Policies & Procedures


It is the policy of Florida Atlantic University to process all payments in accordance with state and university rules. All payments made from GTAIDS, Grant, and Auxiliary funds are made in accordance with the State Expenditure guidelines. A copy of the expenditures guidelines can be found at

http://www.fldfs.com/aadir/reference%5Fguide/reference_guide.pdf .

Duties of employees involved with the A/P functions are structured so that no individual has the ability to control the entire sequence of a transaction without detection. (i.e. create fictitious vendors and make unauthorized payments without detection by established monitoring procedures.)

Specific sponsored project/contract awards may authorize payments that would otherwise not be allowed, such as payments to research participants or for food. If fees are collected, certain items such as food may be allowed on auxiliary accounts. Payments made from Athletics and Local Unrestricted funds may be allowable if they are incurred to benefit the student.

Please send all invoices to accountspayable@fau.edu , interoffice mail, or regular mail.

 Last Modified 11/4/15