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Thesis and Dissertation Guidelines

Thesis and Dissertation Guidelines are established and approved by the Graduate College in conjunction with the University Graduate Council (UGC). Click here to view Thesis and Dissertation Deadlines.

Graduate Thesis & Dissertation Guidelines (Effective Summer 2014)   Thesis & Dissertation
Final Manuscript Package Checklist

We are pleased to announce the release of “Graduate College Resources for Academic Integrity” and “Originality Check Procedures”.

The Graduate College will provide students with access to TurnItIn accounts so that they can conduct self-checks of their theses or dissertations and create Originality Reports. Supervisory Committee Chairs will also have the option to run manuscripts through plagiarism detection software.

The soft launch for this initiative will begin in spring and summer 2015, with plans for full implementation in fall 2015. Please contact Rivka Felsher for further information: rfelsher@fau.edu.

NOTE: The signature page format must be approved by the Graduate College prior to obtaining your committee's signatures.

The Graduate College offers periodic workshops on Thesis and Dissertation writing and how to properly format a Thesis or Dissertation.

The Degree Completion staff members within the Graduate College are available to assist students with formatting questions and University regulations pertaining to a thesis or dissertation. However, they do not provide editing services. The Degree Completion staff is available by appointment only. To schedule assistance with your manuscript, please email GraduateWriting@fau.edu.

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