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Donna Lee  is currently Associate Director at Florida Atlantic University. Ms. Lee received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication with a specialization in Advertising from the University of Louisville and a Master of Science in English Education from Florida International University. 

Donna Lee has more than 15 years of professional experience in education. Prior to coming to Florida Atlantic University, Ms. Lee held administrative positions in Career Services and Multicultural Programs and Services at Florida International University. In addition, she was also a Language Arts instructor for Miami-Dade County Public Schools for several years. Donna Lee is involved with Florida Career Professional Association (FCPA) and the Southern Association of Colleges and Employers (SoACE). Ms. Lee has presented at several SoACE and FCPA conferences regarding topics covering: parental guidance and career services, dressing for success, employment crisis in academia and the utilization of technology in career service offices.

LA-203, Davie Campus 




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