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Clery Act Statistics

Download PDF Here  Annual Report Crime Statistics 2014  
Published 09/2015

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Division of
Public Safety

Don't walk alone on Campus at night.

Call the Night Owls for a free escort.

University Police

Specific Concerns and Crimes

Victim Services 561-297-0500

Sexual Assault - Acquaintance Rape

  Acquaintance Rape Stats

Some Possible Effects of Sexual Assault:   

     Reactions  -      Emotions    -    How to Help

Sexual Assault can Happen to anyone

What Victims of Sexual Assault can expect from FAU Police Department

What to do if You are the victim of a Sexual Assault

Relationship Violence -  Dating Violence -  Domestic Violence:

      Domestic Violence Statistical Overview

      Relationship Violence: Fast Facts

      Relationship Violence: Defining a Healthy Relationship

      Safety Planning

      Why Women Stay in an Abusive Relationship

Sexual Harassment

Injunction Information

Stalking and Cyberstalking

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