Web Administration & Development

Personal Web Site

OIT offers all faculty, staff and students personal Web accounts to meet the growing demand for Internet collaboration and the sharing of documents. It is intended for University-related academic, research and administrative use and must follow the standards outlined in the OIT Technology Policies.

All FAU users have a personal  network drive (designated as the “M” drive) to publish their files or documents to the web.Your M drive is set up so that one folder, which is labeled “web,” is accessible via the Internet. Any files you put in that folder can be accessed via the Internet, regardless if the files are html, image, or document file types. You can access your M drive by logging into the FAU network (such as from your office desktop computer, a computer lab, or a wireless network connection). You can also access your M drive via the web through MyFAU using the “User Home Directory Logon” channel on the “Home” tab.

To publish files to the web, place the files in your "web" folder on your M drive (from your computer’s desktop, click on My Computer, and then click on the "M" drive, which will be labeled with your faunetid).

The URL for your files will be

  • for faculty and staff: http://home.fau.edu/FAUNetID/web/
  • for students: http://student.fau.edu/FAUNetID/web/

Note: FAUNetID is your FAU faunetid (everything that precedes the “@” symbol in your FAU e-mail address).

For more detailed instructions on accessing your M: drive, click here

Personal WISE accounts are also available to FAU faculty and staff.