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Each year paralegals and students with special interests participate in elective courses from FAU’s Paralegal Program. These courses are not part of the core courses of the Paralegal Certificate Program and can be taken by anyone. Consider these courses if you want to sharpen your skills, develop new ones, or enhance your knowledge.

No application is required for elective classes. Just call 1.800.228.5845 to register.



LA-14 Immigration Law

Immigration Law begins with the topic of American citizenship and continues with the study of admissibility, inadmissibility, naturalization and removal. In addition to the complex constitutional laws, statutes and regulations involved in the various processes and steps, the course will cover the context of the broader historical and political forces that shaped the body of immigration law. You will get skills training in the interpretation of difficult statutes and regulations, a working knowledge of the many forms required by the DHS/USCIS for the working practitioner, and an understanding of how our immigration policies fit into the study of civil rights and liberties.

$285.00, 24 hrs., 2.4 CEUs

8 Tuesdays

Apr 12 – May 31
7 :10 – 10 :10 p.m.
Boca Raton campus
#LA – 14 0416

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8 Tuesdays

Oct 25 – Dec 13
7 :10 – 10 :10 p.m.
Boca Raton campus
#LA – 14 1016

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LA- 17 Bankruptcy Law

From Charles Ponzi to Bernard Madoff, with today’s headlines a working knowledge of bankruptcy and creditors’ rights laws is essential. In this course, we will explore the most common types of bankruptcy filings. We will analyze the roles of the various constituents in a bankruptcy case: the debtor, the creditors, and the trustee. We will also explore typical bankruptcy court litigation and the roles paralegals play in everyday bankruptcy practice.

$155, 12 hrs., 1.2 CEU’s

7 Tuesdays

Sept 20 – Oct 18
7:10 – 10:10 p.m.
Boca Raton campus

#LA – 17 0916

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LA-22 Elder Law

Elder Law is a fast growing area of law, so get in on the ground level.   Learn how to assist Elder Law Attorneys obtain government benefits for the elderly population.  This course will teach you the ins and outs of Medicaid planning and Veteran’s Administration planning.  Get hands on experience by completing applications and preparing necessary documents that are required to protect clients’ assets and qualify them for programs that will help defray the significant cost of long term care whether they receive care at home, in assisted living facilities and/or nursing homes.  This course will also teach you how Elder Law attorneys help our veterans obtain benefits they are entitled to receive when they require assistance of others for their care. 

$135, 9 hrs.,  0.9 CEUs

3 Tuesdays

Feb 23 – Mar 15
7:10 – 10.10 p.m.
Boca Raton Campus
#LA – 22 0216

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