Interactive Workshops

The Owls Care interactive workshop series strives to empower students with the knowledge and skills they need to be healthy. All workshops are 45 minutes long.

College life is filled with challenges, many of which can be stressful. This workshop presents a realistic approach to managing stress as a college student.
During this presentation, students will:

  • Learn about the impact of stress
  • Recognize symptoms of stress
  • Practice stress management techniques

This presentation provides an overview of health issues students often face during college, and discusses how to integrate healthy choices into everyday life. Topics of focus include: nutritious eating, physical activity and restful sleep.
During this presentation students will:

  • Explain how a healthy lifestyle contributes to academic success
  • Discuss behaviors which contribute to a healthy lifestyle
  • Clarify their personal health goals and plan strategies to reach those goals

Navigating the waters of safer sex can seem overwhelming to many young people. In this workshop, participants will gain appropriate protective knowledge and skills to stay safe when engaging in sexual activity.
During this presentation, students will:

  • Explore different barrier methods of protection
  • Learn how to effectively use each method
  • Discuss the importance of communication in a sexual relationship

Sexually Transmitted Infections are a reality for many college students. In this workshop, we’ll work to remove the stigma from STIs by discussing them in a fun and interactive format.
During this presentation, students will:

  • Learn the difference between viral, bacterial, and parasitic STIs
  • Discuss the importance of testing
  • Identify the different methods of STI transmission

What with the prevalence of sexual assault on college campuses, a conversation that needs to happen revolves around consent – what it is, what it isn’t, and how to discuss consent with your partner in a manner that is mutually respectful.
During this presentation, students will:

  • Challenge myths associated with sexual assault
  • Clarify their definition of consent
  • Discuss scenarios which highlight the importance of consent

Owls are ethical bystanders who do something when they see something. This interactive discussion helps students recognize the ways in which we can have a positive impact by watching out for each other.
During this presentation, students will:

  • Learn the key steps to being an ethical bystander
  • Identify reasons why bystanders are hesitant to intervene
  • Learn about resources they can turn to for assistance

This presentation is intended for audiences who have completed Owls Care – Bystander Intervention Training. In an “advanced level” discussion, students apply the ethical bystanding skills they have learned to effectively observe, question, and act against sexual violence. This presentation can be requested with the Owls Care – Bystander Intervention Training as a total 90-minute presentation, or it can be planned as a separate 45-minute presentation to follow up the Bystander Intervention Training.
During this presentation students will:

  • Gain awareness of the full spectrum of sexual violence
  • Learn how to recognize common behaviors of perpetrators
  • Identify specific strategies for intervention

Relationships are an important part of college life. This workshop looks at a variety or relationships (i.e. romantic, friendship, acquaintance, professional, etc) and examines that positive and negative characteristics of relationships. During this presentation, students will:

  • Differentiate between healthy and unhealthy relationships
  • Practice communication skills
  • Receive information on campus resources

Agree to disagree or work through the conflict? This workshop presents a civil style for dealing with differences and conflicts.
During this presentation, students will:

  • Identify different conflict styles
  • Practice assertive communication
  • Learn tips for collaborating and resolving conflict

Alcohol affects college students in many ways-whether or not they choose to drink. This presentation empowers students to make healthy decisions regarding alcohol.
During this presentation, students will:

  • Examine the college drinking culture
  • Discuss the consequences of high-risk drinking
  • Learn safer drinking strategies and methods to monitor their BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) to reduce risk
  • Identify the signs of alcohol poisoning and how to help a friend in need

This presentation explores the social perceptions of substance use and, using iclickers polling devices, demonstrates that the majority of college students are making healthy decisions when it comes to alcohol, energy drinks, tobacco, and marijuana. This presentation is limited to 30 students and must be booked in our classroom due to the iclickers portion of the workshop.
During this presentation, students will:

  • Participate in interactive polls using iclickers to evaluate their perceptions about college substance use
  • Challenge myths regarding college substance use
  • Discuss data collected at FAU regarding substance use among current students

Request a Workshop

  Please note, the Owls Care Health Promotion classroom is temporarily unavailable. We are still available to deliver our amazing workshops to you at the location where your class or group normally meets. Please let us know in the additional information section below,, or 561-297-1048 regarding the location to present.

Please Note: Every effort to respond to presentation requests within 48 hours of receipt will be made. Submitting your request at least two weeks before the presentation date is most helpful in assuring that your needs are met.

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