Owls Supporting Diversity Club

Where Diversity Forms Unity

The OSD Club was founded in April 2007 (photo of founding members)


OSD Club Mission Statement

The mission of the OSD Club is to transform the public perception of people with disabilities, to show that all students have an impact on campus and community issues, and to promote equality for all individuals.

If you are interested in becoming a member or would like to know more about the club, please contact Luciana Lima via email: OSD@fau.edu or call the Office for Student with Disabilities during office hours on telephone (561)297-3880.


A Message from the OSD Club President

The Owls Supporting Diversity Club promotes disability awareness and diversity at Florida Atlantic University as well as in the community. We encourage involvement through Facebook, email, and the distribution of flyers throughout the FAU campus. The benefits which will be gained include an appreciation of diversity, opportunities to plan and help with club events, and professional development through networking with other FAU students. Vice President, Ann Marie Bedard.


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2013-2014 Disability Awareness Month Events

The Owls Supporting Diversity Club was on display during the 2013-2014 Disability Awareness Month events which included goalball demonstration and competition and the wheels to the net basketball competition.


Pictured below: Goalball Demonstration and Competition (2013)


Picture Below: Wheelchair Basketball Event (2013) 


Pictured below: OSD club members (2013)


Owls Supporting Diversity Club
2013-2014 Club Officers

President: Joshua Conniff

Vice President: Ann Marie Bedard 

COSO Representative: Ann Marie Bedard  



Historian:  Gabriel Pena

Public Relation Officer: Carlos Naranjo


Contact Email: OSD@fau.edu

OSD Club Event Calendar




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