Stress Management


Stress is a natural response to demands placed on you. Without stress, we would not accomplish much. However, too much stress can cause problems, negatively impact your health, decrease your productivity, and affect your relationships. Therefore, it is important to learn to manage your stress, especially when a large number of demands are placed on you.

Owls Care offers several resources to help you manage your stress!

Biofeedback consultation

During biofeedback consultations you will meet with one of our staff members and practice relaxation techniques while utilizing biofeedback equipment to monitor your physiological responses to the relaxation techniques. All of the forms of biofeedback used at the office are non-invasive and your physiological responses are measured by placing sensors on your hands or on your ear. Biofeedback helps to teach you how to direct your physiological responses to decrease the impact of stress.

De-stress 101

Interested in trying out different relaxation techniques and taking a relaxation break? Stop by our office to get more information on our De-Stress 101 series.

Stress Oasis

The Stress Oasis is a self-serve station at our office that provides information on stress and free stress management goodies such as stress balls, biodots, aromatherapy, and more. Feel free to stop by our office Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. to stock up.

 Last Modified 7/28/15