Intramural Sports are competitive and recreational sport leagues, tournaments, and events. Available sports change each semester and have different registration deadlines. View the current schedule for deadlines and details. All skill levels are welcome.
Register to play and view your team's game schedule through . Eligible participants must bring a valid OwlCard or Membership Key Tag to every game.
E-mail Campus Recreation if you have any questions.



League Sports Tournaments/Events
Volleyball Goalball
Flag Football Wheelchair Basketball
Indoor Soccer 3v3 Basketball
  Havoc on Henderson & Combine
  Fantasy Sports 



FAU offers Men’s Competitive, Men’s Recreational, Co-Rec (Men and Women together), and Women’s Sport Leagues. The Campus Recreation Staff, reserve the right to use professional discretion when necessary to make an appropriate decisions regarding the policies and guidelines listed in the following links.

For more information contact the Sports and Competition Staff at (561) 297-4512 or

Intramural Participant Handbook 



Do you have a question that you don't see here? Email our Assistant Director of Competitive Sports at with "Intramural Sports" in the subject line.

The registration site walks you through the fee payment process on the “FAU Marketplace”. Prior to completing your team registration, you must go to the “FAU Marketplace” where you will be instructed “purchase” a team forfeit deposit for $30.00 using a credit/debit card. The charge will only go through if your team fails to show up for a scheduled game. The Competitive Sports staff will contact you if this occurs. If you show up to all of your scheduled games you will NOT be charged and you information will be cleared.
A game will be considered a forfeit if a team fails to have the minimum number of players ready for play when game time occurs. For specific sports minimums, please visit the rules section of our website.
A notice provided to the Competitive Sports Office 24 hours ahead of game time or 5:00 pm on Friday if the game is on Sunday or Monday is required to be granted a Default. A team only gets one Default per sport per season. By defaulting the team will receive a loss, but sportsmanship will not be affected, and they will not be charged the forfeit deposit.
The captain of the team does not have to be the person who purchases a team on the "FAU Marketplace," it can be any team representative.
No. The forfeit deposit only affects teams singing up for league sports. One-day tournaments or individual sports will not require a forfeit deposit
You have a couple of options. The first is to draft players from the free agent list to play on your team. The second is to notify the Competitive Sports Staff at least 1 business day prior to your first scheduled game, we will remove you from the schedule with no penalty.
No! You will have the option to fill out blackout dates and times, during which your team will not be scheduled. All campus championships will be played a Sunday evening.
Yes, you may use the game site during your allotted time. However, the Sports & Competition Staff may not officiate or score keep as this will not be considered an Intramural Sports contest.
After the first forfeit, your team captain will be contacted by the Competitive Sports Staff to confirm your intention to participate in the league. A team may choose to be removed from the league or to continue playing. If a second forfeit occurs a team will be removed from the league and the account will be charged a second time.
All Intramural Sports games are held on the Boca Raton Campus at FAU. Flag Football, Softball and Soccer are held at the Henderson Fields directly behind the A.D. Henderson University School at the east end of Lee Street. Indoor Volleyball and Basketball are held at the Recreation and Fitness Center at the north end of the Breezeway.
Check IMLeagues for your specific game schedule.
Some teams may elect to hold practices on their own, but there are no scheduled practices for Intramural Sports.
Nope! All skill levels are welcome. There is a recreational league available to teams that just want to have fun playing sports and a separate competitive league for those who wish to be competitive. Intramural Sports promote sportsmanship, teamwork and participation so we encourage you to come out and have fun!
Each Sport has varying team maximums.
If a player would like to leave and play for another team in that league, the player must make the formal request to the Competitive Sports Office in person. An email will then be sent to the Captain of the team the player is leaving as well as the team the player is going to. The transitioning play must then sit out one game. They must also still play in 2/3’s of the new teams games to be eligible for playoffs.
Teams may conduct trades. Trades are done with all the team captain’s and traded players in the Sport & Competition office by 2 p.m. traded players are eligible to play in their new team’s game immediately.
All Florida Atlantic University students registered for classes in which they want to play are eligible. Faculty/Staff, alumni, etc. must purchase a Campus Recreation membership before participation.
Sports such as basketball and flag football offer extramural opportunities. Our selection process is a one day tournament that is independent of the ongoing season. The winner of the one day tournament will have their registration and gas paid by the Department of Campus Recreation. The deadline for these tournaments will be posted on IMleagues and everyone registered for that sport will be eligible to register a team.
All interested applicants must attend one of the Campus Recreation Employee Recruitment Sessions. This information can be found under the Employment Opportunities above.
You are ineligible for participation in all Intramural Sports activities until you met with the Assistant Director of Competitive Sports or his designee for reinstatement. Your ejection  may have been referred to the Dean of Student's Office to process under the Student Code of Conduct.
 Last Modified 8/12/15