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How can I pay for new subscriptions or renewals?

Prepare the LPO with all of the information required, select the "Prepay" option on the LPO, attach the Vendor's order or invoice form (it will serve as the document authorizing payment), mark "OK to Pay" and submit to the Controllers Office. Keep a copy for your records for follow-up. The Controller will send a check to the Vendor. Verify payment through your department ledger.

How can I prepay items I need from a vendor?
Prepare the LPO with all of the information required. You must obtain a document (invoice or quote with pre-payment requirement statement) for the Controllers Office to issue a check. Make a copy of all documents for your files and send the LPO and invoice to the Controller (see above). The Controller will process payment with the LPO to the Vendor. The Using Department shall follow up with both the Controllers Office and the Vendor to ensure the shipment is initiated or services are received.

If I want to get something right now from a Vendor with an LPO, how do I do it?
Call or visit the vendor to get the description (brand, color, model number, etc) of the item(s) to be purchased. Complete the LPO and make a copy for Department records. Take the LPO to the vendor, pick up or order the item and bring the invoice back to your Department. The Department should sign the invoice "OK to Pay" and forward the invoice and LPO copy to the Controllers Office. Retain all copies of the transaction for verification of billing and budget adjustments.

If the items are shipped and the freight charges are added, will the order be processed?
Yes. The LPO limitation of total dollar amount does not include freight charges. However, if the items without freight exceed the face value, you should contact the Controller's Office at once. Items should be either be picked up from the vendor or shipped directly to the Department and not Central Receiving. Remember, each LPO is for one transaction only with one invoice, therefore the Vendor should not "back order" any portions of the order.

If I disagree with the dollar amount quoted and invoice amount, who do I contact?
All disputes should be worked out between you, the Vendor and the Controller's Office. Purchasing will provide support by providing advice to the respective Department to resolve the dispute. Ultimately, the Department is responsible for the transaction.

What does a "confirming order" on the LPO mean?
A confirming order is an order originally called in, faxed, or verbally placed to a vendor prior to issuance of the LPO. If the order is delivered and accepted prior to giving the vendor the LPO number, complete the "Confirming" portion on the LPO, ensure all other sections are filled out, attach the invoice and send all of the documents to the Controllers Office for payment. The LPO confirms the order previously placed.

What happens if the LPO is lost?
Notify Purchasing at once and provide the LPO number and your Department name. If there is no activity 30 days after its expiration date, it will be considered expired and the funds will be refunded to your Department account provided there are no charges or invoices charged to the LPO .

What do I do when my LPOs expire?
Under no circumstances should you use any LPO after its expiration date indicated in the upper left hand corner on the face of the LPO. Expired and unused LPOs should be returned with a cover letter to Purchasing Department as soon as possible after the expiration date. Upon receipt, the face value balance of funds encumbered under the LPO will be refunded to your department account.

Please direct any questions to Debra Purcell at 561-297-3080, dpurcell@fau.edu


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