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Research News

Research-L Weekly Updates

Date News Article
2015, August 19 Nurse Scientist Named to NIH Special Emphasis Panel
2015, August 19 Seaweed Covering Caribbean Shores Bad for Marine Life, HBOI Scientist Tells NPR
2015, August 19 Researcher and Scholar of the Year, Dissertation of the Year Competitions Open
2015, August 12 Study Shows Candidate Voice Pitch Can Make a Difference at the Polls
2015, August 12 HBOI Population Biology Team Publish Two Papers on Beluga Whale Research
2015, August 12 Undergraduate Research Event Highlights Accomplishments, Plans for Academic Year
2015, August 12 Application Deadline for Tech Runway's Third Class Quickly Approaching
2015, August 5 Student and Surgeon Collaborate on New Alternative to Radical Mastectomy
2015, August 5 Harbor Branch Research Yields Increased Protection for Oculina Reefs
2015, August 5 White House Memo on Science Priorities for FY17 budget
2015, July 29 FAU Receives Grant to Develop Unmanned Marine Vehicles for Bridge Inspections
2015, July 29 Newly Installed Water-Monitoring Devices Provide Insight Into Health of Estuary
2015, July 29 Vet Services Hosts State-Wide Conference at HBOI for Animal Lab Professionals
2015, July 29 Inaugural Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Awards a Success
2015, July 29 Medical Expert Delivers Inaugural Address to the Puerto Rican Society of Cardiology
2015, July 29 NSF Announces Automated Compliance Checking and Proposal Submission
2015, July 22 Similarity Helps Adolescent Friends Stick Together, Study Finds
2015, July 22 FAU Tech Runway Announces Open Call for Startup Applicants
2015, July 22 Neuroscientist Named to NIH Study Section
2015, July 22 Mercury Concentrations in Indian River Lagoon Dolphins Among Highest Globally
2015, July 22 Additional Funds for Health Outreach
2015, July 15 First of Its Kind Alzheimer's Disease Program Reveals Communication Patterns Sustaining Spouse-Caregiver Relationships
2015, July 15 HBOI's New Waveglider Soon Hits the Seas
2015, July 15 Calling Talented Economic Development Researchers and Entrepreneurs
2015, July 15 Expand Your Outreach with Florida ExpertNet Speakers Bureau
2015, July 8 Leading the Research Charge in Animal Whispered Communications
2015, July 8 On the Brink of a Cancer Breakthrough From the Depths of the Ocean Floor
2015, July 8 Max Planck, Scripps and FAU Host Student Research Scholarship Winners This Summer
2015, July 8 Tide May Be Turning for NIH Budget
2015, July 1 New Clinical Trial to Study Long-Acting Schizophrenia Medication
2015, July 1 Current Wading Bird Numbers Reflect Past Water Patterns, Study Finds
2015, July 1 FAU Neurologist Sees Expanded Use of Precision Medicine
2015, July 1 Detecting Traumatic Brain Injuries with Sensors, Subject of Google Engineer's Talk
2015, June 24 Scientists' Work on Smart Traffic Lights May Improve Your Commute
2015, June 24 Faculty Retreat Identifies Sensing and Smart Systems Research Priorities
2015, June 24 Marine Renewable Ocean Center Director to Retire, SNMREC Joins Division of Research
2015, June 24 Scientist Presents Caribbean Coral Reef Research in Curacao
2015, June 24 Applicant Responsibilities in Maintaining the Integrity of NIH Peer Review
2015, June 17 Traveling Near and Far To Share Everglades and Ocean Acidification Research
2015, June 17 Fruit Flies Help Researchers Understand Age-Related Diseases
2015, June 17 Graduate Students Present at Microbiology Conference
2015, June 17 FAU's Newest Institute Now on the Web
2015, June 17 New Requirement To Make NSF-Funded Research More Widely Available
2015, June 17 Rigor and Reproducibility Policy Expected Soon from National Institutes of Health
2015, June 10 FAU Expert Publishes Guidance for Clinicians on the Use of Statins
2015, June 10 Better Care of Young People on Antipsychotics Needed
2015, June 10 Physical Oceanographer Publishes on Commercially Important Prawn
2015, June 10 Hesitate No More: Contact The National Science Foundation
2015, June 10 National Institutes of Health New Biosketch Format in Effect
2015, June 3 Award-winning Neuroscientist and Leading Expert on Dementia Joins FAU
2015, June 3 Neuroscience Retreat Kicks Off Planning Process on the Future of FAU Research
2015, June 3 New Start-Ups Join Tech Runway Accelerator Program
2015, June 3 FAU Researcher Leads First-ever International Project to Track Neonate Flatback Turtles
2015, June 3 FAU Study Finds Critical Flaw in Often-Cited National Home Price Indices Method
2015, June 3 New Financial Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form Required for All Research Proposals
2015, June 3 New FAU Fringe Benefit Rate
2015, May 27 Personality Matters, FAU Study Finds">Personality Matters, FAU Study Finds
2015, May 27 Harbor Branch Expedition Nets Sponges With Cancer-Fighting Potential">Harbor Branch Expedition Nets Sponges With Cancer-Fighting Potential
2015, May 27 Palm Beach County Wins Award to Study Feasibility of Northern Research Park">Palm Beach County Wins Award to Study Feasibility of Northern Research Park
2015, May 27 NIH Examines R01 Awards vs. Other Grants">NIH Examines R01 Awards vs. Other Grants
2015, May 20 Ambitious Student Spends Summer with Top Federal Researchers">Ambitious Student Spends Summer with Top Federal Researchers
2015, May 20 A Path to Reduce Emergency Room Visits by Nursing Home Residents
2015, May 20 Epidemiologist's Indian River Lagoon Mercury Analysis Published
2015, May 20 Engineer Hopes to Save Lives by Preventing Texting While Driving
2015, May 13 Engineers Receive National Science Foundation Grant to Develop Computer Model for Ebola Spread
2015, May 13 HBOI Cruise Maps Areas of Southwest Florida Sea for First Time
2015, May 13 People Interact, Brains Fire Up, FAU Scientists Capture It
2015, May 13 Grant Proposal Templates Now Available
2015, May 13 Learn More About Using the NIH Inclusion Management System
2015, May 7 Dolphins Have Social Networks Too, Marine Mammal Science Reports
2015, May 7 Senior Engineering Project Showcase Soars at Tech Runway
2015, May 7 Pre-existing Inflammation May Contribute to Cancers' Spread, Study Finds
2015, May 7 Forging Connections at a Federal Research Lab Over the Summer
2015, May 7 TIME Magazine Turns to FAU Engineer
2015, May 7 Best Original Research Award Goes to School of Social Work Faculty
2015, April 29 Standout Student's Work Published in One of the Country's Most Prestigious Journals
2015, April 29 Video Highlights FAU's Newest Institute
2015, April 29 Sponsored Programs Director Starts Aug. 3
2015, April 29 Reforms Aim to Lighten Researchers' Administrative Load, Increase Transparency
2015, April 29 TIME Magazine Features Leader of FAU's Center for Environmental Studies
2015, April 29 Ocean Command Center Explores Deep Seas Near Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands
2015, April 22 FAU Researchers Assess Impact of Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill on Marine Life
2015, April 22 The Future of Animal Care and Use at FAU
2015, April 22 Keeping Tabs on Sharks in the Water
2015, April 22 Avoid Conflict of Interest Pitfalls in Research
2015, April 22 Highlight FAU Scientists at Your Next Event with the Annual Research Report
2015, April 15 Agreement Opens Door to Collaborate With Renowned Nansen Neuroscience Network
2015, April 15 Researchers and Scholars of the Year Recognized at Today's Honors Convocation
2015, April 15 Geosciences Assistant Professor Wins Award for Outstanding Publication
2015, April 15 Honors College Symposium Caps Off Successful Month-Long Spring Into Research Series
2015, April 15 And the Winning Entrepreneurs Are ...
2015, April 15 College of Medicine Graduate Student Brings Home Top Prize
2015, April 8 FAU Researchers Develop New Biosensing Platform for HIV and Bacteria
2015, April 8 Undergraduate Research in the Spotlight
2015, April 8 Research Park Report Highlights Impact
2015, April 8 Give NIH Your Ideas on Improving Biomedical Research
2015, April 1 Prestigious NSF Fellowship Awarded to College of Science Doctoral Student
2015, April 1 Broward Student Research in the Spotlight
2015, April 1 National Recognition for College of Nursing
2015, April 1 TEDx Boca Raton Features FAU Undergrads
2015, March 25 School of Social Work Establishes Addictions Treatment Research Center
2015, March 25 College of Science Student Research Takes Center Stage
2015, March 25 Advice on Winning Defense Department Research Funding
2015, March 18 In the News: Vice President for Research Daniel Flynn
2015, March 18 Research Mentoring Award Winners Span Diverse Areas of Study
2015, March 18 HBOI Disseminates Research From Arctic to Indian River Lagoon
2015, March 13 A Parade of FAU Research
2015, March 12 First Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships (SURF) Awarded This Week
2015, March 12 Spring Into Research Kicks Off on Friday
2015, March 5 FAU Harbor Branch Scientist Presents at National Aquaculture Conference
2015, March 5 Jupiter Campus to Become Engine of Scientific Inquiry, Innovation and Growth
2015, March 5 Making Climate Change a National Priority
2015, March 5 FAU Professor Attends Ocean Mapping XPRIZE Workshop
2015, February 18 New Center Aims to Transform Nation's Real-time Monitoring Infrastructure
2015, February 18 Elevating FAU to New Heights
2015, February 18 Podcast Highlights Scientist's Career
2015, February 18 National Institutes of Health Malaria Researcher Addresses Students and Faculty
2015, February 11 Harbor Branch Scientist Featured on Local Environmental Show
2015, February 11 New Grad Student Research Competition
2015, February 11 Gearing Up for New Accelerator Class
2015, February 4 FAU is Well Represented at Neuroscience Event at Max Planck Florida Institute
2015, February 4 Ocean Science Survey Co-Chaired by FAU Researcher Receives National Attention
2015, February 4 FAU Licensee Secures $2.3 Million
2015, January 28 FAU Researcher Co-Chairs Report to Influence Ocean Research for Next Decade
2015, January 28 $4.3 Million Grant to Establish a Center for Elementary Teacher Education Preparation
2015, January 21 VGTI Seeks to Facilitate Collaborative Research Efforts with FAU Scientists
2015, January 15 Harbor Branch Lab Collaborates with Oldest Excavation Site in Florida
2015, January 14 One Person's Culinary Delight May be Another's Future Disease Treatment
2015, January 8 New Vice President Targets Increasing NIH Funding by 50 Percent in Five Years
2015, January 8 Gregg Fields Joins Rank of Esteemed Researchers
2014, December 17 Advancing Cancer Detection Technique
2014, December 17 Harbor Branch Launches Video Highlighting Its Research Programs
2014, December 17 Reseacher's Quality Improvement Program Discussed at National Geriatric Meeting
2014, December 10 President Highlights University-Private Sector Collaboration at Conference
2014, December 10 Scientist's Sea Lion Research Published
2014, December 10 College of Medicine Scientist Presents Eye Research at UCLA
2014, December 3 Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Announces New Chair
2014, December 3 FAU Microbiology Research to be Published in Book on Everglades
2014, November 26 Chemist at FAU Works to Broaden Variety of Amino Acids Accessible to Scientists
2014, November 26 Seafood Magazine Published HBOI Study
2014, November 26 $1 Million to Test Ocean Turbines with Southeast National Marine Renewable Energy Center, Crowdsourcing Goal
2014, November 19 HBOI Grant Bolsters Research in Artic
2014, November 19 SNMREC Collaborates with European Marine Energy Firm
2014, November 19 Leading FAU Researcher Calls for Greater Oceanic Research
2014, November 19 Scientists Find Novel Approach for Treating the Leading Cause of Blindness in Elderly
2014, November 12 Research on Marine Sponges Published
2014, November 12 A Focus on Increasing FAU's Military Research Funding
2014, November 5 Fat Turtles Make Better Swimmers
2014, November 5 Women's Voice Inflection Influences How They're Perceived
2014, October 29 Pending Senate Legislation Could Increase Biomedical Research Funding
2014, October 29 FAU Research Highlighted in Coverage of a White House Conference
2014, October 22 Federal Officials Highlight Trends and Priorities in Research Funding
2014, October 16 Scientific Expansion Planned for Jupiter campus
2014, October 15 NOAA Awards FAU Harbor Branch $1.8M for Oceanographic Research
2014, October 15 Federal Officials Approve Pending Patents
2014, October 8 Kumar Named to National Advisory Committee
2014, October 8 Two Patents Awarded to FAU Faculty for Inventions
2014, October 2 State University System Research and Development Workshop
2014, October 1 New Search Portal for Federally Supported Science Research
2014, October 1 Free Online Research Commercialization Workshops
2014, October 1 FAU Faculty Names Associate Editor
2014, October 1 FAU Researcher Returns to Cuba
2014, September 24 FAU Researcher's Outstanding Article Honored
2014, September 19 FAU's Ancient DNA Lab to Analyze Ancient Relics
2014, September 17 Supervisors' Personality Can Have Outsized Influence on Job Performance Appraisal
2014, September 17 JAMA Psychiatry Publishes FAU Researcher's Groundbreaking Nicotine-Addiction Study
2014, September 17 Responsible Conduct of Research: CITI Basic Course Change
2014, September 14 FAU Engineering Faculty Awarded $600,000 to Build Big Data Training and Research Lab
2014, September 14 FAU Partners with Israeli University to Advance Science and Medicine in Both Countries
2014, September 10 NSF Grant Goes to FAU Professor to Study Ocean Acidification
2014, September 10 FAU Geophysicist Takes Peatland Research to Ecuador and Indonesia
2014, September 10 PLOS ONE Features Study by FAU Scientist
2014, September 10 FAU Researcher Awarded NCI Grant for Novel Approach in Hunt for Cancer Therapies
2014, September 9 FAU Professor Posthumously Enters Florida Inventors Hall of Fame
2014, September 9 HBOI Scientists Discover Significant Pulley Ridge Coral Populations
2014, August 27 FAU Researcher Helps Dispel Long-Held Belief that Famous Human Fossil Is Linked to Modern Human Brain Development
2014, August 27 Drs. Kelso and Tognoli Study: "Human Dynamic Clamp"
2014, August 27 NSF Grant Awarded to Study How Situations Affect Behavior
2014, August 20 Reuters Names John Newcomer, M.D., to List of World's Top Scientists
2014, August 20 Seafood Industry's Byproduct Shows Encouraging Signs for Fighting Inflammatory Bowel Disease
2014, August 13 Drs. Kelso and Tognoli Study Published by National Academy of Sciences
2014, July 25 HBOI Launches First-Ever Study of Vibrio in Indian River Lagoon
2014, July 10 Charles H. Hennekens Wins Prestigious Alton Ochnser Award
2014, July 2 Achievements of HBOI Researchers Recognized
2014, July 2 Medical Physics Graduate Program Accreditation Granted
2014, June 11 Powered by the Oceans, Blue Energy: Susan Skemp at TEDxBocaRaton
2014, June 11 Southeast National Marine Renewable Energy Center: Infographic
2014, June 6 Many More Doctors, But Not Physician-Scientist
2014, June 5 Researchers to test Gulf Stream energy turbines off Florida's coast
2014, June 3 Urgent Need for Multifactorial Interventions to Treat Diabetes Mellitus
2014, May 17 IBM Watson partners with Modernizing Medicine
2014, May 12 FAU Noted for Role in National Climate Assessment
2014, May 11 Dr. Leonard Berry Interviewed by Alabama Public Radio
2014, May 9 FAU Scientist Interviewed by National Geographic
2014, May 9 Sue Skemp, Speaker at FAU Hosted TEDX Event
2014, May 8 Dr. Leonard Berry on National Climate Assessment in New York Times
2014, April 17 Researcher Could Help Find Missing Malaysian Jet
2014, April 15 CNN Films at HBOI
2014, March 26 Research Park at FAU Companies Earn 2.5B in 2013
2014, March 21 Research Park Creating the Future
2014, March 20 Florida Atlantic University, Broward College and Palm Beach State College Awarded $3.5 Million Florida TEAm Grant to Accelerate Pipeline for Computer Science and Engineering Students
2014, March 14 FAU Neuroscientists Forge Path toward Understanding the Human Brain
2014, March 10 Senator Bill Nelson acknowledges FAU in senate discussion
2014, March Investigators from Florida Atlantic University Have Reported New Data on Analytical Finance
2014, March 5 FAU Researcher Unravels Mystery of Sea Turtles' 'Lost Years'
2014, February 4 FAU Presents Frontiers in Science Public Lecture Series with Professor Mario Motta
2014, January 22 FAU's Southeast National Marine Renewable Energy Center Recovers Missing Research Buoy with Unique Ocean Energy Data
2014, January 17 Florida Atlantic University's Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing Awarded Scholarships through RWJF New Careers in Nursing Program
2014, January 15 FAU's College of Nursing Launches Online Journal to Express Human Values and Deep Connections Made within the Healthcare Industry
2014, January 14 FAU Presents Frontiers in Science Public Lecture with Professor Carrie Haskell-Luevano
2014, January 14 FAU's John D. MacArthur Campus to Offer Jupiter Summer Science Experience 2014
2014, January 8 FAU's Center for Body, Mind and Culture Presents 'Mindful Body in the Arts of Eating
2014, January 3 FAU Launches 2014 Frontiers in Science Public Lecture Series with Professor John Long
2013, December 23 FAU's Astronomical Observatory to Host Open Dome Event: 'Jupiter at Opposition to the Sun'
2013, December 19 FAU Reception Held to Open Deadly Medicine Exhibition
2013, December 16 FAU Diabetes Education and Research Center Relocates Office to Westgate Community Center in West Palm Beach
2013, December 19 FAU Middle School Math Team Places 1st in Florida in the American Mathematics Competition
2013, December 16 FAU Diabetes Education and Research Center Relocates Office to Westgate Community Center in West Palm Beach
2013, December 16 FAU Names New Director to its Center for Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies
2013, December 4 FAU Signs Licensing Agreement for Wireless Handheld Ultrasound Scanners
2013, November From Dilettante to Expert, How Babies Acquire Knowledge: FAU Professor David J. Lewkowicz at TEDxDelrayBeach
2013, November 14 FAU Student Team Selected to Participate in 2014 Maritime RobotX Challenge
2013, November 9 FAU and Peaceful Mind/Peaceful Life Offer Workshops on Seeking Inner Peace
2013, November 8 FAU Partner 'Go SOLAR-Florida' Receives Department of Energy Grant to Increase Use of Solar Energy
2013, October 23 FAU Engineering Honor Society Students Promote STEM in Local Schools with MindSET Program
2013, October 23 FAU's Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine 1of 15 Nationally to Receive Planning Grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to Increase the Diversity of the NIH-funded Workforce
2013, October 23 FAU Faculty Awarded NIH Grant to Study Effect of 'Sit N Fit' Chair Yoga Program on Osteoarthritis Patients
2013, October Florida Energy Summit: "Blue Power" - FAU Assistant VP of Research and SNMREC Associate Director, Camille Coley, Blogs About Ocean Energy
2013, October 21 FAU's Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine Researchers Call for More Research on Alternative Medicine Therapies for Low Back Pain
2013, October 18 FAU Harbor Branch to Host National Workshop on Global Issues Facing Estuaries
2013, October 15 FAU's Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine Professor is Senior Author on American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists Consensus Statement on Diabetes-cancer Relationship
2013, October 9 FAU Professor to Serve as German Research Ambassador
2013, October 3 FAU Neuroscientists Receive Patent for 5D Visualization Method to Understand Big Data
2013, September 25 FAU to Host Second Annual Sea Level Rise Summit
2013, September 23 FAU Davie to Host Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman on Teaching Economics in Post-Recession America
2013, September 11 FAU's MacArthur Campus to Host 'The Next Attempt for Life on Earth' Exhibition by Rick Newton through October 15
2013, September 4 FAMU and FAU Collaborate on New Medical Scholars Program (MSP)
2013, September 4 FAU PROPEL Hosts Completion Ceremony
2013, September 4 FAU's College of Business to Honor Jordan Zimmerman with 2013 Business Leader of the Year Award
2013, August 30 FAU Harbor Branch Hires Two New Researchers
2013, August 26 Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine Professor and Colleagues from FAU, SUNY Downstate and Harvard Publish Need for Wider Utilization of Statins in Prevention and Treatment of Heart Attacks and Strokes
2013, August 12 FAU's Southeast National Marine Renewable Energy Center Celebrates Key Milestone to Establish the World's First Offshore Test Site to Capture Ocean Current Energys
2013, July 24 FAU Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine Professor Receives NIH Grant for Project to Optimize Current and Future Vaccines
2013, July 16 Silver Knight Award Recipient to Attend Medical Scholars Program in the Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine and Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College at FAU
2013 June 26 FAU Spin-off CHS Pharma, Inc. Announces Dr. Robert Langer, Pioneer in Drug Delivery Systems and Regenerative Medicine, Joins its Board of Directors and Scientific Advisory Board
2013 June 26 FAU Participates in Forum on Technology and Education at the United Nations Headquarters in New York
2013 June 21 FAU Works to Extract Sound and Digitally Restore Images from Phonograph Records Flooded during Hurricane Sandy
2013 June 14 FAU's Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine Welcomes Robert A. Pearlman as Chief Development and Strategy Office
2013 June 11 FAU’s Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine Announces First University-Sponsored Residency Program
2013 July 24 Oceans Day Feature: Harbor Branch Scientist Spends Career Studying Florida's Reefs
2013 June 10 FAU Center for Autism and Related Disabilities to Host Autism Leaders Breakfast
2013 June 6 U.S. Congressman Ted Deutch, U.S. Congresswoman Lois Frankel to Join FAU Officials to Discuss Sequester Impact on NIH Funding
2013 June 6 FAU Experts for the 2013 Hurricane Season
2013 June 4 FAU's SAE Racing Team Finishes in Top 10 in Acceleration at the 2013 Formula SAE
2013 May 29 FAU English Professor Joins John Irving, Joyce Carol Oates and Others in Receiving Pushcart Prize
2013 May 21 Inaugural Class Members of FAU's Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine to Begin Year Three and Head to South Florida Hospitals
2013 May 14 FAU Honors College Professor Carmen Cañete Quesada Receives Fulbright Award
2013 May 9 FAU Professor Helps Develop New National Standards for Financial Literacy
2013 May 8 FAU Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine Professor Publishes Review on Aspirin in Treatment and Prevention of Heart Attacks as well as Commentary to Advise Doctors
2013 May 8 FAU Professor Kevin Wagner Chosen for Academic Fellowship to Study Terrorism
2013 May 7 FAU Breaks Ground on Louis and Anne Green Memory and Wellness Center Extension
2013 April 25 FAU Researcher to Study Release of Gases in the Florida Everglades and the Link to Climate Change
2013 April 23 FAU’s Keenan Social Engagement Program Announces First $15,000 Seed Grant Recipient
2013 April 23 Fourth Annual ‘Wings of Hope’ Event Raises More Than $29,000 for FAU’s Center for Autism and Related Disabilities
2013 April 22 FAU to Collaborate with Motorola Mobility and Google on New Mobile Applications
2013 April 18 FAU Professor Selected for Fellowship to New York Public Library’s Schomburg Center for Research on Black Culture
2013 April 12 FAU’s Diplomacy Program Earns Model U.N.’s Distinguished Delegation Award
2013 April 12 FAU Students Place at Life Sciences South Florida STEM Research Symposium
2013 April 11 FAU Announces Start-up Company to Develop Drugs to Treat Epilepsy, Migraines and Stroke
2013 April 10 FAU to Host Optical Engineering Symposium
2013 April 10 FAU Harbor Branch Scientists Awarded national Institutes of Health Grant for Pancreatic Cancer Research
2013 April 8 FAU Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine Researchers Publish Sobering Statistics on Homicide in Young Black Men
2013 April 8 FAU’s Pine Jog Environmental Education Center Receives Funding to Support Quality Afterschool Progamming
2013 April 3 FAU’s Pine Jog Environmental Education Center to Host “Green Gala”
2013 March 13 FAU’s Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine Receives Provisional Accreditation from the Liaison Committee on Medical Education
2013 March 11 FAU Researchers to Study Carbon Dynamics of the Greater Everglades and Implications of Climate Change
2013 March 1 FAU Researcher, Leonard Berry, Ph.D., quoted in USA Today on Climate Change
2013 January 23 FAU Harbor Branch Announces Series of Events in February to Focus on the Indian River Lagoon
2013 January 23 FAU Center for Holocaust and Human Rights Education Presents 'Freedom Fighters' Public Lecture
2013 January 22 FAU Frontiers in Science Public Lecture Series Presents 'The Chemistry of New Materials for Computer Chips'
2013 January 22 FAU Jupiter's Lifelong Learning Society Presents Author Jonathan Alter
2013 January 18 FAU Lecture Looks at Improving Lives Through Positive Psychology
2013 January 16 FAU Professor Awarded Prestigious PEN/O. Henry Prize for Short Story
2013 January 15 FAU Exhibition Explores 'POURing' Paint in the Digital Age
2013 January 14 FAU's Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine Announces $3 Million Gift -- the 'Dr. Morton and Cynthia Levitt Endowed Scholarship for Medical Education
2013 January 14 FAU Harbor Branch Announces Speakers For Upcoming Ocean Science Lecture Series
2013 Janary 8 FAU Presents a Symposium on Abraham Lincoln and Civil War America
2013 January 7 FAU’s Center for Body, Mind and Culture Presents ‘Body and Technology: Instruments of Somaesthetics’
2013 January 7 FAU Exhibition Features ‘Papercuts’
2013 January 3 “Born from Folding: The Art & Science of Origami’ Exhibition at FAU Explores Japanese Art of Paper Folding
2013 January 2 FAU Harbor Branch Study Examines Troubled Waters in St. Lucie Estuary

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