The Department of Campus Recreation provides outdoor adventure trips for students, and Rec Members. All trips are beginner friendly, although the level of difficulty can vary due to weather. For more information on any of the trips, stop by Base Camp during their normal hours, email, or call 561-297-4425. 



Registration for each individual trip opens one month before the start of the trip.  Specific dates are provided in the trip descriptions below. 

You can register for trips in Base Camp, the Outdoor Adventures office, located in the Recreation & Fitness Center. To register please bring a current debit/credit card and a completed Participant Registration Packet into Base Camp. You cannot be registered for a trip without both these items.

You may register 1 other person for a trip. We will not register them unless you have their Participant Registration Packet with you, and a credit/debit card for payment when you come into the Outdoor Adventures Base Camp. If you are paying for someone else and they cancel after the final day for cancelations, we are not responsible for refunding you the money. 

You may download the registration packet here: (Participation Registration Form)

Base Camp hours can be found here



Trips include transportation from FAU's Boca campus (northbound trips can stop at the Jupiter campus if needed to pick up and drop off students residing in Jupiter), meals while camping and during the activities, and group gear (tents, stoves, kayaks, canoes, snorkel equipment, paddleboards, etc.).  If you have dietary restrictions please make sure you have noted such in the Medical Information of your Participant Registration Packet. We will try making accommodations for you, so there should be no need to provide your own food. Please remember, we are planning meals for 12 people. Depending on dietary restrictions, we may be unable to plan every meal with your restrictions in mind. Medical or allergy accommodations take top priority when meal planning.

Trips do not include food while driving to/from trip locations or personal items such as sleeping bags, sleeping pads, and backpacks with hip belts (needed for backpacking trips).  These items are available for rent at Base Camp.



Whether you want to learn a new activity, better your skills, or just explore a new area, our trips are designed to be appropriate for a wide variety of skill levels.  However, the difficulty of the trips varies.  The following rating system is designed to help you better understand the level of physical exertion for each trip.  The weather and your level of fitness can all affect the difficulty of trips, but this is the rating system that we use:

Not much physical exertion is needed. The activities for these trips are relaxing and not very strenuous.  These trips are the least likely to have increased difficulty as a result of fluctuating environmental conditions.
You’ll know that you’re getting exercise on these trips, but the activities are not as strenuous or as long as those in challenging trips.
These trips are still beginner friendly, but be prepared for a work out! The trips involve activities where you will be exerting yourself for several hours a day in conditions that can greatly affect the difficulty.  But remember, the greater the challenge, the greater the reward!

A note about canoeing and kayaking:

Anyone who has not taken the FAU swim test with the Rec Center Lifeguards will be required to wear a PFD. You can take the swim test anytime during the pool hours. You just need to approach the lifeguards and let them know that you are there to take the swim test. While on the trip, the leader may ask you to put on a PFD in certain situations regardless of whether or not you have completed a swim test. 



Please note that dates are subject to change and will be finalized after the first week of class.  Trip activities and/or locations can also change due to a variety of factors, but we will do our best to ensure the trip is as similar as possible to what is described.

To depart for your trip please meet on the south side of the Recreation and Fitness Center across from the Science and Engineering (SE) building.

Trip Dates
Fri., Sept. 4 at 6 a.m. - Mon., Sept. 7 at 10 p.m. 


Registration Open
Aug. 13 - 28


Ready for the ultimate whitewater challenge?! This fall, join us as we navigate across state lines to test our rafting skills and gain insight on the abilities needed to raft down two world class rivers. We will drive from Florida all the way to Tennessee early Friday morning, leaving Saturday and Sunday to raft on two different rivers- the Ocoee and Chattooga! These rivers are the best of the best and offer a once in a lifetime experience you don’t want to miss. When we have free time, we will go on short hikes to explore the surrounding areas. We will arrive back to FAU late Monday, Labor Day.  Trip Difficulty: Moderate

Student Price: $130      Member Price: $200    
Trip Dates
Fri., Sept. 25 at 1 p.m. - Sun., Sept. 27 at 3 p.m. 


Registration Open


Black Creek in Jacksonville is a perfect place to try SUPing (stand up paddleboarding) for the first time but will also be great for more experienced paddlers. Dreamt of spending the night in a treehouse? Now is your chance! We will be staying at Camp Cowenwaw Park where our nightly accommodation is none other than a tree house. The area offers beautiful hiking trails, boardwalks and a museum. Join us as we explore Jacksonville and SUP. Trip Difficulty: Moderate

Student Price: $30      Member Price: $45    
Trip Dates
Sun. Sept. 27 at 8 a.m. - 8 p.m.


Registration Open


Tailored to facilitate a better understanding of our unique marine environments just offshore our beautiful Florida beaches, this trip offers the chance to learn about fishes, swim with fishes and eat the fishes, all in one day! Well, at least two out of the three. We will depart to the city of Jupiter to attend a tour within a Marine Center to learn about the local zoology and ecology, then our group will depart for a snorkeling tour offshore to see the ecosystem for ourselves. If you want to learn more about snorkeling and coral reef life, this trip just might be for you! Trip Difficulty: Easy

Student Price: $20      Member Price: $30    
Trip Dates
Fri., Oct. 9 at 8 a.m. - Sun., Oct. 11 at 8 p.m. 


Registration Open


A nature-lover’s haven and proud bearer of the title “10 Coolest Places You’ve Never Been in North America”, bestowed by the World Wildlife Fund, the Withlacoochee State Park is a scenic destination you won’t want to miss out on! Located in Western-Central Florida, this trip offers river-side camping at night after meandering down the river on kayaks, as well as hiking along McKethan Lake and Hog’s Island Nature trails. While on our adventure we will pass by deeply shaded hardwood forests and hopefully see many wildlife and birds throughout the day!Trip Difficulty: Moderate

Student Price: $30      Member Price: $45    
Trip Dates
Sat., Oct. 24 at 7 a.m. - Sun., Oct. 25 at 8 p.m. 


Registration Open
Sept. 24 - Oct. 19


Ever wonder what it would be like to experience a zombie apocalypse? Do you think you have the skills it takes to survive? Are the everyday luxuries of life getting on your last nerve? Why not test your survival skills by joining us for The Hiking Dead! On this trip we will be proving that we have what it takes for the ultimate “wilderness survival” style trip by overcoming challenges and using real life survival skills to achieve goals. The location: unknown. The activity: survival.  This trip is intended to be more challenging than scary but you never know what exists in this post-apocalyptic future. Trip Difficulty: Hard

Student Price: $20    Member Price: $35    
Trip Dates
Sat., Nov. 7 at 7 a.m. - Sun., Nov 8 at 9 p.m. 


Registration Open
Oct. 7 - Nov 2


You have to be in shape to do a triathlon right? Wrong! All you need is determination, will-power, and the mindset to never give up. This adventure-style triathlon is different from the standard swimming, biking and running. Instead, you’ll test your skills in biking, hiking and canoeing. We will start by biking 15 miles, hiking 3 miles, and canoeing a 3.5 mile loop. Upon completing the triathlon, you will be awarded a small prize for a job well done! No man or women will be left behind so don’t worry, everything will be OWLright.  Trip Difficulty: Moderate

Student Price: $30      Member Price: $45    
Trip Dates
Sat., Nov. 14 at noon - Sun., Nov. 15 at 11:45 p.m.


Registration Open
Oct. 14 - Nov. 9


Binoculars aren’t just for seeing things that are far away, they can also be used to intensify the clarity and focus on objects and wildlife that might be just a few meters away. Come be a dude as we hike through a low woodland area and go bird watching. Dude: "A posh bird-watcher who doesn't really know all that much about birds.” We will rely on our senses to assist us in finding and identifying as many species of birds and wildlife as possible. At night, we will set up camp and point our scopes to the sky and stargaze in beautiful Gold Head Branch State Park. Photography is highly encouraged on this trip! Trip Difficulty: Easy

Student Price: $25      Member Price: $35    
Trip Dates
Sun., Nov. 29 at 8 a.m. - Sun., Nov. 29 at 9 p.m.


Registration Open
Oct. 29 - Nov. 24


Take a break and come relax with us on our exciting beach day excursion! Unwind from the stress of taking exams and school work as you do a minimum amount of work for maximum fun! We will spend the morning paddle boarding in a tranquil lagoon, winding through mangrove islands until we find a nice beach to “chillax” on. Partake in the ultimate form of relaxing as you dip your toes in the cool wet sand, lie down and sunbathe, or play some cool beach games. Take a load off and come relax with FAUs Outdoor Adventures! Trip Difficulty: Easy

Student Price: $20      Member Price: $30    
Trip Dates
Saturday, Dec. 12 at 6 a.m. - Tuesday, Dec. 15 at midnight


Registration Open
Nov. 12 - Dec. 4


Amicalola Falls State Park is home to the tallest waterfall in Northern Georgia standing at 729 feet. Winter is the best time to see the falls in their natural glory due to the lack of leaves on trees, which allows the lower portion of the falls to be visible from various vantage points. Also located inside the State Park is the southern terminus for the Appalachian Trail, Springer Mountain. During the winter you can see for miles from the summit. We will be spending Saturday night at the shelter on top of Springer Mountain, a 7 mile hike one way. We will be leaving at 6:00am Friday morning returning around midnight late on Monday, please check your schedules and plan accordingly. Trip Difficulty: Hard

Student Price: $50      Member Price: $75    



A full refund will be issued if the cancellation is made within 7 days of the trip’s registration start date.  This means if the registration opens April 21st, you will have until April 28th to cancel. 

Cancellations made 7+ days after the trip registration opens will not receive a refund for any reason.

If a trip is cancelled by Outdoor Adventures due to weather or any other reason, a full refund will be issued.




  • Payments must be made using debit or credit cards.  No other forms of payment will be accepted.  All purchases will be processed at the time of registration.
  • Participants must attend the Pre-Trip Meeting for their specific trip. 
  • If the trip involves water-based activities, life jackets must be worn.  If you have passed the Outdoor Adventures Swim Test, then the life jacket can be removed at the trip leaders’ discretion.
  • Participants must travel in Outdoor Adventures’ vehicles. Driving separately, meeting the group or being picked up is not allowed
  • Outdoor Adventures trips are university related functions and should be treated as such. Alcohol, tobacco, and drug use are prohibited for the duration of the trip. Participants who violate these rules are subject to removal from the trip and transportation back to FAU will be at the participant’s expense.



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