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Available Topics


Learn how alcohol affects the body, how to reduce negative impacts of drinking in a non-judgmental approach.


A realistic discussion of current drug trends, use, and how it affects college students.

Healthy Eating

learn how to construct a healthy balanced diet and choose healthier dining options on campus as well as how to add physical activity to your life.

Healthy Relationships

Learn and practice communication styles important to healthy relationships, identify positive and negative characteristics of relationships, and receive info on important campus resources.

Safer Sex

Learn about safer sex methods to help avoid STIs and unintended pregnancy in a fun and interactive format.


Learn vital information about the most prevalent STIs affecting college students.


Learn to recognize stress &practice helpful strategies to cope with stress

Peer Lead Healthy Eating 101 (Nutrition)

A fun way to learn to differentiate between the facts and myths about nutrition.

Peer Lead College Stress

A realistic approach to college stress and how to deal with it.

Peer Lead ByStander Intervention (Helping Others)

An interactive discussion on how to be a safe and ethical bystander.

Peer Lead Conflict Resolution

A civil style for dealing with differences and conflict.

Fun & Games

If you are a member of a student group and want to request a presentation, workshop or game facilitated by a staff member of Owls Care Health Promotion, please fill out the request form and a member of our office will be in contact to discuss details.

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Please Note: Every effort to respond to presentation requests within 48 hours of receipt will be made. Submitting your request at least two weeks before the presentation date is most helpful in assuring that your needs are met.
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