Parental Notification


Florida Atlantic University is committed to the success of its students both inside and outside of the classroom. Therefore, it is our goal to maximize students' learning and development, and promote their health, safety and welfare. In this regard, FAU has implemented a Parental Notification policy in compliance with the request of the Florida Board of Governors. The Parental Notification policy permits the University the right to inform parents or guardians when their dependent student (pursuant to the Internal Revenue Code), under the age of 21, has been found in violation of the University Alcoholic Beverages and Drug-Free Environment policy.

  1. In non-emergency situations, parents of dependent students, under the age of 21, will be notified in writing. However, in emergency situations, parents may be notified by an immediate phone call from the Dean for Students or his/her designee.

  2. These guidelines do not preclude Parental Notification for other policy violations that may endanger the health, safety and well-being of a student or other individuals in the University Community. In addition, Parental Notification may occur in health and safety emergencies regardless of the student's age or dependent status.

  3. Students, whose parents are to be notified under these guidelines, will be informed, when possible, before such notification occurs and given an opportunity to initiate contact with their parents.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Why Parental Notification?

A: Congress passed a law allowing parental notification to occur and Florida Atlantic University (FAU) believes parents (including guardians) can be partners in educating students on behaviors that violate University policy, impede their academic progress and/or violate the rights of others.

Q: What will a student’s parents be notified about?

A: student’s parents will be notified by letter when their under- 21 - year-old dependent student has been found in violation of the alcohol and/or drug policies of the Student Code of Conduct through the judicial process conducted by a judicial officer or judicial board of FAU, using the criteria listed in the policy.

Q: What will be in the letter?

A: The letter will inform the parents that the student has been found in violation of an alcohol/ drug offense.

Q: Does this mean that a student’s parents will be notified every time a violation of the alcohol or drug policies occurs?

A: No. The law allows, but does not mandate, that a student’s parents be notified. The criteria outlined in the policy and the discretion ofthe Dean of Student Affairs or designee will be used to determine when notification will occur.

Q: Does this mean that once a student is accused of violating the Code, his/her parents will find out?

A: No. Although the law allows for parents to be notified prior to the judicial proceedings, generally, FAU will wait until the judicial proceedings are completed before a parent notification letter is sent.

Q: Does this mean that parents won’t be notified until all deadlines have passed for students to request a hearing commission or review board?

A: Yes. Although the law allows for parents to be notified prior to the judicial proceedings, FAU will generally wait until all deadlines are passed before a parent notification letter is sent.

Q: When did this Policy go into effect?

A: Fall 2000.

Q: Who decides when parents are notified?

A: Ultimately, the decision to notify parents rests with the Dean of Student Affairs or designee. However, judicial officers or judicial boards who conduct the judicial process are urged to make recommendations to the Dean’s Office regarding the notification to parents. The Dean will review these recommendations. If a letter is to be sent, it will be sent under the signature of the Dean of Student Affairs or designee.

Q: What if a student doesn’t want his/her parents notified?

A: Students can express their concern to the judicial officer or judicial board about having their parents notified, but the final decision to notify rests with the University.

Q: Does this policy just apply to residence hall students?

A: No. It applies to all under-21-year-old dependent students enrolled at FAU, regardless of residence, major, etc.

Q: What if a student is over 21?

A: If a student is over 21, parents will not be notified.

Q: How does a student know his/her parents have been informed?

A: At the conclusion of the judicial process, a student will be informed whether the judicial officer or judicial board is recommending that the student’s parents be notified.

Q: Can a student tell his/her parents that a letter is coming to them?

A: Yes, students are encouraged to inform their parents that the University will be sending a letter to them and to discuss the circumstances with them.

Q: Can a student see a copy of what is sent?

A: Yes, a copy of the letter will be in the student’s judicial file maintained in the Dean of Student Affairs Office. The student is welcome to read the letter or request a copy.

Q: Where can a student get questions answered about this Policy?

A: The Dean of Student Affairs offices provide guidance to parents and students regarding the campus judicial system and other University procedures. Students are encouraged to direct questions to personnel at the following campus locations: Boca Raton campus (room 226, Student Services building, 561-297-3542); Davie campus, for all Broward campuses ( room 119, Liberal Arts building, 954-236-1236); John D. MacArthur campus in Jupiter (room 119, building MC-03, 561-799-8521); or Treasure Coast campus( room 113, building TC-03, 772-873-3302).

Q: If a student is 18 and gets caught drinking a beer, does that automatically mean his/her parents are going to be notified?

A: No. The judicial officer or judicial board examines whether the incident meets the criteria for notification and can make a recommendation following the judicial process. Staff in the Dean of Student Affairs’ Office will review each situation.

Q: Does this Policy apply to the age of a student when the incident occurs or when the student’s case is heard?

A: It applies to the age of the student at the time of the incident. However, a student must be under the age of 21 at the time of notice.

Q: Will the Parental Notification Policy be evaluated?

A: Yes. Staff in the Dean of Student Affairs Office will monitor the effectiveness of this Policy from feedback received from students, staff and parents. The Policy will also be revised relative to any federal guidelines that may be forthcoming.

Q: What if a student’s parents want more information about the student’s judicial file?

A: Parents can only receive information if their student signs a “Release of Information Form” in the Dean’s Office which will allow staff to discuss the student’s judicial file, or the parents can demonstrate that their student is under 18 years of age and is a dependant.

Q: How will parents and students be made aware of University resources related to the violation?

A: Each parental notification letter will include a brochure listing relevant University resources and services. Parents will be encouraged to contact these resources for assistance and further information.

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