Media Relations


Immigration: Rubio’s path to presidency?(pdf)
John Lantigua, April 25, 2013
Palm Beach Post
Armenian billboards put touchy topic on the road(pdf)
Diane C. Lade, April 21, 2013
Sun Sentinel
Local Koreans view North Korea’s bellicosity as bluster(pdf)
Jodie Wagner, April 14, 2013
Palm Beach Post
Not safe at home: Boca carjacking happened as victim arrived at her apartment(pdf)
Adam Sacasa, April 7, 2013
Sun Sentinel
Immigration: Rubio’s path to presidency?(pdf)
John Lantigua, March 25, 2013
Palm Beach Post
Striking back at bullying by texts, email(pdf)
Susan Sward, March 24, 2013
Sacramento Bee
Editorial: New law adds to 'silliness' of Florida's electoral process: Legislature should place reasonable limit on what unopposed candidates can give to their political party(pdf)
Editorial Board, March 24, 2013
Specialty Seders offer alternative to traditional Passover(pdf)
Lois K. Solomon, March 23, 2013
Sun Sentinel
Armenian billboards put touchy topic on the road(pdf)
Diane C. Lade, March 21, 2013
Sun Sentinel
Students bare souls, and more, on Facebook "confession" pages(pdf)
Stephanie Simon, March 18, 2013
Delray CRA under fire for funding Arts Garage(pdf)
Maria Herrera, March 15, 2013
Sun Sentinel
Delray CRA under fire for funding Arts Garage(pdf)
Maria Herrera, March 15, 2013
Sun Sentinel
Local Koreans view North Korea’s bellicosity as bluster(pdf)
Jodie Wagner, March 14, 2013
Palm Beach Post
For first time since 2007, food stamp use drops in state, Palm Beach County(pdf)
Donna Gehrke-White, March 13, 2013
Sun Sentinel
Delray allows a little more freedom of speech(pdf)
Maria Herrera, March 13, 2013
Sun Sentinel
Ordained online: Second-career rabbis taking over at traditional congregations(pdf)
Lois K. Solomon, March 11, 2013
Sun Sentinel
Home care, tele-medicine cut health costs(pdf)
William E. Gibson, March 11, 2013
Sun Sentinel
Record sharks threaten Spring Break in Florida(pdf)
Harry Alsop, March 8, 2013
The Telegraph
Toll Lanes Touted as Congestion Fix for Central Florida’s I-4(pdf)
Matthew Peddie, March 8, 2013
Transportation Nation
Not safe at home: Boca carjacking happened as victim arrived at her apartment(pdf)
Adam Sacasa, March 7, 2013
Sun Sentinel
Thousands of migrating sharks spotted along South Florida coast, beaches closed(pdf)
Katie Johnson, March 7, 2013
WPTV West Palm Beach
Florida beachgoers are warned to stay OUT of the water: Tens of thousands of 'frenzied' sharks gather off coast of Sunshine State(pdf)
Daily Mail Reporter, March 7, 2013
Daily Mail
Migrating sharks passing by island, could close beaches(pdf)
Aleese Kopf, March 5, 2013
Palm Beach Daily News
Pygmy whales found stranded to be euthanized(pdf)
Charles Elmore, March 4, 2013
Palm Beach Post
Nonprofits adding business skills(pdf)
Doreen Hemlock, March 3, 2013
Palm Beach County's economic recovery trails neighbors to the south(pdf)
Emily Roach, March 2, 2013
Palm Beach Post
Few Hispanics elected locally despite growth in population(pdf)
Anthony Man, March 2, 2013
How to combat cyberbullying(pdf)
Karen Kucher, February 25, 2013
San Diego Union-Tribune
In South Florida, meteors and plane parts fall from sky(pdf)
Ken Kaye, February 22, 2013
Giant office supply company merger: Will the new company be here?(pdf)
Marcia Heroux Pounds, February 21, 2013
Rural teens at high risk for pregnancy, analysis finds(pdf)
Michelle Healy, February 21, 2013
USA Today
Medical groups say 90 treatments often not needed(pdf)
Charles Elmore, February 21, 2013
Palm Beach Post
South Florida a bargain haven for used cars, website says(pdf)
Donna Gehrke-White and Miriam Valverde, February 19, 2013
Cyberbullying Expert Says School Climate Makes All the Difference(pdf)
Helen Hu, February 12, 2013
Diverse magazine
Columbia mother solicits letters of support for son who threatened suicide(pdf)
Yvonne Wenger, February 8, 2013
The Baltimore Sun
Frankel uses break from Congress to explore constituents' concerns(pdf)
Anthony Man, February 4, 2013
Presidential debate provides big payoff for Lynn University(pdf)
Emily Roach, January 30, 2013
Palm Beach Post
Floridians' consumer confidence drops slightly(pdf)
Donna Gehrke-White, January 29, 2013
A third term for President Barack Obama? It could happen(pdf)
George Talbot, January 28, 2013
Survey: More anxiety about personal finances(pdf)
Donna Gehrke-White, January 22, 2013
Classes putting an emphasis on reducing foreign accents(pdf)
Johnny Diaz, January 20, 2013
Thousands of sharks share South Florida's surf(pdf)
David Fleshler, January 18, 2013
Don't quit the gym just because study suggests fatter is better(pdf)
Sonja Isger, January 7, 2013
Palm Beach Post
Floridians get a break in latest deal(pdf)
Donna Gehrke-White, January 4, 2013
Economist: Debt ceiling and spending cut work to be done even if Senate fiscal cliff deal is made(pdf)
Ryan Calhoun, January 1, 2013
WPTV News Channel 5
Who's watching? Boca police look to get wired into more cameras(pdf)
Anne Geggis, December 31, 2012
Fixing a tarnished image in Boynton Beach(pdf)
Attiyya Anthony, December 22, 2012
Holidays a good time to check in with aging relatives(pdf)
Diane C. Lade, December 21, 2012
Analysis: Why Drug Porn Isn't Exciting Anymore(pdf)
Ted Hesson, December 20, 2012
ABC News
Mideast Prof. Rabil: Syrian Conflict May Last Well Over a Year(pdf)
Staff, December 17, 2012
Future Florida: Sea level rise could flood parts of island(pdf)
John Nelander, December 16, 2012
Palm Beach Daily News
Average S. Fla. mortgage balance drops by almost $3K in a year(pdf)
Donna Gehrke-White, December 13, 2012
Walmart opens hiring center to staff new grocery store(pdf)
Jan Engoren, November 28, 2012
Sun Sentinel
Election Problems? Blame These Five(pdf)
Terrence McCoy, November 22, 2012
New Times
Will Romney loss change relationship between GOP, tea party?(pdf)
John Lantigua, November 20, 2012
Palm Beach Post
Survey: South Floridians are budgeting well despite lack of jobs and ongoing foreclosure crisis(pdf)
Donna Gehrke-White, November 14, 2012
Why Florida voters rejected amendments this year when they usually don't(pdf)
Dara Kam, November 12, 2012
Palm Beach Post
Ask the Experts: How Hurricanes Affect Our Wallets & the Economy(pdf)
John Kiernan, November 12, 2012
No West concession; partial recount ordered(pdf)
Matt Sedensky, November 10, 2012
Lakeland Ledger
WAR ON DIABETES: An ounce of prevention is worth far more than a pound of cure(pdf)
Sonja Isger, November 10, 2012
Palm Beach Post
GOP officials say West remains low key but upbeat as his future is decided(pdf)
Melissa E. Holsman, November 9, 2012
Dawn brings fear rather than promise for many Georgia voters(pdf)
Katie Leslie and Craig Schneider, November 8, 2012
Atlanta Journal-Constitution
St. Lucie County played key role in presidential, District 18 races(pdf)
Alexi Howk, November 8, 2012
There's a reason they call them counties: a day past election, five Florida counties still tallying(pdf)
John Lantigua, November 7, 2012
Palm Beach Post
Obama victorious(pdf)
Jennifer Portman, November 7, 2012
Tallahassee Democrat
Election 2012: It's all over but the voting(pdf)
Anthony Man, November 6, 2012
Bullying story resonates with many readers(pdf)
Greg Dawson, November 6, 2012
Orlando Sentinel
Why Do We Vote? Not to Pick the Winner, Probably(pdf)
Melissa Nelson-Gabriel, Philip Elliott and Ken Ritter, November 5, 2012
The New York Times
Both parties confident that pre-Election Day voting will pay off(pdf)
Christine Stapleton, November 5, 2012
Palm Beach Post
Third parties attract few votes, can have big impact(pdf)
Anthony Man, November 5, 2012
Easier access to medical care comes to local senior centers(pdf)
Lois K. Solomon, November 5, 2012
2012 May Portend 2014 for Rick Scott and Charlie Crist(pdf)
Jim Turner, November 5, 2012
Sunshine State News
Elections by the (Electoral College) numbers: The odds are against a tie, but it's possible(pdf)
John Lantigua, November 4, 2012
Palm Beach Post
Some Indian River voters take issue with mailer they say flirts with violating privacy(pdf)
Scott Wyland, November 4, 2012
Down to the wire in Florida(pdf)
Anthony Man and William E. Gibson, November 4, 2012
Early voting ends Saturday; ballot questions adding to wait(pdf)
David Rogers, November 2, 2012
Palm Beach Post
Tackling Investor Ignorance(pdf)
Karen Blumenthal, November 2, 2012
The Wall Street Journal
More South Floridians file for bankruptcy(pdf)
Donna Gehrke-White, November 1, 2012
Climate change and superstorm Sandy linked?(pdf)
Erika Bolstad, November 1, 2012
Detroit Free Press
State 'confidence' numbers up again(pdf)
Donna Gehrke-White, October 31, 2012
Leon County candidate fundraising lopsided(pdf)
Jeff Burlew, October 31, 2012
Tallahassee Democrat
Patients brace for doctor shortage(pdf)
Cathleen O'Toole, October 30, 2012
WPBF West Palm Beach
PC heyday’s a memory, but IBM looks ahead in Boca(pdf)
Charles Elmore, October 28, 2012
Palm Beach Post
Punch that ballot(pdf)
Anthony Man and Andy Reid, October 27, 2012
Pundits: Mack v. Nelson 'A bland, nonexistent adventure'(pdf)
Jacob Carpenter, October 26, 2012
Naples Daily News
Democrats gear up for early voting, an edge they exploited in 2008(pdf)
Christine Stapleton, October 26, 2012
Palm Beach Post
A cloudy outlook for Obama as spotlight hits the Sunshine State(pdf)
David Usborne, October 22, 2012
The Independent
Allen West vs. Patrick Murphy: Inside the debate(pdf)
Jonathan Mattise, October 21, 2012
Daily News/Scripps poll: Romney and Obama in dead heat in Florida(pdf)
Tyler Treadway and Jenna Buzzacco-Foerster, October 21, 2012
Naples Daily News
Home rule or bigotry? Boca opts out of expanded anti-discrimination policy(pdf)
Anne Geggis, October 21, 2012
Tough South Florida race could help determine control of Congress(pdf)
Anthony Man, October 19, 2012
For women, presidential debates presented choices from health care to economy(pdf)
John Lantigua, October 18, 2012
Palm Beach Post
Scripps poll shows West with sizable lead over Murphy(pdf)
Jonathan Mattise, October 18, 2012
Underdog Mack gets shot at redefining incumbent Nelson in Senate debate tonight(pdf)
John Kennedy, October 16, 2012
Palm Beach Post
Watch What You Post: More College Officials Look at Applicants' Social Media Pages(pdf)
Catherine Groux, October 8, 2012
U.S. News & World Report
Presidential debate impact ripples through Florida(pdf)
John Kennedy, October 4, 2012
Palm Beach Post
Small business owners more stressed(pdf)
Donna Gehrke-White, October 4, 2012
Joseph Merlino: The mobster next door(pdf)
Julie K. Brown, September 29, 2012
Miami Herald
Florida Jewish vote for Obama shows slight drop(pdf)
David A. Schwartz, September 27, 2012
Excess water a challenge to drainage system, wildlife(pdf)
Mike Clary, September 27, 2012
Obama Weathers Assault Over Israel(pdf)
Carl Schreck, September 26, 2012
RIA Novosti
It's a whole new brew for brash tea party hero West(pdf)
Sean Lengell, September 26, 2012
The Washington Times
Dueling projects face big hurdles(pdf)
Doreen Hemlock, September 23, 2012
Dispute on how many jobs Obama created begins with where to begin(pdf)
John Lantigua, September 15, 2012
Palm Beach Post
Seniors shake it: Zumba drawing older fans(pdf)
Diane C. Lade, September 14, 2012
Digital Domain's bankruptcy could leave Port St. Lucie in the lurch(pdf)
Eric Pfahler, September 11, 2012
ADT expected to join South Florida's headquarters group(pdf)
Marcia Heroux Pounds, September 10, 2012
Florida political scientists give Obama speech mixed marks(pdf)
John Lantigua, September 7, 2012
Palm Beach Post
3 Floridians scheduled for main-stage time at Democratic convention(pdf)
George Bennett, September 4, 2012
Palm Beach Post
Bus tours deliver messages for both sides in abortion debate(pdf)
Lona O'Connor, September 1, 2012
Palm Beach Post
Seven Floridians get main-stage moment at GOP convention(pdf)
John Kennedy, August 27, 2012
Palm Beach Post
Republican National Convention will have huge impact on Florida(pdf)
Melissa E. Holsman, August 26, 2012
Neighborhood shul struggles to survive(pdf)
David A. Schwartz, August 22, 2012
Private rail tries for comeback in Florida(pdf)
Matthew Peddie, August 22, 2012
Florida unemployment rises in July with loss of 3,300 jobs(pdf)
Emily Roach, August 17, 2012
Palm Beach Post
South Florida voters set stage for hard-hitting races for Congress(pdf)
Anthony Man, August 14, 2012
Murphy on collision course with West after primary win(pdf)
Scott Wyland, August 14, 2012
Holocaust video wins national award(pdf)
Lois K. Solomon, August 12, 2012
Some boomers to their mortgage: 'Til death do us part'(pdf)
Donna Gehrke-White, August 11, 2012
Candidate mischief deprives South Florida voters of a say in some races(pdf)
Anthony Man, August 10, 2012
Allen West gets significant support from Indian River County donors(pdf)
Jonathan Mattise, August 10, 2012
Obama more likable than Romney in Florida, poll shows(pdf)
Jenna Buzzacco-Foerster, August 2, 2012
Naples Daily News
'Bittersweet' film on local Holocaust survivors honored(pdf)
Lona O'Connor, August 2, 2012
Palm Beach Post
Consumer confidence rebounds in Florida in July(pdf)
Donna Gehrke-White, July 31, 2012
Florida voter registrations: a rising tide of independence(pdf)
Christine Stapleton, July 29, 2012
Palm Beach Post
Seaweed invasion creates disposal problem(pdf)
David Fleshler, July 29, 2012
Obama, Romney camps working to woo Jewish vote this weekend(pdf)
Anthony Man, July 27, 2012
New Super PACs expected to fuel millions into hot District 18 race using TV, mailers(pdf)
Jonathan Mattise, July 26, 2012
Update - Penn State slammed with a series of penalties for child sex scandal(pdf)
Staff, July 23, 2012
Pranksters' follow-up to 'zombie attack' video ends on wrong side of law(pdf)
Brett Clarkson and Ed Komenda, July 17, 2012
Emergency rooms specially designed for seniors(pdf)
Diane C. Lade, July 16, 2012
Democrats see path to victory(pdf)
Anthony Man, July 16, 2012
Parents obsess over kid pics at sleepaway camps(pdf)
Lois K. Solomon, July 13, 2012
Voters could decide on property tax exemptions for businesses in Palm Beach Gardens(pdf)
Bill DiPaolo, July 9, 2012
Palm Beach Post
More South Floridians turn to roommates to help pay bills(pdf)
Donna Gehrke-White and Dana Williams, June 30, 2012
Sun Sentinel
Fourth of July travelers expected to stretch mid-week holiday(pdf)
Susan Salisbury, June 20, 2012
Palm Beach Post
FDLE still could consider charges in Fenn Center case(pdf)
Alexi Howk, June 16, 2012
All about the 'bath salts' that aren't really for your bath(pdf)
Susannah Bryan and Ariel Barkhurst, June 16, 2012
Sun Sentinel
Fort Lauderdale warehouse block emerges as happening destination(pdf)
Larry Barszewski, June 15, 2012
Sun Sentinel
Delray rejects proposed developments for West Atlantic Avenue(pdf)
Maria Herrera, June 15, 2012
Sun Sentinel
Florida a national leader in mortgage applications(pdf)
Donna Gehrke-White, June 14, 2012
Sun Sentinel
Write-in who closed Martin/Palm Beach District 82 seat donated to another candidate(pdf)
Jonathan Mattise, June 14, 2012
FAU hurricane expert weighs in on predictions(pdf)
Marci Shatzman, June 13, 2012
Sun Sentinel
Florida's West has the money, needs votes(pdf)
Sean Lengell, June 12, 2012
The Washington Times
Cyberbullying a big concern in Brevard's schools(pdf)
Mackenzie Ryan, June 12, 2012
Florida Today
SunRail commuter line has cities hoping for economic growth(pdf)
Mark Harper, June 11, 2012
Daytona Beach News-Journal
Florida back as a draw to transplants(pdf)
Donna Gehrke-White, June 9, 2012
Sun Sentinel
Israeli policy to benefit Reform, Conservative rabbis(pdf)
David A. Schwartz, June 6, 2012
Sun Sentinel
Experts differ on impact of Lake Worth name change(pdf)
Kimberly Miller, June 4, 2012
Palm Beach Post
Offseason discounts expected to keep Palm Beach County tourist attractions sizzling(pdf)
Emily Roach, June 4, 2012
Palm Beach Post
While Florida struggles, Congress dithers(pdf)
William E. Gibson, June 4, 2012
Sun Sentinel
Venus to cross sun in rare celestial event(pdf)
Robert Nolin, June 4, 2012
Sun Sentinel
Legislative, congressional qualifying begins Monday(pdf)
Jim Turner, June 4, 2012
Sunshine State News
SOS from Little Havana residents(pdf)
Daniel Shoer Roth, May 30, 2012
Miami Herald
Between Facebook and JPMorgan, Wall St. woes mount(pdf)
Pallavi Gogoi, May 23, 2012
Palm Beach Post
Mercury level in fish caught in India River Lagoon higher than it should be?(pdf)
Scott Wyland, May 22, 2012
Writing ability declines but still crucial for success(pdf)
David Fleshler, Mike Clary and Georgia East, May 18, 2012
South Florida suffers from credit 'hangover' with record delinquencies(pdf)
Donna Gehrke-White, May 16, 2012
GOP Super-PAC aims to educate youth vote in Florida(pdf)
Jim Turner, May 15, 2012
Sunshine State News
Rising anxiety of students grips college campuses(pdf)
Lona O'Connor, May 14, 2012
Palm Beach Post
Therapy dogs help college students cope with anxiety(pdf)
Lona O'Connor, May 14, 2012
Palm Beach Post
Economy is No. 1 election issue for Florida voters(pdf)
Anthony Man, May 13, 2012
Older people with dementia cared for mostly at home(pdf)
Robert Preidt, May 11, 2012
MSN Health
Summer interns wanted: Companies rev up hiring(pdf)
Marcia Heroux Pounds, May 9, 2012
Sun Sentinel
Dive shop an obstacle to Boynton vision, city says(pdf)
Ben Wolford, May 8, 2012
Sun Sentinel
Older drivers more vulnerable when making left turns(pdf)
Angel Streeter and Dana Williams, May 2, 2012
One year after Bin Laden death, Sept. 11 survivor speaks(pdf)
Willard Shepard, May 1, 2012
NBC Miami
Huge "structure" of satellites found orbiting Milky Way(pdf)
Ker Than, April 30, 2012
National Geographic
Legoland hotel in California offers glimpse of Florida Plans(pdf)
Sara K. Clarke, April 30, 2012
Orlando Sentinel
South Florida income growth to outpace rest of Florida(pdf)
Donna Gehrke-White, April 30, 2012
South Florida businesses blend ideas(pdf)
Justine Griffin, April 30, 2012
Jim Turner, insider with low numbers, is a strong candidate(pdf)
Kenric Ward, April 28, 2012
Sunshine State News
From Charlie Crist to Chuck Norris, political endorsements cut both ways(pdf)
Kenric Ward, April 23, 2012
Sunshine State News
Last call at Sunrise bars may soon be 4 a.m.(pdf)
Susannah Bryan, April 23, 2012
Palm Beach Post
Experts see few barriers to stop people from buying health-care coverage only when sick(pdf)
Charles Elmore, April 22, 2012
Palm Beach Post
Prayers to go at Fort Lauderdale church drive-thru(pdf)
James D. Davis, April 20, 2012
Health Mandate's Affordable Care Act: What's at stake(pdf)
John Lantigua, April 19, 2012
Palm Beach Post
Ghana: Western Ghana's fisherfolk starve amid algae infestation(pdf)
Jessica McDiarmid, April 18, 2012
Winning back Cuban-American Marlins fans may be tough sell for manager, experts say(pdf)
Johnny Diaz, April 11, 2012
Eagerness seen as a vice in presidential veepstakes(pdf)
Stephen Dinan, April 8, 2012
The Washington Times
Buffet Rule' buffets: Obama due Tuesday for FAU talk and big-ticket dinners(pdf)
Staff, April 8, 2012
Pensacola News Journal
The ocean is Florida's friend – right?(pdf)
George Bennett, April 6, 2012
Palm Beach Post
Crimes come back to haunt young offenders in Florida(pdf)
Julius Whigham II, April 6, 2012
Palm Beach Post
Solo living: One is no longer the loneliest number(pdf)
Barbara Marshall, April 5, 2012
Palm Beach Post
Blacks in South Florida suffered most during Great Recession(pdf)
Donna Gehrke-White, Georgia East and Dana Williams, April 3, 2012
Autism rate rises; disorder now affects 1 in 88 children(pdf)
Lona O'Connor and Charles Elmore, March 30, 2012
Palm Beach Post
Any Supreme Court ruling on health care will set spinners spinning in election year(pdf)
John Lantigua, March 29, 2012
Palm Beach Post
Make Britain Count: everyone can be a winner in the numbers game(pdf)
Sue Nelson, March 27, 2012
The Telegraph
Elena Kagan 'cloud' hangs over Supreme Court as Obamacare hearings begin(pdf)
Kenric Ward, March 26, 2012
Sunshine State News
Fatal crashes involving senior drivers renew debate over licensing, testing requirements(pdf)
Michael Turnbell, Diane C. Lade, Dana Williams and Alexia Campbell, March 20, 2012
Orlando Sentinel
Child with autism accused of shoplifting from Boynton mall store(pdf)
Alexia Campbell, March 14, 2012
Sun Sentinel
Point-Counterpoint: Voter ID laws(pdf)
Ben Becker, March 13, 2012
WPEC News Channel 12
Recent political events reviving battle of sexes(pdf)
Lona O'Connor, March 11, 2012
Palm Beach Post
Corrections firm offers states cash for prisons(pdf)
Greg Bluestein, March 9, 2012
Palm Beach Post
Sawfish don't saw(pdf)
Susan Milius, March 6, 2012
Science News
How South Florida's top 1 percent live(pdf)
Donna Gehrke-White and Dana Williams, March 3, 2012
Sun Sentinel
Something to kvetch about: Fewer people speak Yiddish in South Florida(pdf)
Georgia East, February 29, 2012
Sun Sentinel
In post-Allen West CD 22: Lois Frankel, Kristin Jacobs jockey for race against Adam Hasner(pdf)
Kenric Ward, February 27, 2012
Sunshine State News
Shark attack survivor's harrowing tale(pdf)
Gio Benitez, February 26, 2012
CBS4 Miami
West's millions rank him No. 2 in the House(pdf)
William E. Gibson, February 26, 2012
Sun Sentinel
Obama seeks repeat with young Florida voters; Republicans try to chip away at his support(pdf)
Anthony Man, February 23, 2012
Sun Sentinel
Hastings and Frankel: From foes to political allies(pdf)
Anthony Man, February 21, 2012
Sun Sentinel
African-American or black? Debate heats up in South Florida(pdf)
Georgia East, February 21, 2012
Sun Sentinel
Treasure Coast GOP backers contributing to Super PACs(pdf)
Henry A. Stephens, February 19, 2012
Classrooms become next battleground for climate change skeptics(pdf)
Stephanie Pappas, February 17, 2012
Robert Crowder's chances in race for Congress could depend on perceptions, past actions(pdf)
Jonathan Mattise, February 15, 2012
Iranian-Israeli tensions: Could war engulf the Mideast?(pdf)
John Lantigua, February 12, 2012
Palm Beach Post
FAU professor helped launch Whitney Houston's career(pdf)
Scott Travis, February 12, 2012
Sun Sentinel
Stimulus dry-up hurts Florida's economic recovery(pdf)
Emily Roach, February 6, 2012
Palm Beach Post
Three-way shuffle launches congressional races in South-Central Florida(pdf)
Kenric Ward, February 3, 2012
Sunshine State News
Top religion stories of 2012: Predictions by religious think tank(pdf)
James D. Davis, February 2, 2012
Sun Sentinel
Gingrich Palm Beach County supporters 'disappointed but not discouraged'(pdf)
Unknown, February 1, 2012
WPEC West Palm Beach
Brevard shrimpers: Coral plan could crush industry(pdf)
Jim Waymer, January 31, 2012
Florida Today
Local experts: No surprises in Tuesday's GOP presidential primary, Romney's cash advantage key factor(pdf)
Bartholomew Sullivan, January 31, 2012
Final push for Republican's on eve of Florida's primary(pdf)
Unknown, January 30, 2012
WPEC West Palm Beach
Colorado lawsuit challenges wisdom of ballot box(pdf)
Kirk Johnson, January 30, 2012
New York Times
This GOP primary 'like ultimate fighting'; Will it leave general election wounds?(pdf)
John Lantigua, January 30, 2012
Palm Beach Post
Campaign ad war not for faint of heart – or wallet(pdf)
Charles Elmore, January 29, 2012
Palm Beach Post
Republicans change tune for Hispanic votes(pdf)
Roza Kazan, January 29, 2012
Third-party, no-affiliation voters may make a big impact in Florida(pdf)
Bill Thompson, January 28, 2012
Ocala Star Banner
Tea Party leaders endorse Gingrich: High risk, low reward(pdf)
Kenric Ward, January 28, 2012
Sunshine State News
Candidates battle for the Hispanic vote ahead of Florida's primary(pdf)
Edward B. Colby, January 27, 2012
NBC 6 Miami
Palm Beach Post investigation: What Florida lawmakers are worth(pdf)
John Lantigua, January 23, 2012
Palm Beach Post
With primary looming, Republican candidates flock to Florida(pdf)
Anthony Man, January 22, 2012
Sun Sentinel
Age of casual hookups on campus means more get STDs(pdf) Scott Travis, January 22, 2012
Sun Sentinel
Early voting favors organized, moneyed campaigns, political experts say(pdf)
Melissa E. Holsman, January 21, 2012
Treasure Coast citizens hold MLK Day rally(pdf)
Jen Allen, January 18, 2012
FAU study finds babies learn to speak by watching mouths(pdf)
Natalia Zea, January 17, 2012
CBS Miami
Lip-reading discovery could aid autism diagnosis(pdf)
Michelle Diament, January 17, 2012
Disability Scoop
Babies learn to talk by lip reading, study says(pdf)
Vania Andre, January 17, 2012
Static growth in obesity rates among kids no reason to celebrate, health officials say(pdf)
Sonja Isger, January 17, 2012
Palm Beach Post
Babies lip-read before talking(pdf)
Bruce Bower, January 17, 2012
Science News
Babies read lips when learning to talk, FAU study shows(pdf)
Lauran Neergaard, January 17, 2012
Sun Sentinel
Lip-reading helps babies learn to speak(pdf)
Unknown, January 17, 2012
United Press International
Baby lip-readers center of attention in FAU study(pdf)
Diana Gonzalez, January 16, 2012
NBC Miami
FAU study may help diagnose autism(pdf)
Erin Guy, January 16, 2012
WPBF Ch. 25
Point-Counterpoint: The political views of Martin Luther King(pdf)
Ben Becker, January 16, 2012
WPEC Ch. 12 \
Romney rally at noon today in West Palm; Gingrich seen as Romney's biggest threat in state primary(pdf)
Melissa E. Holsman, January 12, 2012
Romney heads south with money, momentum(pdf)
William E. Gibson, January 11, 2012
Sun Sentinel
Senior binge-drinkers hit the bottle most often, study finds(pdf)
Bob LaMendola, January 10, 2012
Sun Sentinel
Rothstein: Bankers 'in my pocket'(pdf)
Peter Franceschina and Jon Burstein, January 9, 2012
Sun Sentinel
Florida has lowest rate of workers saving in an employer retirement plan(pdf)
Donna Gehrke-White, January 8, 2012
Sun Sentinel
Why U.S. must step carefully in Syria (pdf)
Robert G. Rabil, January 4, 2012
M.B.A. is MVP of sports management industry, some say (pdf)
Menachem Wecker, December 22, 2011
US News
In North Korea, young Kim Jong Eun will test age-old reliance on maturity (pdf)
Marc Fisher, December 22, 2011
Sun Sentinel
South Floridians' income dips but rebound seen in 2012(pdf)
Donna Gehrke-White, December 21, 2011
Sun Sentinel
Senior citizen students in South Florida earning degrees into their 70s, 80s (pdf)
Diane Lade, December 15, 2011
Sun Sentinel
Focused on jobs, Rick Scott's work generates low poll numbers (pdf)
Kenric Ward, December 13, 2011
Sunshine State News
Pearl Harbor: 70 years later, seniors remember (pdf)
Diane C. Lade, December 7, 2011
Sun Sentinel
College students are not immune from identity theft(pdf)
Larry Schwingel, December 4, 2011
Sun Sentinel
As Miami's Omni area prospers, need for redevelopment zone is questioned (pdf)
Charles Rabin, December 4, 2011
Miami Herald
Poverty rate soars among S. Florida kids (pdf)
Donna Gehrke-White, Dana Williams and Cara Fitzpatrick, November 30, 2011
Sun Sentinel
Recognizing a cyberbully (pdf)
Jennifer L. Thornhill and Bobbie Mixon, November 15, 2011
National Science Foundation
Broward Teachers Union faces uncertain future (pdf)
Cara Fitzpatrick, November 15, 2011
Sun Sentinel
Lawmakers test casino message at Frank Luntz focus group (pdf)
Kenric Ward, November 15, 2011
Sunshine State News
Andy Williams' bladder cancer: No death sentence (pdf)
Brenda Sokolowski, November 7, 2011
Nursing homes to treat more ailments (pdf)
Warren Wolfe, November 7, 2011
Star Tribune
Mangrove-cutting case highlights Florida's tree of life (pdf)
Christine Stapleton, November 6, 2011
Palm Beach Post
Scientists fly in to study birds after the floods (pdf)
Laurissa Smith, November 4, 2011
Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Jeepers 'peepers': Tiny frogs invade parts of Indian River County (pdf)
Elliott Jones, November 4, 2011
Non-Florida companies bump up Nelson's war chest (pdf)
Jim Turner, November 1, 2011
Sunshine State News
When high schools game the system, other teams left with little chance to win (pdf)
Jeff Greer and Joel Engelhardt, November 1, 2011
Palm Beach Post
At $60.6 million, FPL is Palm Beach County's biggest property taxpayer (pdf)
Bill DiPaolo, October 31, 2011
Palm Beach Post
Retailers shift strategy as middle class turns away from name brands (pdf)
Emily Roach, October 31, 2011
Palm Beach Post
Boynton Beach swaps park land for local jobs (pdf)
Erika Pesantes, October 31, 2011
Sun Sentinel
Florida Democrats point fingers at Gov. Scott, GOP lawmakers (pdf)
George Bennett, October 29, 2011
Palm Beach Post
Paul Michael Merhige headed for prison (pdf)
Marissa Bagg, October 28, 2011
WPTV News Channel 5
Wetlands restoration panel worries over loss of money for monitoring (pdf)
Christine Stapleton, October 26, 2011
Palm Beach Post
South Floridians on food stamps continue to rise (pdf)
Donna Gehrke-White, October 24, 2011
Sun Sentinel
Brain gyms work out the mind and body (pdf)
Diane C. Lade, October 23, 2011
Miami Herald
Hospitals, nursing homes team up to cut high readmission rates (pdf)
Letitia Stein, October 23, 2011
St. Petersburg Times
Oil-rich Libya faces daunting challenges after Gadhafi's death, FAU scholars say (pdf)
Lona O'Connor, October 21, 2011
Palm Beach Post
U.S. pullout from Iraq long overdue, Palm Beach County veterans agree (pdf)
Kevin D. Thompson, October 21, 2011
Palm Beach Post
Wells Fargo says South Florida customers got account information of strangers by mistake (pdf)
Doreen Hemlock and Donna Gehrke-White, October 21, 2011
Sun Sentinel
Boca expert concerned for Libya's future (pdf)
Evan Axelbank, October 20, 2011
WPTV News Channel 5
New hope for retail recovery in Palm Beach County (pdf)
Evan Axelbank, October 19, 2011
WPTV News Channel 5
How much of a "mogul problem" does Mitt Romney have? (pdf)
Amy Tennery, October 16, 2011
Kickball no longer just for kids as leagues catch on in South Florida (pdf)
Justine Griffin, October 14, 2011
Job growth is expanding in West Palm Beach, Miami (pdf)
Donna Gehrke-White, October 10, 2011
Stakes are high in Pembroke Pines man's "sexting" trial (pdf)
Jon Burstein, October 9, 2011
Many health-care workers shun flu shots (pdf)
Sonja Isger, October 8, 2011
Palm Beach Post
Steve Jobs' creations simplified life, Apple enthusiasts say in mourning his death (pdf)
Adam Playford, October 7, 2011
Palm Beach Post
South Floridians paying down debt, faster than rest of country (pdf)
Donna Gehrke-White, October 7, 2011
Food-stamp use triples as local despair grows (pdf)
Ana M. Valdes and Adam Playford, October 4, 2011
Palm Beach Post
Brace for cuts (pdf)
Barbara Peters Smith, October 2, 2011
Brain gyms that work out mind and body gain in popularity (pdf)
Diane C. Lade, October 2, 2011
The Bully in the Backpack: There's no limit to the cruelty of online bullies. Here's what you can do. (pdf)
Debra Lau Whelan, October 1, 2011
School Library Journal
Republicans eye Hispanic half of the ticket (pdf)
Richard McGregor, September 28, 2011
Financial Times
Poll: Young people say online meanness pervasive (pdf)
Associated Press, September 27, 2011
New York Times
In rebuke to Rick Perry, Herman Cain wins Florida Republican straw poll (pdf)
George Bennett and John Kennedy, September 25, 2011
Palm Beach Post
Some bright spots behind the Census' dark economic numbers (pdf)
Donna Gehrke-White, September 23, 2011
Sexting, Facebook can put students in danger, FAU expert warns (pdf)
Scott Travis, September 23, 2011
More Indian River residents living below poverty level, Census report says (pdf)
Keona Gardner, September 22, 2011
Hispanics push for equality in Palm Beach County school district (pdf)
Staff Reporter, September 21, 2011
WPEC News Channel 12
Congress squabbles as FEMA disaster fund dwindles (pdf)
William E. Gibson, September 18, 2011
Orlando Sentinel
Cyber harassment (pdf)
Ileana Delgado Castro, September 18, 2011
El Nuevo Dia
Men needed for Senior Speed Dating (pdf)
Lois K. Solomon, September 17, 2011
The current state of nursing education, part II – Graduate studies (pdf)
Debra Wood, September 16, 2011
Census shows another decline in the median income (pdf)
Donna Gehrke-White and Dana Williams, September 13, 2011
Jeri Muoio's gun ban at West Palm Beach city hall draws fire (pdf)
Andrew Abramson, September 12, 2011
Palm Beach Post
Survivor wants to derail Holocaust program (pdf)
David Schwartz, September 7, 2011
Florida Jewish Journal
Florida is key to campaigns (pdf)
Jeremy Wallace, September 4, 2011
Sarasota Herald-Tribune
Dolphin whisperer could help us talk to E.T. (pdf)
Irene Klotz, August 31, 2011
Discovery News
Palm Beach County nonprofits get creative, gain stability (pdf)
Emily Roach, August 30, 2011
Palm Beach Post
How did a 9-year-old boy outwit the Nazis? (pdf)
Staci Sturrock, August 30, 2011
Palm Beach Post
Frosh senator ignores 'Rubio for VP' push (pdf)
Sean Lengell, August 28, 2011
The Washington Times
Consumer rights limited after rising business cyber attacks (pdf)
Katie LaGrone, August 24, 2011
WPTV News Channel 5
Momentum builds for Rubio as VP; Senator says he won't be on ballot (pdf)
Kenric Ward, August 23, 2011
Sunshine State News
How Palm Beach County's economy has suffered after real-estate bust (pdf)
Jeff Ostrowski, August 20, 2011
Palm Beach Post
Obama's class-warfare strategy a loser in Florida (pdf)
Kenric Ward, August 19, 2011
Sunshine State News
Florida economists: High unemployment persistent but not permanent (pdf)
John Lantigua, August 16, 2011
Palm Beach Post
Studying the climate? Then get out of the lab (pdf)
Chip Le Grand, August 8, 2011
The Australian
AAA credit rating shouldn't impact Floridians directly (pdf)
Marissa Bagg, August 8, 2011
WPTV News Channel 5
Downgrade of U.S. credit rating could mean higher interest rates on credit cards, mortgages (pdf)
Dan Corcoran, August 6, 2011
WPTV News Channel 5
'Don't panic,' say local financial experts day after big Dow drop (pdf)
Dan Corcoran, August 5, 2011
WPTV News Channel 5
A third Boynton Beach police officer arrested this week (pdf)
Jerome Burdi, Wayne Roustan and Alexia Campbell, August 5, 2011
Debt bad, surplus good, right? Not necessarily, economists say (pdf)
John Lantigua, August 4, 2011
Palm Beach Post
Adam Hasner fundraiser pitches tax increases in D.C. (pdf)
Kenric Ward, July 30, 2011
Sunshine State News
Playing sports year-round has its pros and cons for high school athletes (pdf)
Buddy Collings and Gary Curreri, July 30, 2011
Wealth gap: Minority jobless rates double overall figure in Palm Beach County (pdf)
John Lantigua, July 29, 2011
Palm Beach Post
14 city employees to be laid off in August (pdf)
Marissa Bagg, July 28, 2011
WPTV Ch. 5
South Florida high school football player dies after conditioning drills (pdf)
Dave Brousseau, July 27, 2011
WPTV News Channel 5
First graduates of Broward College's teacher school face vanishing market (pdf)
Scott Travis, July 27, 2011
SCORE helps small businesses develop plans to seek loans (pdf)
Toni-Ann Miller, July 22, 2011
Palm Beach Post
Red hot email heats up Wasserman Schultz, West rift (pdf)
Anthony Man, July 20, 2011
Mike Haridopolos' pullout intensifies scramble for U.S. Senate (pdf)
Kenric Ward, July 19, 2011
Sunshine State News
Save while you can: Your earnings may peak in your 40s (pdf)
Donna Gehrke-White, July 18, 2011
Laid off with a 401k? It might be better to put it in an IRA (pdf)
Donna Gehrke-White, July 11, 2011
Leavitt pushes cultural tourism to TDC (pdf)
Bill Rogers, July 10, 2011
Sebring Highlands Today
1,000-pound whale, second found this week in Indian River County, to be part of study (pdf)
James Kirley, July 9, 2011
Jupiter Courier
Scott's net worth halved in 2010, but still tops for a Florida governor at $103 million (pdf)
John Kennedy, July 7, 2011
Palm Beach Post
Pygmy sperm whale found on Indian River beach had no signs of trauma (pdf)
Elliott Jones, July 6, 2011
Jupiter Courier
Losing shuttle program to hurt Space Coast far worse than Palm Beach County (pdf)
Jeff Ostrowski, July 3, 2011
Palm Beach Post
A Mission Leap for Florida's Colleges (pdf)
Cynthia Barnett, June 28, 2011
Florida Trend
U.S. default would have crippling fallout, an FAU economist warns (pdf)
Jeff Ostrowski, June 27, 2011
Palm Beach Post
Turtle sex mystery on the beach (pdf)
Kevin Lollar, June 26, 2011
Ft. Myers News-Press
Tropicalia: Device decodes dolphin sounds (pdf)
Amy Bennett Williams, June 25, 2011
Ft. Myers News-Press
Decline of Jews on Capitol Hill could mean a loss of power (pdf)
Nathan Guttman, June 22, 2011
Jewish Daily Forward
Libraries in Palm Beach County promote summer reading (pdf)
Jaclyn Rosansky, June 20, 2011
Recipe for teen bullying (pdf)
June 14, 2011
Otago Daily Times
Israeli scouts in South Florida sing, dance, answer political questions (pdf)
Jaclyn Rosansky, June 9, 2011
What's that you say, Flipper?: Experts develop tools to talk to dolphins (pdf)
Mark Piesing, June 9, 2011
The Independent
D.C.'s Bruce-Monroe school faces challenges as it tries Singapore math method (pdf)
Bill Turque, June 6, 2011
The Washington Post
Medicare: The issue that could really shake up Florida (pdf)
Lesley Clark, June 4, 2011
Miami Herald
Spill study sees cloudy results (pdf)
Kris Wernowsky, June 1, 2011
Pensacola News Journal
Florida consumer confidence holds steady in May (pdf)
Donna Gehrke-White, May 31, 2011
AANP survey reveals lack of dialogue regarding bleeding disorder (pdf)
Staff Reporter, May 31, 2011
Did BP's oil dissolving chemical make the spill worse? (pdf)
Kate Spinner, May 30, 2011
Cyberbullying has become much more common, FAU professor says (pdf)
Jerome Burdi, May 29, 2011
Economy, budget cuts turn voters away from Florida governor, poll says (pdf)
Dara Kam, May 25, 2011
Palm Beach Post
Members of Congress get abnormally high returns from their stocks (pdf)
Dan Froomkin, May 24, 2011
Huffington Post
Repaying by the hour (pdf)
Carmen Renee Thompson, May 20, 2011
South Florida consumer costs rising faster than the national average (pdf)
Donna Gehrke-White, May 18, 2011
Our overblown paranoia about the Internet and teens (pdf)
Rahul Parikh, May 16, 2011
Billionaire businessman sticks with his tv show (pdf)
Michael Williams, May 16, 2011
WPTV News Channel 5
Florida ethics panel approves Gov. Scott's placement of assets into blind trust (pdf)
John Kennedy, May 14, 2011
Palm Beach Post
Homestead lacks oversight of off duty cops (pdf)
Christina Veiga, May 13, 2011
Miami Herald
Algae study may help Lee (pdf)
Kevin Lollar, May 12, 2011
Ft. Myers News-Press
Obama's bin Laden boost: Blip in popularity polls or long-term confidence-builder? (pdf)
John Lantigua, May 9, 2011
Palm Beach Post
Hispanic population on rise in Martin County (pdf)
Jim Turner, May 8, 2011
Jupiter Courier
New growth rules could have big impact in South Florida (pdf)
David Fleshler and Andy Reid, May 8, 2011
New census numbers show Palm Beach County's 85-plus crowd grows 41% (pdf)
Christine Stapleton and George Bennett, May 5, 2011
Palm Beach Post
Was Bin Laden already dead? – Politically, Florida professors say (pdf)
John Lantigua, May 3, 2011
Palm Beach Post
South Fla. Muslim Leaders Discuss Life After Bin Laden (pdf)
Angela Rozier, May 3, 2011
WPBF News Channel 25
For some, Bin Laden's death harkens to Hitler's 66 years ago (pdf)
Scott Eyman, May 2, 2011
Palm Beach Post
Better Living Through Science (pdf)
Thomas Collins, May/June 2011
Boca Magazine
Shrek and other DreamWorks characters coming to Gaylord hotels (pdf)
Sara K. Clarke, April 27, 2011
Orlando Sentinel
Trouble comes in threes in Deerfield Beach (pdf)
Larry Barszewski, April 25, 2011
Falling property values hit Manatee redevelopment agencies hard (pdf)
Duane Marsteller, April 24, 2011
Bradenton Herald
To Tug Hearts, Music First Must Tickle the Neurons (pdf)
Pam Belluck, April 18, 2011
The New York Times
Strapped South Florida cities spend big bucks to lure business (pdf)
Georgia East and Lisa J. Huriash, April 17, 2011
Social networks ripe for crime, consequences limited (pdf)
Denis J. O'Malley, April 17, 2011
South Florida political, health policy experts divide over Obama's call to arms on budget changes (pdf)
John Lantigua, April 14, 2011
Palm Beach Post
What parents can do about cyberbullying, sexting addressed (pdf)
William Bell, April 12, 2011
The Times Leader
Play now, pay later: Sports teams, theme parks roll out payment plans (pdf)
Susan Ladika, April 12, 2011
Parent Talk: What Works in Bullying Prevention (pdf)
April 10, 2011
Braintree Patch
Banks, credit-card issuers warn of e-mail breach (pdf)
By Laura Green, April 4, 2011
Palm Beach Post
Coal waste seen as valuable resource (pdf)
March 29, 2011
United Press International
Law could foul waters, some say (pdf)
By Kevin Lollar, March 28, 2011
Ft. Myers News Press
After centennial, city looks ahead to its future (pdf)
By Scott Wyman, March 26, 2011
Freshman has GOP abuzz with talk of 2012 (pdf)
By Sean Lengell, March 23, 2011
The Washington Times
How Florida's nuclear plants compare to Japan's (pdf)
By Julie Patel, March 17, 2011
For Plantation attorney, Florida's mortgage meltdown spelled big opportunity – then trouble (pdf)
By Peter Franceschina, March 13, 2011
Report shows crime down in city (pdf)
By Dawn Krebs, March 11, 2011
Hometown News
Low turnout makes elections expensive (pdf)
By Anthony Man, March 10, 2011
Tallahassee term limits: Too little, or just too late? (pdf)
By Brandon Larrabee, March 6, 2011
The Florida Times-Union
FPL's solar stars shine at new 500-acre array (pdf)
By Susan Salisbury, March 5, 2011
Palm Beach Post
Scott Asks Supreme Court to Dismiss High-Speed Rail Suit (pdf)
By Kenric Ward, March 2, 2011
Sunshine State News
Cash home sales dominate market (pdf)
By Kimberly Miller, March 1, 2011
Palm Beach Post
Byzantine charity care finances miss the big picture (pdf)
By Terence Shepherd, February 28, 2011
The Miami Herald
8 free ways to win customers via the Web (pdf)
By Tasha Cunningham, February 21, 2011
The Miami Herald
Rooney's work to help defeat costly project called 'victory' for his career (pdf)
By Jim Turner, February 17, 2011
Miramar feeling short on restaurants (pdf)
By Arial Barkhurst, February 13, 2011
Egyptian events worry many with eye to Mideast stability (pdf)
By Ana Valdes, February 10, 2011
Palm Beach Post
Autistic kids love water, which makes safety sessions vital (pdf)
By Nick Sortal, February 5, 2011
Super Bowl ads this year will say: Don't just sit there, tweet something (pdf)
By Allison Ross, February 4, 2011
Palm Beach Post
Students take stand against cyberbullying (pdf)
By Michelle Davis, February 4, 2011
Education Week
High-tech teaching (pdf)
By Jeff Zbar, February 4, 2011
South Florida Business Journal
Israel must pursue peace urgently as Egypt unravels, former U.S. Rep. Wexler says (pdf)
By Ana Valdes, February 2, 2011
Sharks are color blind, retina study suggests (pdf)
By Charles Choi, January 19, 2011
National Geographic
Boca Raton residents commemorate King's legacy in Pearl City (pdf)
By Rebekah Monson, January 17, 2011
Mahwah parents learn about bullying in the technological age (pdf)
By Barbara Boucicaut, January 14, 2011
Bullies circulating nude photos takes toll on girls (pdf)
By Leslie Scrivener, January 14, 2011
Toronto Star
Appeals urge cooling down nation's political tone (pdf)
By Staff and Wire Services, January 9, 2011
The Palm Beach Post
Ocean Energy Projects May Menace Marine Migration (pdf)
By Les Blumenthal, December 27, 2010
Sacramento Bee
Overcoming the Secret Shame of Stuttering (pdf)
By Barbara Marshall, December 27, 2010
The Palm Beach Post
Biologists say farming practices are killing the reef (pdf)
By Kevin Wadlow, December 24, 2010
Florida Keys Keynoter
Prehistoric Remains Halt Construction at Delray Site (pdf)
By Maria Herrera, December 23, 2010
As cyberbullying virus spreads, Shepard campaigns to stay out (pdf)
By Bob McParland, December 7, 2010
Trib Local
Palm Beach County high schools show improvement in latest grades (pdf)
By Marc Freeman, December 7, 2010
Monday Meeting: FAU's dean of the College of Science (pdf)
By Laura Green, December 3, 2010
The Palm Beach Post
Tea party activists in South Florida hope to build on election sucess (pdf)
By Anthony Man, November 29, 2010
Rep.–Elect West's Drilling Stance — and Refusal to Back Down — Will Be Closely Scrutinized in Fla. (pdf)
By Elana Schor, November 16, 2010
The New York Times
Things kids say today — and how (pdf)
By Scott Dickensheets, November 12, 2010
Las Vegas Sun
From Naples to Tallahassee: Rick Scott's improbable rise to Florida's governor (pdf)
By Ryan Mills, Leslie Williams Hale, November 6, 2010
Goodwill program aims to help juvenlie offenders ‘figure out their lives‘ (pdf)
By Daphne Duret, November 6, 2010
Coffee Party percolating on Treasure Coast with gathering in Jensen Beach (pdf)
By Christin Erazo, November 5, 2010
Voting glitches like St. Lucie's miscount not uncommon, expert says (pdf)
By Eric Pfahler, November 4, 2010
Anti-Democratic wave strongest on coast (pdf)
By Anthony Man, November 3, 2010
31 Florida Lawmakers Faced No Opposition (pdf)
By Keith Laing, November 1, 2010
Goodwill program aims to help juvenile offenders ‘figure out their lives’ (pdf)
By Daphne Duret, November 1, 2010
The Palm Beach Post
Klein-West race among the most expensive in the country (pdf)
October 30, 2010
National divide intensifies congressional battle between Klein, West (pdf)
By John Antigua, October 29, 2010
The Palm Beach Post
One in four candidates running for a seat in the Florida Legislature is unopposed (pdf)
By Keith Laing, October 29, 2010
The Miami Herald
Rick Scott goes on the record (pdf)
By John Bachman, October 27, 2010
Study: Sharks‘ noses are not as sharp as thought (pdf)
By Devin Powell, October 27, 2010
Choate students kicked out of school for cyberbullying (pdf)
By Luther Turmelle, October 26, 2010
Post Chronicle
Nude photos and cruel messages, teen digital dating abuse grows (pdf)
By Stephanie Chen, October 26, 2010
CNN Living
Museum group works against cyberbullying (pdf)
By Abby Stewart, October 25, 2010
Star News Online
Misspeaking from the heart: Juan WIlliams controversy brings up issue of cultural biases (pdf)
By Lona O´Connor, October 23, 2010
The Palm Beach Post
Incoming Fla. House Speaker picks executive-legislative fight over healthcare (pdf)
By Dara Kam, October 19, 2010
The Palm Beach Post
Practical Fishkeeping (pdf)
By Meredith TL and SM Kajiura, October 19, 2010
Shools begin taking bullying by the horns (pdf)
By Mary Niederberger, October 14, 2010
Ron Klein, Allen West to debate Monday at Bethesda (pdf)
By David Rogers, October 14, 2010
Palm Beach Daily News
Indian River to look at outsourcing more government services (pdf)
By Henry A. Stephens, October 13, 2010
TC Palm
Shark smell myth found fishy (pdf)
By Devon Powell, October 13, 2010
Advocates in South Florida push to implement new law that takes DNA upon felony arrests (pdf)
By Jerome Burdi, October 12, 2010
Amendments 5 and 6: Redistricting changes also a party fight (pdf)
By John Kennedy, October 12, 2010
Jacksonville Daily Record
The Sixth Vital Sign (pdf)
October 11, 2010
FHP troopers barred from talking on hand–held cell phones while driving (pdf)
By Jerome Burdi, October 04, 2010
Do children really need a ‘best friend’? (pdf)
September 21, 2010
The New York Times
Hot story rides ‘piggyback’ on mosque debate (pdf)
By Jane Musgrave, September 10, 2010
The Palm Beach Post
Researcher warns that current cold still bring oil to area (pdf)
By David Dipino, September 08, 2010
NSU, FAU among schools selected to research Gulf oil spill (pdf)
By Scott Travis, August 25, 2010
Gauging BP oil spill's damage may take a decade (pdf)
By William E. Gibson, August 20, 2010
BP money will go to study dolphin, sharks, reefs, beaches (pdf)
compiled by FAU, August 12, 2010
Tampa Bay Online
FAU update: Experts join statewide oil spill task force (pdf)
compiled by FAU, July 23, 2010
TC Palm
Undersea researchers find little oil spill damage so far (pdf)
By Krista Klaus, July 21, 2010
Tampa Bay Online
Research cruise in gulf turns focus to oil effects (pdf)
By Gareth McGrath, July 19, 2010
Gulf oil spill's ripples still a worry (pdf)
By Jim Waymer, July 17, 2010
OIl plumes invade mysterious world at Gulf's floor (pdf)
By Andres Viglucci, July 16, 2010
Corals and Water Column Study for Gulf Oil Spill Response (pdf)
July 14, 2010
Hydro International
Scientists prepare for oil contamination (pdf)
By Jay Meisel, June 25, 2010
Hometown News
The real consequences of an ocean floor collapse (pdf)
By Nick Doms, June 22, 2010
Oil plumes invade a dark, mysterious world at Gulf's floor (pdf)
By Andres Viglucci, June 19, 2010
The Miami Herald
Harbor Branch researcher on top of bottom life ahead of oil spill (pdf)
By Ed Killer, June 12, 2010
TC Palm
Disaster in the Gulf: Oil spill not leading to hotel specials (pdf)
By Sara K. Clarke, June 9, 2010
Orlando Sentinel
Paul E. Hargraves: Spill, Baby, Spill: poison on the coast (pdf)
By Paul E. Hargraves, June 7, 2010
TC Palm
Oil could grind down fragile state (pdf)
By Michael Sasso, June 6, 2010
Tampa Bay Online
St. Lucie students research spill, say there's little excuse for destruction (pdf)
By Susan Burgess, June 4, 2010
TC Palm
Oil would kill mangroves, corals (pdf)
By David Fleshler and Andy Reid, June 3, 2010
Oil spill nears the beaches of Florida, and the leak may not be plugged before Christmas (pdf)
By David Gardner, June 3, 2010
Mail Online
Gulf oil spill news: BP successfully cuts pipe (pdf)
By Kevin Lollar, June 3, 2010
Astronomical cost of deep sea science (pdf)
By Steve Nichols, June 2, 2010
Fox 13
Floridians’ imaginations explode with oil well fixes (pdf)
By Bob Lemendola, May 29, 2010
The Palm Beach Post
Current could carry disaster to fragile reef (pdf)
By Zac Anderson & Kate Spinner, May 23, 2010
Swartz: Oil on the coasts? ‘We will never, ever get it off.’ (pdf)
By Sally Swartz, May 21, 2010
The Palm Beach Post

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