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The Graduate College Staff

The Graduate College is responsible for promoting quality graduate education at Florida Atlantic University. Working in conjunction with the university Graduate Council, Faculty Senate, and the individual college deans, the Graduate College works to develop university-wide graduate plans and policies to ensure that academic standards are maintained. In addition, the Graduate College is responsible for coordinating graduate recruitment efforts, processing graduate student admissions, facilitating graduate programs and workshops, ensuring university policies are followed, distributing tuition benefits to graduate assistants, awarding fellowships, certifying all degree requirements are met for graduation, and awarding graduate degrees.

General Information

 Service/ Contact Information

Application Status

International Student Information

Residency Information
Fax: 561.297-0874


Plan of Study


Florida Atlantic University
Graduate College

777 Glades Road
Student Support Services
(SU-80, Room 101)
Boca Raton, FL 33431-0991

E: graduatecollege@fau.edu
W: www.fau.edu/graduate

Karen Finkelstein
Program Assistant
P: 561.297.3624
F: 561.297.2117 / 561.297.1212
Jamonique Harrison
Graduate Assistant
Academic Projects
  • Master’s en Passant resource
  • Graduate College special projects
  • Support for university events and workshops
  • Graduate faculty appointment assistance
Student Employees
Natasja Graske
Jaqueisha Dixson
Patrice Elie Fils
Ahayana Dobbs
  • Assist with front desk coverage
  • Assist with workshops, orientations, tours and other Graduate College events
  • Support Graduate College staff with routine office functions
  • Operate standard office equipment such as copier, fax, scanner and shredder

Graduate Enrollment Management

Nora Barragan
Graduate Enrollment Management

P: 561.297.2428
E: nbarragan@fau.edu

  • Graduate enrollment management functions
  • Enrollment analysis, forecasting, marketing, and planning
  • Recruitment and retention events
  • Recruitment, Admissions and front desk staff supervision
  • Residency appeals committee member



Amanda Frederick
Graduate Recruitment

P: 561.297.1213
E: afrede11@fau.edu

  • Meetings with prospective students
  • Graduate student recruitment
  • Recruitment event coordination
  • New student orientation



Myroslava Skoroden
Assistant Director
Graduate Enrollment Management

P: 561.297.4211
E: mskorode@fau.edu

  • Administering admission process
  • Application payments
  • Report generation
  • Assist with recruitment and retention events

Residency Officer

P: 561.297.1380
F: 561.297.0874
E: jholt14@fau.edu

  • Residency review
  • Conduct review
  • Academic Common Market
  • Non-immigrant visas (H & L)
  • Graduate Programs Committee

Michelle Lordi
Program Assistant

P: 561.297.0365
E: lordim@fau.edu

  • Data input
  • Transcript and test score processing
  • Application referrals to graduate programs

Nancy Diamond
Admissions/Registrar Officer

P: 561.297.3624
E: graduatecollege @fau.edu

  • Graduate Admissions
  • Scholarships/fellowships

Degree Completion Services

Assistant Director
Degree Completion Services

P: 561.297.6065
F: 561.297.1212

  • Thesis & dissertation final package
  • Graduate College forms
  • Waivers
  • Academic Progression Plan
  • Degree audit & certification
  • GPSA liaison
  • Plan of Study/MyPOS

Veronica Padron-Schonhoff
Graduate Student Advisor

E: vpadronschonhoff@fau.edu

  • Point of contact for master’s student advising
  • Master’s en Passant advising
  • Thesis manuscript policies and procedures
  • Responsible for master’s student degree completion tracking

Julie Farkas

Student Support Services

P: 561.297.2817
E: jfarkas3@fau.edu

  • Thesis & dissertation format review
  • Thesis & dissertation final package coordinator
  • Thesis & dissertation formatting workshops
  • Turn It In coordinator
  • ETD submission

Eileen Bustamante
Program Assistant

P: 561.297.0056
E: ebustam@fau.edu

  • Awards ceremony coordination
  • Admissions to Candidacy forms
  • Doctoral Applications for Degree
  • Doctoral student degree audits

Suzette Barr
Degree Completion Assistant

P: 561.297.2203
E: scaan@fau.edu

  • Degree completion assistance
  • Degree audits
  • Academic Progression Plan

Linda Petersen
Degree Completion Assistant

P: 561.297.1174
F: 561.297.1212
E: lpetersen@fau.edu

  • Plan of Study/MyPOS
  • Degree completion assistance
  • Academic Progression Plan
  • Applications for Degree
  • Degree audits




  • Marketing/communications initiatives
  • Liaison to colleges
  • Coordinate activities with GPSA
  • Media inquiries
  • Internal/external communications
  • Website content and social media
  • Assist with enrollment management and student services activities

Zach Greathouse
Assistant Director
Marketing and Communications

P: 561.297.4357
E: zgreatho@fau.edu

  • Web administration
  • Listserv management
  • Graduate College MyFAU tab management
  • Internal/external communications
  • Social media management
  • Media/design
  • Marketing/communications initiatives

IT Operations

Norman Marzan
Business Systems Analyst

P: 561.297.3911
E: nmarzan@fau.edu

  • Report administration
  • Student information system (Banner)
  • Customer relations management system (Intelliworks)


Business Manager


  • Graduate tuition benefits
  • Financial affairs
  • Purchase orders
  • HR functions
  • Dean grants
  • Office administration

Jessica Watts
Administrative Services

P: 561.297.2347
E: wattsj@fau.edu

  • Form 14 (Full-Time Equivalency)
  • HR functions
  • Tuition waiver audits
  • Assist with purchase orders
  • Assist with financial reconciliations
  • Office administration

To make an appointment with Dr. Floyd, please contact Althia Ellis (561.297.4358).

Dr. Deborah L. Floyd
Dean, Graduate College

P: 561.297.4358
E: dfloyd@fau.edu

Susan H. Fulks
Associate Dean

P: 561.297.1211
E: sfulks@fau.edu


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