Florida Atlantic University Student Conduct Board

The Student Conduct Board consists of faculty, staff and students. The student board members are selected through an annual application process within the Office of Student Conduct. The University’s Code of Conduct is an integral part of the educational mission of the University, emphasizing the development of each individual’s acceptance of his or her own personal and social responsibilities. The University’s Student Code of Conduct is designed to provide and help maintain an atmosphere with the University Community that is conducive to academic pursuits. The University principles address the respect for the law, respect for self and respect for others. All students in the University Community, are expected to know and adhere to the regulations and policies of the University, as well as local, state and federal laws.


Responsibilities of the Student Conduct Board Members  

It is the responsibility of each board member to promote positive behavior that reinforces the educational nature of the hearing. Every hearing must be conducted in a way that communicates respect for each person involved. To ensure the most successful hearing, the board should attempt to minimize tension and place the student at ease. The responsibilities of the Conduct board members include:

  • Participate in all board training sessions.
  • Attend all hearings as scheduled. Clear sufficient time in your schedule for the hearing (some hearings have lasted up to 6 hours). Board members should be free of any pressing commitments to ensure an uninterrupted and well-deliberated hearing.
  • Knowledge of the FAU Student Code of Conduct (Regulation 4.007) and the conduct process
  • Carefully review all case materials prior to the schedule hearing. All board members should arrive at least 20 minutes prior to the scheduled hearing.
  • Participate in the hearing process which includes questioning, deliberation and if necessary assign appropriate sanctions

To be considered, students must be in good academic and student conduct standing with the University and have at least a 2.7 cumulative G.P.A. If selected you will be required to complete a mandatory 1 day training programming (to be completed in September). Preferences will be given to upper division and graduate level students.

The Student Conduct Board is a vital part of the development of students and our community. It is important for students to have an active role in the student conduct process.  Please refer to the Code of Conduct for additional information.


If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Student Conduct by email at studentconduct@fau.edu, thanks for your interest and we look forward to meeting you!

 Last Modified 1/23/15