Student Permit Information

Placement of Permit

The permit must be affixed on the outside of the vehicle. Peel the backing from the permit and place it on the driver's side of the rear window. Permits MAY NOT be affixed inside the vehicle or by means other than the adhesive of the permit. A vehicle in non-compliance with applicable rules is subject to ticketing.


Example of where to place the permit.

Second permit
The Transportation Access Fee only allows students to obtain one permit. Blue permit holders do have the option of coming to the Parking and Transportation Services Office to purchase a second permit at $15. When you come in please bring your vehicle registration so that we can confirm that the vehicle is registered to the same address.


Replacement permit
To obtain a replacement permit you will need to bring your previous permit back to the Parking office so that we may exchange it for a new one. If you do not have your previous permit, you will need to purchase another one for $15.


Obtaining a permit
Students are eligible to register for their parking permits 24 hours after they have registered for their classes. To register for a permit:

1. Go to MyFAU account. (
2. Students click on the “Money Matters” tab.
3. Click on “Parking and Transportation Services”.
4. Click on “Purchase Permit”.
5. Fill out the information correctly.
6. Print out the confirmation page and follow the instructions carefully.


Please put the confirmation page on the dashboard. The confirmation page is valid for up to three weeks to allow for you to receive the permit in the mail. If you have not received the permit within this time, please contact the office for further instructions.

When registering for a permit online you will need to obtain a temporary permit from the security office at the Downtown campus. The city of Fort Lauderdale does not honor the confirmation page that is printed at the end of permit registration.
 Last Modified 7/14/14