Budget Revision Request Form for Sponsored Programs

Principal Investigator Date
Awarding Agency P.I. Email
Banner Index / Org Revision Number
Budget Period Begin Date Budget Period End Date
College Budget Manager’s Email Phone
Form Preparer's Email   - -

The University may be required to request prior approval from Federal awarding agencies for one or more of the following program or budget related reasons. If prior approval is required, please contact your Contract Administrator.

Please answer the following questions to support your request for a budget revision.

Is there a change in the scope or the objective of the project? Yes No
Is there a change in key personnel specified in the award document? Yes No
Is there a 25% or more reduction in the effort devoted to the project by the approved project director or principal investigator? Yes No
Does this budget revision transfer amounts budgeted for indirect costs to absorb increases in direct cost, or vice versa? Yes No
Does this budget revision transfer funds allotted to training allowances (direct payment to trainees) to other categories? Yes No
If this budget revision is for a subcontract, does it include any work that was not approved in the original award application and funding? Yes No
Does the Federal awarding agency restrict the transfer of funds between direct cost categories for which the federal share of the project exceeds $100,000 and the cumulative amount of the transfer exceeds or is expected to exceed 10% of the total budget as last approved by the Federal awarding agency? Yes No
Does the Awarding Agency allow budget revisions? Yes No
Has agency approval been received for this request?
(If yes, forward a copy to postawardactions@fau.edu)
Yes No


Explain why the funds to be rebudgeted are available and not being used for the purpose originally approved by the awarding agency.

Why is the change necessary for the project?

How much will be rebudgeted? Indicate budget category and amount below.

Category Budget Pool $ Increase $ Decrease

For Federal and Federal flow-through awards only - If this budget revision is for administrative and clerical salaries, office supplies, postage, local telephone cost, membership/subscriptions, general purpose equipment or general purpose software, complete and submit a CAS 502 form.

Is CAS 502 required?    Yes  or  No
If yes, enter approval date:

Please note that your budget transfer cannot be processed until this Budget Revision Request Form for Sponsored Programs has been approved.

Note: The Principal Investigator is responsible for ensuring that the funds are spent in accordance with the terms and conditions of the award.

Certification: By submitting this form, I, the Principal Investigator or my designee, certify that this rebudgeting is necessary to achieve project objectives, is consistent with sponsor’s terms and conditions and FAU policies and does not constitute a change in scope and has obtained prior approval of sponsor if required.


If you have questions, contact your college’s contract administrator in the Office of Sponsored Programs.

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