Application for Degree

For undergraduate College of Arts and Letters students:

  1. Complete and print out an Application for DegreePlease do not contact the Dean for signature of your form. Signature of Dean is not needed to submit your application for degree.
  2. Meet with your academic advisor to verify that all components of your degree are complete (i.e. general education, foreign language, minor, certificate requirements etc.)
    • Boca based College of Arts & Letters students: If you are declared in one of the following majors, you will need to contact your faculty advisors to request a "major audit":
      • Anthropology majors: Dr. Michael Harris:
      • History majors: Dr. Eric Hanne:
      • Music majors: Professor Rebecca Lautar:
      • Philosophy majors: Dr. Clevis Headley (Fall and Spring): , Dr. Mariana Banchetti (Summer):
      • Theatre majors: Professor Desmond Gallant:
        *Note: Communication & Multimedia, English, Interdisciplinary Studies, Languages & Linguistics, Political Science, Sociology, Visual Arts & Art History majors do not need a major audit from their department.
    • Davie and Jupiter based College of Arts & Letters students: contact  your campus' Student Academic Services to arrange for an updated major program sheet.
  3. Spring 2020 graduates: You must submit your application for degree no later than Friday, January 31st, 2020 accompanied by your major audit where appropriate, to the Arts & Letters Student Academic Services office on your campus: Boca (AH 213) or Davie (DW 303F). 

* All transfer/transient work must be completed and official transcripts submitted to FAU prior to the semester in which you plan to graduate. The only exception to this regulation is for study abroad course work previously arranged through FAU’s Office of International Programs.