audition dates are announced on the display in AH-52, room 114.

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  • Theatre Performance Track
  • Musical Theatre Track
  • Design/Technology (Coming Soon!)