Student Rights & Responsibilities


A student against whom student conduct action may be taken shall have the following rights. 

  1. The right to be notified in correspondence of the charges against him/her in sufficient detail to prepare for a Hearing.

  2. The right to a Hearing no less than five (5) business days after the University provides the student with a notice of       charges, unless waived pursuant to this Regulation 4.007 or by final disposition in external court proceedings.

  3. The right to a fair and impartial Hearing on the charges by the Student Conduct Board or Hearing Officer.

  4. The right to review, not less than three (3) business days prior to the Hearing, the information which will be used by the University.

  5. The right to present information and to arrange for witnesses to voluntarily present information relevant to his or her defense at the Hearing.

  6. The right to be assisted by an advisor chosen at his/her own expense. The advisor is not permitted to speak during or to participate in any part of the student conduct process.

  7. The right to hear and question adverse witnesses who voluntarily testify at the Hearing, unless the student has waived a Hearing.

  8. The right not to be forced to present testimony which would be self-incriminating. However, the University is not required to postpone student conduct proceedings pending the outcome of any outside criminal or civil case.

  9. The right to request an appeal of University action and the sanction imposed as long as appropriate appeal procedures are followed.

  10. The right to have his/her status remain unchanged pending final student conduct action except in cases involving the health, safety or welfare of the University Community.

  11. The right to be informed of their rights provided in this Regulation 4.007. 

 Last Modified 1/23/15