Annual Report
Executive Summary
This has been an exciting year for the Office of Health and Wellness (OHWE) with many changes, new programs and new staff. The office has achieved great accomplishments toward our goals from last year, had a limited number of challenges and is looking forward to goals to accomplish for next year.
OHWE has seen a significant increase in programs and services that are offered to students. On the Boca Campus, 143% more workshops (30 to 43=143% increase), informational tables (17 to 35=206% increase) and special events (14 to 21=150% increase) were offered over last year. Workshops had a 224% increase in the number of students attending (676 to 1517). The Jupiter campus had a 700% increase in the number of programs (4 to 28) offered this year resulting in a 520% increase in student participation (90 to 465). The Davie campus increased participation in their services and programs 148% (642 to 947). This year OHWE started offering one-on-one Wellness Consultations in addition to the already offered Nutrition Consultations. This resulted in a 152% increase in consultations from 34 to 52 in 2011-2012.
Each year OHWE completes a Trojan Sexual Health Report Card, competing against 141 other universities from around the country to be listed as a sexually healthy campus. Last year FAU ranked 53, however, this year FAU ranked 31, jumping 22 spots ahead of four of the five other Florida schools completing the survey. This year OHWE gave away 10,000 more condoms than in 2011-2012 totaling 60,000 condoms.
This spring OHWE started, for the first time, counting the number of informational pamphlets that were taken by students. Students took over 2,000 informational pamphlets in just three months. The office will continue to monitor and count how much this service is utilized by students.
This year the Office of Health and Wellness Education progressed toward reaching the five goals set for the year.
  • The goal of reevaluating and revising existing presentations was reached. All six presentations offered we completely revamped providing information that is more current than the former presentations.
  • OHWE increased visibility by adding more programs, informational tables and special events throughout the year. New programs included Love Your Curves Fashion Show, Walk-a-Mile in Her Shoes, Red My Lips, a cooking demonstration, a movie screening of Food, Inc., Condom Olympics, and a Tag Your It week long program for Sexual Responsibility Week.
  • The Peer Education Team was trained in the BACCHUS Certified Peer Educator program. To become a Certified Peer Educator a student must complete the required test and pass with an 80%; 13 of the 15 students taking the test passed.
  • OHWE along with the Healthy Owls Team have started working toward a Healthy Campus 2020 campaign by selecting focus area objectives and identifying departments or areas that need to be included in a coalition.
  • OHWE will continue searching for grant opportunities, however, one grant proposal was recently submitted, unfortunately at this time we are not certain if the grant was awarded.
While there were many changes in the office, the year didn’t present many unmanageable challenges. The greatest challenge was gaining visibility on campus. While the number of programs and services was increased occasionally attendance was low at events. To help prevent this in the future the office is planning to develop a marketing plan that will help students be more aware of our events. Another challenge yet also an opportunity is all staff in the office have only worked in the office for one year or less. This presented a challenge when a historical perspective was needed but was an opportunity because all programs were reviewed through a new lens for quality and effectiveness.
For the upcoming year, visibility will continue to be a focus for OHWE. The goal is to increase the number of participants in our services and events showing students that we focus on many different areas of wellness not just a few. To aid in visibility the office has created goals that should increase student’s awareness and attendance to OHWE events and services. OHWE will develop a marketing plan that will guide marketing efforts when advertising for events and services. OHWE will increase the number of online media “presentations” including but not limited to YouTube videos, PSAs, and Podcasts. OHWE will create pre-packaged educational materials such as bulletin boards to be made available to FAU housing staff. The last goal is to develop and implement an Owls Care Program. Owls Care Leaders will be hired to educate students in three areas of health including caring for self, caring for other and caring for the FAU community.
Annual Report 2012 - 2013
The FAU OHWE Annual Report 2012 - 2013 is available for download and printing in PDF Format only.
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