Alcohol, Tobacco, Other Drugs

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Nearly all college students experience the effects of alcohol, whether or not they actually drink. The problem with college drinking is not necessarily the drinking itself but rather the consequences that result from drinking excessively. If you choose to drink, we want to help you do it safely and responsibly.

Request a Presentation/Workshop

Owls Care offers presentations and workshops on alcohol and other drugs. Please click on the button below to request an alcohol or drugs presentation or workshop for your class or student group.


One-on-One Consultation

Meet with one of our staff members for a one-on-one consultation where you can discuss whatever questions and concern you might have about alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs. If needed, our staff members can help you with referrals. To request a consultation, please complete a consultation request form or contact us at or 561-297-1048.


Alcohol Alternative Events

FAU offers many alcohol-free, evening and weekend activities. For more information on a alcohol-free events, please click here to learn more.

FAU Medical Amnesty Policy

FAU Medical Amnesty Policy: At FAU we care about each other and watch out for each other. If you are concerned about a friend who is under the influence and think they might be at risk for alcohol poisoning or overdose, please call 911. For more information on FAU’s amnesty policy, please click here to veiw the policy.

Signs of alcohol poisoning include:

  • Confusion
  • Vomiting
  • Seizures
  • Slow breathing (less than eight breaths a minute)
  • Irregular breathing (a gap of more than 10 seconds between breaths)
  • Blue-tinged skin or pale skin
  • Low body temperature (hypothermia)
  • Passing out (unconsciousness) and can't be awakened

Campus Clarity

Think about it is an online education program helps students prepare for the unique challenges and responsibilities of college life. For more information on camus clarity, please click here to learn more.

Tobacco Free FAU

FAU will become a tobacco free campus on January 1 2015. For more information on a tobacco free FAU, please click here to learn more.

Quit Smoking

Ready to stop using tobacco? With the support of the Everglades Area Health Education Center, our office offers free 6-week smoking cessation courses, which provide group support, coaching, and strategies to quit. The course also includes free nicotine replacement therapies for participants. If you are interested in participating in a course, please contact us at or call 561-297-1048.

 Last Modified 6/26/15