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Book Loan Guidelines

How will I know if I am eligible to receive a book?

1.    If you are currently registered as a degree-seeking FAU Broward student AND;

2.    You are currently registered for the Broward class in which you are requesting a book

How do I apply for the Book Loan Program?

Carefully READ and FULLY COMPLETE a Book Loan Application, which is available online. (See link at the bottom of this page.) Applications are available the first Monday of every semester through 12 noon the day of drop/add (drop/add is usually the first Friday of the semester).  

How will I be notified that my application has been approved or denied?

You will be notified by telephone within 24-72 hours after the add/drop deadline. Please make sure the telephone number you provide will be answered or have voice mail capabilities during evening and weekend hours.  You must pick up your book(s)by the end of the first week of classes or call us if this is a hardship.

What happens if I submit an application and change my mind?

You must notify Multicultural Affairs before the book loan deadline if you no longer need a book.  If a new book is purchased for you and you drop the class, buy the book, borrow the book from someone else, or fail to pick up the book, you may not be eligible to borrow books in the future.

What do I have to do in return for receiving a book?

You must register for and complete five (5) hours of community service with the FAU Broward Volunteer Center, FOR EACH BOOK YOU BORROW.  Food and clothing donations will no longer be accepted as community service.  If you do not complete your volunteer hours a HOLD will be placed on your registration and you will not be eligible to receive another book until your hours have been completed.

What happens if I don’t return my book by the deadline?

The deadline for returning your book(s) is on the last day of the semester.  If you fail to return your book(s), a HOLD will be placed on your registration. 

On which campus do I apply for a book loan? 

You must apply for a book loan on the campus where the course is being held. If you are taking classes on the Broward and Boca campuses, you must fill out one book loan application for the course or courses on the Broward campuses and a second  application for the course or courses on the Boca campus.

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 Last Modified 5/7/15