Sexual Assault Prevention

Estimates suggest that one in five women is sexually assault while in college. Although it happens less often, men can also be victims of sexual assault. Most often these individuals are assaulted by someone they know and these assaults are frequently not reported.

Before engaging in any kind of sexual activity with someone, you need to get their permission first. This is what is called consent. We define consent as a continuing, wholehearted, informed, freely-given, SOBER yes. Sex without consent is rape.

But let’s get some things straight. Being in a relationship does not automatically mean consent. Consent to one activity does not mean consent to all activities. Wearing certain articles of clothing does not equal consent. If someone feels coerced by their sexual partner to do certain acts that they are not comfortable with, that does not equal consent. Being unable to say no (through sleep or unconsciousness) does not equal consent. Flirting does not mean consent. The absence of a “no” does not mean yes. Only a YES means a YES.

You never owe anyone sex, and likewise, no one ever owes YOU. If you choose to have sex, it should be safer, mutually pleasurable, and consensual.

Remember – sex is optional. Consent is mandatory.

At Florida Atlantic University, we believe sexual assault is everyone’s problem and we should all be engaged in its prevention.

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Procedures for Reporting Sexual Assault at FAU

Under Regulation 4.007, Student Code of Conduct, any person or entity may request that charges be filed against a student for alleged violation of law or University regulations or policies. The complaint must be submitted as follows:

  1. Filing a police report with the University Police Department or another law enforcement agency.
  2. Providing a written or oral statement to the Dean of Students office. Contact information and reporting forms can be found at the Dean of Students website:

In addition to the procedures for investigation of Title IX complaints outlined in Regulation 4.007, individuals with questions or concerns about Title IX may contact the University’s Title IX Coordinator and may file a complaint directly with that office. Contact information for FAU’s Title IX Coordinator is as follows:

Paula Behul, Director
Equal Opportunity Programs

 Last Modified 3/26/15