Statement of Philosophy

Florida Atlantic University is a public research university with multiple campuses along the southeast Florida coast serving a uniquely diverse community. FAU promotes and supports academic and personal development, discovery and lifelong learning. FAU fulfills its mission through excellence and innovation in teaching, outstanding research, creative activities, public engagement and distinctive scientific and cultural alliances. FAU accomplishes its mission primarily through its students, professors, researchers, undergraduate educational programs, graduate and professional offerings, and its linkages to other educational institutions.

The University’s Student Code of Conduct is an integral part of the educational mission of the University.The Student Code of Conduct emphasizes each individual’s acceptance of his/her own personal and social responsibilities, therefore ensuring fairness and the satisfaction of certain minimum requirements described in Regulation 4.007. Since behavior which is not in keeping with standards acceptable to the University is often symptomatic of attitudes, misconceptions, and emotional crises, re-education and rehabilitative activities are essential elements of the student conduct process.

A humanistic approach is employed. The University’s Student Code of Conduct is designed to provide and help maintain an atmosphere within the University Community that is condusive to academic pursuits. Serious action against a student, such as separation, is considered and invoked only when other remedies fail.

The University, however, recognizes its responsibilities to all members of the University Community, and the protection of personal, institutional rights and property is a primary focus of the process described in Regulation 4.007.

 Last Modified 1/23/15