Possible Accommodations: 

Please note accommodations are based upon a student's disability as determined by the OSD counselor and upon documentation demonstrating that the student has a physical or mental condition limiting one or more major life activities. In addition, this documentation must show how the disability will substantially limit the student's ability to be successful in the classroom.


List of most common accommodations:  

• Extended time for test or exams 
• Distraction reduced or isolated test setting 
• Exam scribe 
• Research assistant 
• Use of an FM audio system for the classroom 
• Note takers for the classroom 
• Assistive technology 
• Tape recorded lectures 
• Other accommodations as determined by OSD counselor


Below is a list of the type of disabilities this office handles: 

• Learning Disabilities 
• Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder 
• Traumatic Brain Injury 
• Cerebral Palsy 
• Visual Impairments 
• Hearing Impairments 
• Other Health Impairments 
• Physical Impairments 

 Last Modified 7/4/15