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Computers - Please contact the vendor directly for specifications and pricing of computers

Apple Computer:
Contact: 1-800-800-2775 option #1, x42823 Order Entry Rep. FAX (512) 674-2974 (order entry only)
Contact: Dale Love, 512-674-2823 (Sales rep.), FAX (866) 261-4104

Dell Computers:
Contact: Timothy Randle|Inside Sales Account Manager
(FL) Major Public Accounts| Dell, Inc.
Phone|512-513-9387, Fax l 512-283-1597
Personal Purchases: Visit
ID# US99221842
Customer Service: 800-274-7799 x7266409

Printers & IT Equipment - Please contact the vendor directly for specifications and pricing of printers

Contact: Janis McCoy, (800) 934-4947, FAX (800) 622-7904,

Contact: Gray Hanrahan, (High Education Account Manager) l Toll Free: 866-240-4219 l Phone: 312-705-6296 l Fax: 312-705-6496

Contact: Elena Gomez - National Account Manager
Phone: 888-707-7040 x12571
Fax: 888-251-4058

Milner ( Lanier & Ricoh Copiers): Contact: Sue Nathanson
Office: 800-529-2024
Direct: 954-312-1526 Email:
Service: 1-800-875-5046
Supplies: 1-877-264-5637

Konica Minolta:
Contact: Rebecca Tippy - 561-237-4563
Cell: 561-568-8381
FAX 561-237-4585
Service: 1-800-456-5664

Toshiba Business Solutions
Contact: Brian Curry, Sales Manager
Cell: 954-608-8308
Customer Service: 800-526-7926

Xerox Corporation
Contact: Janette Pacheco
Phone 954-514-4979

Cell: 561-628-5646

Supplies: 1-800-822-2200

FAX & Office Equipment

Office Depot:
Contact: Shiely Voltz, (561) 789-9319, FAX (561) 438-0892
Customer Service: (800) 386-0226
Contact: Eric Maranges
Account Manager
Staples Advantage
Office: 561-702-1883
Fax: 866-548-0782
Customer Serv: 877-826-7755

Audio & Visual Equipment

Audio Visual Innovations
Contact: Martin Lois
Office: 888-284-8913
Cell: 954-232-6295
Xerox Audio Visual Solutions
Contact: Chelsea Young, CTS
Senior Account Manager
Tel: 954.384.4286 X15128
Fax: 954.473.0205
Cell: 954-610-4569
Toll Free: 855.384.4286


          Berwin c/o J.C. White Office Furniture  
          Contact: Jim Marzano
          Office: (561) 848-4982
          Empire Office
          Contact: Nick Grennan
          Office: (954) 707-6200
          Workscapes, Inc.
          Contact: Kim Hislop
          Office: (954) 467-2686
          Corporate Interiors
          Contact: Tatiana Mowrey

          Office: (954) 354-1711

         Industrial Safety Equipment and Supplies

Lab Safety Supply
Contact: Customer Service
(800) 356-0783
Safety Equipment and supplies

W.W. Grainger, Inc.
Contact:. Customer Service
(800) 323-0620
Industrial Supplies

Scientific Equipment and Supplies

          Airgas South
          E & I Contract #CRN-01291
          Contact: Robert Ortega, 305-470-8933, 
          Cell: 786-412-0247, Fax: 305-470-9818

Carolina Biological Supply Company
Contact:. Customer Service
(800) 334-5551
Products for Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Space Science, Physics, Mathematics, Publications, Multimedia, Apparatus and Jr. High Science.

Fisher Scientific
Contact:. Amie Mandat, 561-420-1317 (cell)
Instruments, Equipment, Supplies, Workstations, Chemicals, Science Education, Maintenance, Repair and Safety Materials for Laboratories.

Sigma Aldrich Chemical Company, Inc.
Contact: Rendy Combs
(305) 509-9285
Laboratory Chemicals

Southern Micro Instruments
Contact: Vicki Wilson - 800-241-3312
Contact: Jillian Vicale, 800-932-5000, (Cell) 954-439-6251, email:
Microscopes and Related Accessories

State and Local Government Procurement

Respect of Florida
Contact:. Customer Service
(850) 487-1471 or SUNCOM 277-1471
Products and Services for State and Local Government Procurement

PRIDE of Florida
Contact: Customer Service
877 277-2208
Products and Services for Printing and Furniture

Note: This listing is for informational purposes only and may not represent the proper vendor for every commodity, therefore it is necessary to check with purchasing prior to submitting a requisition.

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