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"Philosophy begins when one learns to doubt - particularly to doubt one's cherished beliefs, one's dogmas and one's axioms"
                                                                  --  Will Durant --


The Philosophy Department at Florida Atlantic University offers a high quality Bachelor of Arts degree in philosophy.

Several philosophy majors from Florida Atlantic University have successfully pursued their graduate/professional education at institutions such as Oxford University, Columbia University, Princeton University, The New School for Social Research, SUNY Stony Brook, and SUNY Binghampton.



The quality of the philosophy program at Florida Atlantic University is enhanced by an active research faculty that produces numerous professional publications and conference presentations, both at the national and the international level.  See Faculty

The Philosophy Department offers an undergraduate program of study prepares students for various career opportunities. For an interesting article on the many benefits of studying philosophy, please see Patricia Yollin's "Philosophy's Popularity Soars: Devotees Find It's More Than 'An Interesting Path to Poverty'"

A recent article in The Atlantic ( "The Earning Power of Philosophy Majors" ) points out that the earning power of philosophy majors is higher than that of other humanities majors, both in the early and later stages of their career.  This claim is based on a new report issued by Payscale.  As the article points out "employers value creative problem solving and the ability to deal with ambiguity [and philosophy majors] have  creative problem solving abilities that set them apart."   This is because the study of philosophy is unique among the humanities in that that it develops and enhances not only creative and interpretive skills but also analytical and critical skills.

The intellectual training provided by philosophy is an excellent preparation for the study of law and for many other non-academic careers.  See Non-Academic Careers for Philosophers

In addition to offering the more traditional philosophy major, the Philosophy Department also offers a philosophy major track in Pre-Law for students who wish to go on to law school.  See Pre-Law and Philosophy


Interim Chair: Dr. Michael Harris

Undergraduate Adviser:  Dr. Marina Banchetti (Spring 2016 Only)

Office Administrator: Sheryl Hulet

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