Program Highlights


Final class of the graduate course "Poetic Geography of Italy," Spring 2020. Discussion via Skype with Stanislao De Marsanich, president of Parchi Letterari-Paesaggio Culturale Italiano. The entire conversation (in Italian) is here. The title of the class became also the title of the session of the virtual Gran Tour, organized by the journal Leggere Tutti and Parchi Letterari. Click here and find minute 10:49:10 to listen to the presentations.

anna toscano  luciano cecchinel

Meeting poets Anna Toscano from Venice, Italy and Luciano Cecchinel, from Revine Lago, during the class "Poetic Geograohy of Italy" taught by Dr. Ilaria Serra.

Onyx de La Osa small

Onyx De La Osa, past vice-president of the Italian Club "Insieme," graduated with a Master of Arts from University of Cetral Florida, with a thesis on Sicilian history, titled "The Uniqueness of a Kingdom: The Frontier Kingdom of Norman Sicily in Comparative Perspective." He says: "My knowledge of Italian helped me read history books."

nick capital venice small

Nicholas Christodoulidis, student of Italian and graduate of the School of Architecture , participated in the Study Abroad program in Venice, and produced the first 3-D scanning of the capitals of the Doge's Palace, as part of an independent research with Prof. Ilaria Serra. See the video rendition of this groundbreaking research, presented at the FAU Italian Symposium "Italy in Transit" 2020.


In Spring 2020, thousands of rainbow flags, mostly painted by children, repeated "Everything will be fine"-"Andra' tutto bene" from every balcony in Italy. This is a class flag prepared by the students of Odra Dorante's Beginning Italian class. They were inspired by Gianni Rodari's poem "Speranza" (Hope).

viviana acue

Viviana Pezzullo, graduate teaching assistant and PhD candidate at Florida Atlantic University, relies on simplicity and human connection to reach her students during the transition to virtual instruction of Italian and World Literature, due to Coronavirus. Watch and read it here.

coronavirus conversation 2020 corona virus class

Italian classes and the Italian Club Insieme did not stop in Coronavirus times.... We still saw each other and met current and past students, and old friends. For the impact of Covid in the Miami Scientific Italian Community, click here.

italian student honors

Students of Italian climbing the ladder of success: Angelo Ybarra, International studies major at FAU Honor College; Gabriela  Rojas, Linguistics major with Italian Minor: Dean's and President's list Fall 2019 and Spring 2018; Heidi Moura, Italian major: Dean's List Fall 2019; and Rosie Kenna, Social Work major: President's and Dean's honor list Summer and Fall 2019.

carnival 2020 1 carnival 2020 2

Bocce players at the celebration of the Venetian Carnival 2020 in the FAU Campus. Little did we know this would be our last club meeting before Covid 19 lockdown.

luci ed ombre

Already three of our Graduate students' essays have been published in "Luci ed Ombre," a respected  on-line Italian Cinema journal: Marianna De Tollis, "A Woman, a History, a Movie: Ida Dalser's Tragic Resistance from History to Film" (IV 1, 2016); Enza Iadevaia, "Il melograno e la memoria. Il cinema di Fariborz Kamkari. Identità punteggiate del Cinema Italiano Contemporaneo" (VII 4, 2019) and Natale Filice, "La funzione di Cavalleria rusticana tra riscrittura del Sacro e crisi della presenza ne Il Padrino Parte III di Francis Ford Coppola (VII 3, 2019). Read them here.

fellini 100

The FAU Italian Program joined the world-wide celebration for 100th birthday of Federico Fellini by showing a selection of pages from "Il libro dei sogni" sent by Comune di Rimini (the city of Rimini, his hometown).

john domini

Twice-nominated Pulitzer Price autor John Domini joins Dr. Emanuele Pettener for a conversation on Naples, Italian America and his latest novels. January 2020. A description of the evening and interview with the writer by Jessica Monge, here.

award venice  

Dr. Emanuele Pettener and Dr. Ilaria Serra receive the award of Program of the Year for the Venice Study Abroad Program. Read more in We The Italians

ruthenberg food class

End-of-semester dinner prepared by the students of Dr. Myriam Ruthenberg's class "Italian Culture Through Food", 2019.

palcoscenico vespa  palcoscenico solisti

coro  palco students

The concert "L'Italiano sul palcoscenico" opened the XIX Week of Italian Language in Florida at Florida Atlantic University, at the presence of the Italian Cosul, Cristiano Musillo, and the participation of the students of Italian of Sunrise Park Elemenrary School, Loggers' Run Middle School, West Boca High. Tenor Carlos De Antonis rides a Vespa and FAU students Ethan Vogt and Laura Romero sing as soloists. A memorable event, October 2019. To read more, click on the ODLI newsletter.

iasa 2019 fede domenica

Ph.D. student, Domenica Diraviam, and MA student, Federico Tiberini, present the web project "ITAMM-Italian American Memories" Archive at the IASA-Italian American Studies Association in Houston, Texas, October 2019.

mary giusta

Undergraduate and Honor student, Mary Forrest, presents her experience in the FAU Venice Study Abroad Program 2019 at the  University Honor Program: "Life starts at the end of your comfort zone."

barilla poster    barilla surf

Italian Minor, Nicole Barilla, presents her research in Foreign Loan-Words in the Italian Language, conducted in Venice, Italy, as a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellow recepient.

viviana researc

Ph.D. candidate, Viviana Pezzullo, and research advisor Dr. Ilaria Serra, at the Graduate Research Symposium poster presentations, April 2019.

contribution 2019

South Florida contribution, coordinated by FAU Italian, to the Triangle Shrirtwaist Factory memorial in New York City. March 2019.


LLCL faculty members Dr. Frédéric Conrod and Dr. Ilaria Serra introduce famed French philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy during his appearance at the University Theater, February 2019.


Celebrating the new Italian K-12 curriculum in Boca West, from kindergarten to the university. Principal Craig Sommers (West Boca High), Myriam Ruthenberg (FAU), principal Alicia Steiger and Luisa Mangano (Sunrise Park Elementary), Eufrasio Volpe (Loggers’ Run Middle School), Ilaria Serra and Emanuele Pettener (FAU), on February 20, 2019. Thanks to ODLI (Organization for the Diffusion of Italian Language) and Italian Consulate.

italian film

Italian Film Dreams, entry for the international competition “Vivere all’italiana” organized by the Italian Foreign Ministry and produced by the 2019 class, “Italian Language Through Cinema,” taught by Dr. Ilaria Serra. It shows how you can “dream Italian” when you study with us! Click here to see full video!

vincenza mele  enzamarianna

Marianna De Tollis and Vincenza Iadevaia celebrated their successful dissertation defense in Spring 2019: "Finding a Room on One’s Own: Veronica Franco and Sor Juana Inès de la Cruz” (De Tollis) and "Punctuated Identities in Contemporary Italian Cinema" (Iadevaia). In the first photo, Ozpetek's iconic apples and advisors, Dr. Ruthenberg, Dr. Serra, and Dr. Guneratne. Marianna teaches at FAU. Vincenza lives in Istanbul, Turkey, and is a fellow of Kadir Has University.

lepore auditors

Special students: Salvatore Lepore, Professor of Chemistry, and Italian and French Major; George Mazzei and Thomas Connors De Angelis long-time tudents and auditors of Italian courses.

console cristiano musillo 

Italian Consul in Miami Cristiano Musillo and Serenella De Rosa, Director of the Education Office of the Italian Consulate, visit Florida Atlantic University for the III Symposium "Italy in Transit". Here they are with Jupiter attorney Antonella Balzano, Nichola Cuellar, president of the Italian Club "Insieme," Dr. Ilaria Serra, Tony Phillips, president of Italo-American Cultural Society, of Pompano Beach and Norma Phillips.




Congratulations to Nicolas Cuellar, FAU Freshman, president of the FAU Italian Club Insieme. He has won the NIAF (National Italian American Foundation) trip to Washington DC and will be FAU-NIAF ambassador at FAU.






Marjorie Hernandez has won a $50 Amazon gift card for her Prize at photo competition “Italy in South Florida”, organized by FATI (Florida Association Teachers of Italian).








Congratulations, Flaviane Chaves, for winning the prize “Il cioccolato parla italiano," organized by Florida International University and the University of Perugia.



mapei students 


mapei 2019

Italian and Chemistry students visit the headquarters and production center of MAPEI in Fort Lauderdale. MAPEI is an Italian-owned international firm, founded in Milan, and its specializes in materials for construction. PMI Day (Piccola e Media Industria), 2018 and 2019.

ilaria and sbrocca



Prof. Ilaria Serra welcomes Angelo Sbrocca to Florida Atlantic University. Sbrocca, mayor of the city of Termoli, came to Florida to sign a new sister-city agreement with the town of Pompano Beach.





jessica book





Master graduate, Jessica Monge, shows here publication of in VIA. Voices of Italian America, of her tri-lingual essay-memoir, titled Radici perdute: una storia scomparsa torna in un presente italiano.




gka research day


Italian undergraduate and graduate students, Marjorie Hernandez, Nicoletta Sorice, Viviana Pezzullo, and Federico Tiberini gather for a GKA Research Day, one day of reading, cataloging, and describing documents from a World War II letter fund (Patricia Badia Johnson) for our Digital Humanities Project.



nicoletta sorice

Italian undergraduate and graduate students, Marjorie Hernandez, Nicoletta Sorice, Viviana Pezzullo, and Federico Tiberini gather for a GKA Research Day, one day of reading, cataloging, and describing documents from a World War II letter fund (Patricia Badia Johnson) for our Digital Humanities Project.




Un posto altrove



Advanced Italian students, Zachary Botte, Angela Dalton, Alexandrina Dec, Marjorie Hernandez, Samuele Pasqualotto, Logan Rosenfeld, Nicoletta Sorice, Daniela Rozman, and Prof. Ilaria Serra signed the English subtitles for the Un Posto Altrove. A place Elsewhere by Luca Sella and Andrea Onori, a documentary about two stories of immigration in the city of Venice (2017).





poetry of italian streets


Advanced Italian students, Alexandrina, Zachary, Nicoletta, Daniela and Angela present with Dr. Ilaria Serra at the Symposium Italy in Transit 2018, on “The Poetry of Italian Streets: Photography by Joan Nova.”






Inauguration of the painting "Bagheria"  by Tom Di Salvo, a late friend of the Italian program, donated by the Di Salvo family.





dante class

dante class 2

Prof. Myriam Ruthenberg’s class on Dante’s The Divine Comedy read and comment their favorite cantos in the open air, to students of Introduction to World Literature.


rosemary bracco




Students of Italian meet author Rosemary Bracco about her novel The Sins of Castel DuMont, during the Oretta del Cappuccino in front of the beautiful “Grassroot” work of art in Culture and Society building, FAU.






Students of Advanced Italian act in short play by Luigi Pirandello, under the direction of actor Fabio Pasquini visiting from Rome.





samuele rossi


Students and general audience welcome filmmaker Samuele Rossi who presented his first movie, La strada verso casa.





laura evans




Laura Evans, student of Italian, performs at the Italian Art Showcase.




mary jane saunders




Mary Jane Saunders, Florida Atlantic University former president, greets students of Italian during their conversation hours, Oretta del Cappuccino, on campus.




giacomo toni


Students of Italian and our Boca community meet pianist, singer and songwriter Giacomo Toni, from Emilia Romagna, who gives an improvised performance in the FAU music room.






club table


Former presidents of the Italian Club, Nicola Pace (Ph.D. student in Mathematics), Madgalena Pire-Schmidt, and Pamela Fuentes sit at the “Club Insieme” table at a student organization event at FAU.






henderson 2






Nicole Abbott, Tiffany Lopez and other students of Advanced Italian use games and songs to teach the rudiments of Italian to the children of FAU A.D. Henderson Elementary school “Italian Club,” during a semester-long Academic Service Learning experience.


henderson 3


henderson 4