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Established in 1995, Florida Atlantic University’s Intensive English Institute provides instruction in all areas of the English language for international students, scholars, and professionals. IEI students learn English for business or a career or for study at an American university. In fact, IEI students who have taken and scored well on the TOEFL exam have been accepted at over 45 American universities, including FAU.

Advanced-level students who are interested in attending FAU have the additional option of applying to the Pathway to Academic Readiness program (http://www.fau.edu/par/). 

This school is authorized under Federal law to enroll nonimmigrant alien students.

Instruction in 6 Levels

Our English courses are taught by highly qualified and experienced instructors who teach classes from beginning to advanced levels. For students with different levels of ability in different subjects, we allow split placement as well. We work to provide a welcoming and supportive learning atmosphere.  Classes are held Monday through Thursday from 9 am until 3 pm and Friday from 9 am until noon; our computer lab is available every day from 9 am until 5 pm for students who wish to continue learning and working on projects outside of class. Students receive instruction in the following areas:



Writing and composition

Listening comprehension


Vocabulary development

TOEFL preparation (afternoon elective)

Students who are at an advanced level in English and want to sharpen their language and study skills before entering a degree program at an American university will be considered for enrollment in Level 6. In this level, students develop solid skills in understanding lectures and taking careful notes, answering essay-type test questions, writing research papers, making effective class presentations, working on group projects, and using advanced grammar structures. The prerequisite for this course is a score of at least 90 on the Michigan Test or successful completion of Level 5 at the Intensive English Institute.


Extra-Curricular Activities

To complement the academic aspect of our program, we provide extra-curricular opportunities such as non-academic electives, field trips, cultural events, and intramural sports. Field trips to local places of interest and organized cultural events such as Independence Day and Thanksgiving gatherings help students learn more about life and customs in the United States. Participation in these activities and sports gives our students the opportunity to interact with classmates from around the world in a casual way, further fostering language acquisition.  



IEI students can choose from a variety of housing options.  A limited amount of on-campus FAU housing choices may be available for students who wish to live on campus and have opportunities to participate more fully in the university experience.

In addition, various apartment complexes are within the proximity of and bicycling distance to the campus.  If you prefer to stay in a hotel until you find other accommodations, we have special rates at a few nearby hotels (including the University Inn and the Courtyard Marriott).  You can access the website for off-campus housing at www.fauoffcampus.com.  You may register for free and then browse the listings.

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