Graduate Degrees

 Students may pursue graduate studies in marine studies in the context of selected FAU biological and environmental sciences degree programs. In addition to learning directly from some of today's preeminent thinkers in marine biology, oceanography, aquaculture, engineering, and biomedical research, students become immersed in the singular environment of Harbor Branch, with its advanced laboratory and classroom resources and diverse range of nearby habitats for field study. 

Ph.D. Integrative Biology

M.S. Marine Science & Oceanography


M.S. Biology

M.S. Environmental Sciences


Graduate Programs Contacts

Dr. Peter McCarthy - Harbor Branch Associate Director for Education
Dr. Rod Murphey  - Chair, Integrative Biology Program
Dr. Dale Gawlik  - Director, Environmental Sciences Program
Becky Dixon  - Graduate Program Assistant, Department of Biological Sciences
Cynthia Berman-Gruen  - Graduate Program Assistant, Environmental Sciences Program
Dr. Stacee Caplan  - Graduate Program Coordinator, Integrative Biology Program