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Note: There is currently no funding for travel awards. You can apply for travel beyond July 6, 2015 beginning May 27, 2015 . Travel request are approved subject to available funding.

Graduate Student Travel Policy - FAQ

1. What can I receive travel funds for?

Students can receive travel funding for three (3) primary objectives:

Present at or attend a conference, convention, seminar, workshop or professional event related to your studies

NEW! Present at or attend a conference related to your involvement with a GPSO (see section below)

2. What do I include in my travel application?

Please include AND label all forms in the following order:

Graduate Travel Application Checklist

Request to Travel Form with Faculty Signature

Release of Liability/Student Code of Conduct

Student authored letter of Travel Justification

Faculty Advisor Letter of Support

Conference Confirmation of Registration Receipt (if attending or presenting at a conference, workshop, etc.)

Proof of Presenting (if presenting)

AVIS Reservation Confirmation (if requesting rental vehicle)

Quotes for all Eligible Expenses being requested

3. What expenses are eligible for reimbursement?

Airfare & Baggage Fees

Hotel Costs

Registration Fees

AVIS Rental Car

Gas, if driving a pre-approved AVIS rental car

Parking, if driving a pre-approved AVIS rental car

Local transportation within destination city (taxi, subway, shuttle, etc.)

4. What expenses are not eligible for reimbursement?

Food or other per diem costs

Membership Fees

All expenses must be paid by you, out of pocket. GPSA cannot reimburse you for expenses paid by faculty p-Card, your department, spouse or family members or anyone else besides yourself

DO NOT book your hotel expenses through discount travel agencies (Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz, etc.) if requesting reimbursement

Hotel receipts must be on official hotel letterhead and be itemized to include a daily breakdown of expenses, including room rate & all taxes

Reward points/miles, prepaid gas receipts and handwritten receipts are not acceptable or eligible for reimbursement

Anything not listed in the previous "eligible expenses" question is not eligible for reimbursement

5. How do I request a voucher from FAU for an AVIS Rental Car?

Call AVIS at 1-800-338-8211 and use FAU AWD #B133418 to make the reservation. Do not purchase or accept additional insurances, GPS or Fuel Service Option. Must only reserve a compact car. If requesting a vehicle larger than a compact car, please contact the Administrative Coordinator of GPSA first and provide written justification. Turn in the completed reservation confirmation in with your application. Before you travel, the Administrative Coordinator will contact you when your voucher is ready for pick up at the Controller's Office.

6. Where do I turn in my travel application?

Use one of the five following methods:

Turn into the GPSA Administrative Coordinator in Room 234 of the Boca Raton Student Union

Email to (Send all pages as ONE pdf or word document; Do not separate items and do not use a zip file)

Turn into SG Office Room 215 of the Boca Raton Student Union*

Fax to 561-297-3771*

Mail to 777 Glades Road Bldg 31 Room 234 Boca Raton, FL 33431*

*If turning into Room 215, faxing or mailing, it is your responsibility the GPSA Administrative Coordinator receives it by the deadline

7. How am I reimbursed?

Students must have an active ACH/direct deposit account. ACH must be completed and active before a student turns in their application. If you need to activate ACH, please apply via MyFAU or fill out the ACH Application form found at: Fax the completed form to 561-297-2884 or bring it directly to the Controller's Office.

8. How much funding can I receive?

Each student is eligible to receive a total of $800.00 per fiscal year. Students can receive funding for up to two (2) trips per fiscal year.

Maximum award amounts per trip:

Primary Author Presenting or Research Travel:

International (outside North America) = $800.00

North America & Caribbean = $600.00

Florida = $400.00

Attending or Secondary Author Presenting:

International (outside North America) = $200.00

North America & Caribbean = $200.00

Florida = $200.00

NOTE: The award amounts listed are maximums, not guaranteed rates. All applications are reviewed by the GPSA Travel Committee with the intention to assist the most students in the greatest capacity possible.

9. Where can I travel?

GPSA funds graduate student travel all across Florida, the United States and international locations. Please review the US Department of State Travel Warning List for international destinations which require review and pre-approval by the Florida Atlantic University Travel Safety & Security Committee.

If your destination is on the Travel Warning List, please notify the GPSA Administrative Coordinator at the time of your application's submission or email for questions.

10. What if I am not requesting funding from GPSA to travel; do I still need to get approval to travel?

Yes. Please fill out a Notification to Travel form in the Required Documents section below. This is especially important for students traveling to international location on the US Department of State Travel Warning List.

11. Who is eligible to receive travel funding from GPSA?

All full time, degree-seeking graduate & professional students taking a minimum of 9 graduate credits in the Fall and Spring and 6 credits in the Summer. If below full time status, put a Form 14 on file with the Graduate College. Additionally, undergraduate students who are active members of GPSOs may apply (See GPSO Travel section below).

Must have a minimum 3.0 GPA and be in good academic standing. Must not have a past due balance with the university. Must not be on conduct probation. 

12. When do I turn in my travel application?

There are 2 dates you need to be concerned with: the first date you can apply and the last day you can apply/the deadline. The first date you can apply is explained in the table below. The last day you can apply depends on a certain number of weeks prior to your departure date. Submitting an application earlier rather than later increases your chances of being funded to the fullest extent.

Domestic travel = minimum of 5 weeks before departure date is the last day to apply.

International travel = minimum of 6 weeks before departure date is the last day to apply.

Fiscal Year 2014-2015 Travel Periods - Earliest date applications will be accepted

Period #

Beginning of   Application Period/First Date Applications will be accepted…

…If Date of   Departure lies within one of the following months


May 14th, 2014

July-September 2014


August 14th, 2014

October-December 2014


November 14th, 2014

January-March 2015


February 14th, 2015

April-June 2015


Graduate & Professional Student Organization Travel - NEW! 

Members of Graduate & Professional Student Organizations (GPSOs) may now travel as a group to present and attend conferences related to their organization. 

Requirements to be eligible for club travel:

  1. Be an active member of the specific GPSO as determined by the GPSO Executive Board and By-Laws
  2. All members receiving funding must meet all eligibility requirements for travel
  3. The conference must be in line with the GPSO's mission statement and goals

Application Process: 

  1. One officer/travel liaison will fill out the Travel Checklist, one Request to Travel Form and all required documents listed below (items 2-6) then submit them a minimum of 5 weeks prior to departure
  2. The travel liaison must provide a roster of all those attending, which must include the following information for each member :
    1. Z number
    2. Email
    3. Indicate status as either Primary Presenting or Attending
    4. Total reimbursement being requested by each Student - Cannot be higher than the maximum allowed amount
  3. Each student must fill out a Student Code of Conduct/Release of Liability
  4. The Travel Liasion will write one Justification Letter stating the importance of the GPSO's travel to the conference
  5. Only one Faculty Advisor Letter of Support is needed, but it must include the full roster of students
  6. Proof of presenting for those students who are listed as Primary Presenters

Reimbursement Process: 

  1. Each student must provide proof of attendance (i.e. Name Badge)
  2. Each student requesting personal reimbursement must provide receipts in their name showing method of payment
  3. Each student requesting personal reimbursement must fill out an individual Expense Justification Form (cannot be one expense form copied for each individual)

We are excited to get this program underway so that we can afford greater opportunities to our GPSOs and graduate population!

If you have any questions, please contact the GPSA Administrative Coordinator at 

Required Documents

(please read the travel policy before you submit the forms)
REQUEST TO TRAVEL FORM (requesting a travel funding award)
NOTIFICATION TO TRAVEL (Not requesting a travel funding award; only seeking permission to travel)
 Last Modified 4/23/15