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FAU Lecture with Jane Goodall Attracts More Than 1,500

BOCA RATON (March 13, 2008) More than 1,500 people attended a recent lecture with world-renowned scientist and U.N. Messenger of Peace Jane Goodall, Ph.D, D.B.E., at Florida Atlantic University. The lecture was part of the 2008 Peaceful World/Peaceful Mind series presented by FAU’s Peace Studies Program in the Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters.  

Goodall talked about her work at the Gombe Stream Research Center in Tanzania, where she started working with chimpanzees at the age of 23.   It was there that she gained the trust of chimpanzees and was able to live among them and make important discoveries like that of seeing a chimp craft his own tool, or watching a male adolescent chimp named Spindle adopt a motherless chimp. She told of a lifetime devoted to learning about chimpanzees and telling their story around the world.  

Goodall spends 300 days a year traveling to give speeches and to promote her global youth-driven program called the Roots & Shoots program.   She started the program with students in Africa and now there are more than 8,000 groups made up of children and adults in 100 countries. Goodall said that these student and environmental groups around the world are what give her hope that in the face of environmental crisis, man may be able to save the habitats of the chimpanzees, and so humans.    

Several Roots & Shoots members attended the lecture, including groups from the Claremont Montessori school in Boca Raton, Pine Crest School in Boca Raton, Baldwin Prep School in North Palm Beach and Miami Country Day School in Miami.   Goodall met with the students after the lecture and then spent four hours signing books for lecture attendees.

            Peace Studies is an academic program in the Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters offering a multidisciplinary education in peace and conflict resolution through classes as well as scholarly lectures open to the public (   The Peaceful Mind/Peaceful World series is a community outreach initiative of the program, sponsored by the Schmidt Family Foundation, with the support of the Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing.   The program’s goal is to bring speakers to FAU for lectures with students and the public to raise issues important to the goal of a peaceful world.   For more information on FAU’s Peace Studies program or the Peaceful Mind/Peaceful World series, call 561-297-3606.

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