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The camp piano teachers consist of FAU faculty, graduate students and middle school and high school music teachers.
Each student will receive two private lessons with a piano teacher a week, either Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday. At the first lesson, the student and teacher will the pieces that will be presented at the TOPS final recital on Friday. Teachers focus on pieces that are part of the classical repertoire for soloists, avoiding pop tunes, rock tunes, and/or reductions of orchestral pieces for piano.
If your child has a piece that he/she has been working on lately, and would like this to be polished for performance, please bring this piece to camp. At the end of each camp session, there will be a final recital on Friday at 6:00 pm. All family and friends are invited and a reception will follow the performance. Dress is formal concert attire: no sneakers, jeans, or open-toe sandals, or short skirts for girls.
New TOPS campers must attend a placement audition. The auditions are for evaluation purposes only. All students who desire to attend the TOPS camp sessions will be accepted. During the placement audition, campers will play one piece of their choice and then be asked to sight read an additional short piece. A short theory test may also be administered. Auditions are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. For more information regarding place auditions go to the registration tab.

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Creative Writing

In collaboration with the Department of English at Florida Atlantic University, TOPS is proud to offer campers a class in creative writing. The campers will work with a fiction writer and poet from FAU's Master in Fine Arts program in creative writing. The 45-minute workshop will encourage campers to give voice to their imaginations through a variety of literary forms and techniques.


Creative Writings by Campers

TOPS Piano Camp by Alec Lubin, 2012

TOPS Piano Camp is so much fun,
It is an experience that is great
We don't stop playing until camp is done
It is something I anticipate
We play the piano

I'll be extremely sad when camp is through 
the whole entire day
This is definitely the best camp of all
We go to the pool after a lot of hard work and yell yay
One day I hope to perform in a concert hall
Practicing is one of the things that are great

TOPS Piano Camp is the best
The teachers are amazing
We don't get any tests

Next summer I'm sure to go to camp a week or two


Other Activities Include

Pool time on Tuesdays and Thursdays

Music Games

Talent Show 

Master Classes by FAU Faculty

Special Guest Speakers

Campus Tours

And so on...varies each summer!

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