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FAU’s Jupiter Campus Library Presents  'Yarn' and 'The Shiny, Sparkly Show'

JUPITER, FL (March 4, 2008) – Florida Atlantic University’s John D. MacArthur Campus Library Gallery is hosting two exhibitions, “Yarn” and “The Shiny, Sparkly Show,” from Monday, March 17, through Friday, May 9, on FAU’s Jupiter campus, located at 5353 Parkside Drive.

                “Yarn,” an exhibition by Miami artist Martin Casuso, features artists’ books, sculptural pieces and wall works created with odd materials and supplies from home improvement, thrift and craft stores.

Casuso’s style as an artist was influenced by “Unusual Occupations,” a 1930s TV series of short films that spotlighted odd characters who made awkward objects, such as paintings on spider webs and neon-colored desert dioramas, and who fashioned decorative quirky objects from refuse or materials of little value.   Casuso is also absorbed by the concept of the “old maid,” especially the comic way singles past a certain age were portrayed in television and films between 1965 and 1975. He creates objects that are gender neutral with changeable meanings. These include objects that involve personal memory, but can also trigger the memories of others.

“I am part of a generation raised on television and have always been fascinated by the unreal "ideal" often portrayed during my youth on TV, where happy families solved their minor troubles in half an hour, and also by the lack of place for anyone who was not straight, or the sad portrayal of those unmarried, both male and female,” said Casuso.

Casuso, who was born in Coconut Grove to parents of Dutch and Cuban descent, graduated summa cum laude from Florida International University with a bachelor of fine arts degree. He has exhibited his art throughout south Florida.

Diane Arrieta, exhibition chairman, describes Casuso’s work as “stellar.”   “Casuso’s work has several layers that you want to take the time to explore,” she said.

The “Shiny, Sparkly Show,” by Jonathan Stein, is an exhibition of photographs of Swarovski jewel encrusted foods and containers from the 1950s. Stein makes all of the works by hand and then photographs them in opulent settings. The food items are sculptured out of clay and themes of socioeconomics, class, pop culture and nostalgia permeate this series.

Stein, who is an emerging illustrative portraitist, mixed media and South Florida filmmaker, graduated cum laude from Boston, Mass., with a bachelor of fine arts degree.   He also graduated cum laude from The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and has exhibited in New York, Boston and throughout South Florida.

            “My purpose as an artist and individual is propelled by an insatiable need to make a difference in this world for the good and to create artwork that can reach out and connect with audiences,” said Stein. “Whatever the artist medium, whatever the tools I may utilize, and whatever the lengths, I must creatively push myself to realize my vision. This hunger is what serves as my foundation and allows me to claim the serious title of artist and visionary.”

            Arrieta said “people should take notice of Stein.” “He is a rising star and one of the best conceptual artists in South Florida,” she said.

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