College Directory

Office of the Dean



  Fax:561-297-2752 (BR) or 954-236-1150 (DVE)  
Coltman, Heather Dean and Professor AH 217A/ BR 
DW 303D/DVE 
Teran-Campbell, Taina Executive Secretary AH 217/ BR 7-3803


Mullins, Caitlin Front Office Assistant AH 214/BR 7-3158 mullinsc@fau.edu
Johnson, Linda Associate Dean  and Professor AH 214B/ BR 
DW 324A/ DVE 
Katherine Wilson-McCoy Program Assistant AH 214/BR 7-4225 kwilsonmccoy2016@fau.edu
Horswell, Michael
Associate Dean, Director for the Comparative Studies Program
and Associate Professor
AH 214C/ BR 7-3863  horswell@fau.edu
Denier, Gabrielle Administrative Paraprofessional AH 214A/ BR 7-0155 gdenier@fau.edu
Barrios, Barclay 


Assistant Dean, Director of the Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies Center

Associate Professor

AH 110B/ BR 7-4573 bbarrios@fau.edu
Roberts, Verna Senior Secretary DW 303/ Davie 6-1106
Carney, Laurie Senior Director of Development AH 210/ BR 7-3606  
Vorsas, Gail Assistant Development Officer AH 210A/ BR 7-2337
McDonough, James                             Theatre Manager  AL 164/BR  7-0464  mcdonoug@fau.edu
Molzan, Jacob                                     Assistant Theatre Manager AL 207/BR   jmolzan@fau.edu

Business Office

DiMaggio, Kathleen Director, Business & Financial Operations AH 215A/ BR 7-3300 dimaggio@fau.edu
Bryan, Donna  Program Assistant AH 215D/ BR  7-2513  dbryan@fau.edu
Cunningham, Janice Coordinator, Administrative Services AH 215B/ BR  7-2949  jjcunnin@fau.edu
Gray, Jessica Sr. Fiscal Assistant AH 215C/ BR 7-0852 jlgray@fau.edu
Anisman, Shelly Senior Secretary AH 215B/ BR 7-2584 ranisman@fau.edu

College Computing Service

HELP DESK 561 297-3999   7-3999  
Topple, Greg Manager,  Computer Services AL 139A/ BR 7-2037 gtopple@fau.edu
Ryan, Jim Coordinator, Computer Applications AL 139/ BR 7-1196 jryan@fau.edu
Sartori, Craig Coordinator, Computer Applications AL 138/BR 7-2714 sartori@fau.edu
Zinn, Brian Coordinator, Computer Applications AL 173/BR 7-0986 bzinn@fau.edu
Pinto, Michael Coordinator, Computer Applications AL 174/BR 7-3067 mpinto1@fau.edu

College Communications

Burks, Polly Director, Communications AH 108/ BR 7-2595 pburks@fau.edu
Jacobsen, Nicole Coordinator, Visual Communications AH 108/ BR 7-2848 jacobsen@fau.edu

Student Academic Services

  FAX: 7-2413 (BR); 6-1150 (DVE); 6-5068 (TWR)  
Mooney, Laura Director AH 213C/ BR 7-3800 lmooney1@fau.edu
Green, Erika Assistant Director AH 213/BR 7-3800


Roshel, Mitchell Assistant Director for Internships and Co-Ops AH 213A 7-4926


TBD Senior Secretary/ BR AH 213/ BR 7-3800


Glasser, Dorran Academic Advisor/BR AH 213D/ BR 7-3800


Pruden, Hollie Academic Advisor/ BR AH 212C/BR 7-3800


Rix, Sherry Academic Advisor/ BR AH 212B/BR 7-3800 srix@fau.edu
Anoufrieva, Ana Academic Advisor, Languages, Linguistics, & Comparative Literature CU 232D 7-3800 aanoufri@fau.edu
Anderson, Ashley
Academic Advisor, School of Communication & Multimedia Studies AH 212D
7-3800 aander67@fau.edu
Robinson, Marrin Academic Advisor, Visual Arts & Art History AH 118B 7-3800 robinsonm@fau.edu



Academic Advisor, English CU 306B 7-3800


Orr, Sheena

Academic Advisor Visual Arts & Art History and  School of Communication & Multimedia Studies AH 212B 7-3800


Owen, Suzy Academic Advisor/ DVE DW 303E /Davie 6-1101



Schools, Departments and Interdisciplinary Programs


Asian Studies Certificate

Caribbean and Latin American Studies Certificate Program

Classical Studies Certificate Program

School of Communication & Multimedia Studies

Comparative Studies


English as a Second Language Certificate Program


Jewish Studies

Languages, Linguistics & Comparative Literature


Peace Studies Certificate Program


Political Science


Theatre and Dance

University Galleries

Visual Arts & Art History

Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies



Endowed Chairs



Building Name

(AH) = Arts & Hum. 
(SO) = Social Sci.  
(GCS) = Gen. Class.  
(VA) = Visual Arts  
(PA) = Perform. Arts  
(AL) = Arts & Letters  
(AT) = Askew Tower


(BR) = Boca Raton  
(DVE) = Davie  
(TWR) = Ft. Lauderdale-Tower  
(BCM) = Ft. Lauderdale-Commercial Blvd.  
(ST) = Dania Beach  
(JDM) = Jupiter  
(TCC) = Port St. Lucie



Boca Raton: 561-297-ext.  
Tower: 954-762-ext.  
Commercial: 954-351-ext.  
Davie: 954-236-ext.  
Jupiter: 561-799-ext.  
Port St. Lucie: 561-873-ext.



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