Medical Records

Your medical records contain a complete history of your health care at Student Health Services and are completely confidential. Medical records cannot be released without your written consent. The only exceptions to the above are:

  • Information necessary for public welfare

  • Records subpoenaed by the court


The charge for copying records is $1.00 per page for the first 25 pages and $0.25 for each additional page thereafter. This fee covers the labor and materials to retrieve and copy records, any fax toll calls, and/or postage costs.

Patients are encouraged to request records as far in advance as possible and restrict their request to only the portion of the record that is needed (e.g. lab tests only), rather than requesting the "whole record". This will keep costs to the patient as low as possible.

No copy charges will be assessed when SHS medical providers refer patients outside of Student Health Services for care in the community.

Please call (561)297-0705 for further information.

Authorization for Release Forms:

Authorization for Release of Records FROM FAU.
Authorization for Release of Records TO FAU.

 Last Modified 1/7/15