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9 & 10 Month Assignment Options


Acting Appointment

Additional Compensation

Address Change

Administrative Leave

Administrative, Managerial & Professional (AMP) Appraisals
          New Performance Appraisal Tutorial

Administrative, Managerial & Professional (AMP) Position Description (Step by step Instructions)

Alternative Work Arrangements (Telecommuting)

AMP Class Code Specifications

Annual Leave (General Info)

Annual Leave (Official Policies)


Attendance & Leave

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Benefits & Retirement (Home Page)

Benefit Calculator

Benefits Guide

Benefit Providers
Bereavement Leave (General Info)

Bereavement Leave (Official Policies)
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Calculator(FTE Calculation Tool)

Cell Phone Policy

Child Abuse, Reporting of

Class Code Specifications

Classification & Compensation Actions 

Community Engagement Volunteer Leave  Pulse

Compensation Policy

Compensatory Leave

Conflict Of Interest

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Disciplinary Process

Discounts(Employee Discount Listing)

Domestic Violence Leave(General Info)

Domestic Violence Leave (Official Policies)

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EAP - Employee Assistance Program
   EAP Website  Aetna (1-800-865-3200)
      Login ID: Florida Atlantic University
      Password: EAP 
E-PAF (For Student Employment)


Email Addresses To Use To Contact Hr

Emergency Closing

Employee Appointments

Employee Discounts

Employee Educational Scholarship Program

Employee Ethical Obligations

Employee Guide (for New Employees)

Employee Performance Appraisal (Step-By-Step Guide)

Employee Performance Appraisal  (Official Policies)

Employee Relations

Employment Verifications

Establishments (Step by step instructions)

Exempt Position (Student Employment)

Extended Leave Of Absence (General Info)

Extended Leave Of Absence (Official Policies)

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F-1 Visa (Student Employment Eligibility)

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) (General Info)

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) (Official Policies)

Federal Work Study

FICA Alternative Plan

FICA Taxes (Student Employment)

FLSA (Student Employment)

   All (Index Page)
   (Attendance & Leave)
   (Benefits & Retirement)
   (Classification & Compensation)
   (Employee Development)
   (Employment Office)
   (Processing & Records)
   (Student Employment)
   (Other Miscellaneous HR forms)

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Graduate Research Assistant

Graduate Research Associate

Graduate Students

Graduate Student Worker

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Graduate Teaching Associate

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Holidays (General Info)

(Official Policies)

Hourly Position (Student Employment)

Hours (Student Employment)

HR Email Addresses

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Interim Status

Internal Promotional Process

International Students
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Jobs at FAU

Jury Duty Jury Duty (General Info)

Jury Duty (Official Policies)

J-1 Visa (Student Employment Eligibility)

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Leave Of Absence (Extended)

Leave Policies

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Medicare Taxes (Student Employment)

Military Leave (General Info)

Military Leave (Official Policies)

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Name Change

New Employee Orientation

New Hires

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Oral Reprimand

Outside Employment or Professional Activity, Reporting of (Form ) (Guidelines)


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Paid Leave(Special Circumstances)

PAF/NOA Submission Schedules

Parental Leave (General Info)

Parental Leave (Official Policies)

Pay Plans

Pay Ranges

Performance Appraisal (General Info)

Performance Appraisal (Official Policies)

Performance Appraisal Forms
     New Performance Appraisal Tutorial

Performance Appraisal Report                     

Performance Management


Probationary Status

People Admin (For internal use - Employment and Position Management)

People Admin Access Requirements

Position Numbers (Student Employment)
    300000(0X employee class)
    400000 (0P employee class)
     500000 (0W employee class)
    800000 (GS employee class)

Promotional Process

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No listings at this time
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Reclassifications (step by step instructions)

Records Requests

Recruitment of Employees

Regular Appointment

Reporting of Outside Employment or Professional Activity (Form ) (Guidelines)

Resident Hall Assistant

'Return to Work' (Workers' Compensation program)  

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Salary Increases

Semester Breaks (Student Employment)

Separation of Employees

Sick Leave (General Info)

Sick Leave (Official Policies)

Sick Leave Pool Program

Sign In

Social Security Taxes (Student Employment)

SP Class Code Specifications

Special Circumstances Paid Leave

Social Security Number Collection & Usage

Special Pay Increases

Stewardship, Statement of

Student Appointment

Student Assistant

Student Employment (Home Page) 

Student Employment Guidelines

Summer Term (Student Employment)

Supervisors Guide for New Employees

Support Personnel (SP) Appraisals or
Support Personnel (SP) in Supervisory Position Appraisals
    New Performance Appraisal Tutorial

Support Personnel (SP) Position Description (Step by step instructions)


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Telecommuting (Alternative Work Arrangements)


The Work Number (Employment Verification)

Timekeeping Administration

Time Limited Appointment

  Directions: Change the Pay Period # to the desired pay period and print.
    Non-Exempt Timesheet
    Temp Timesheet

Time Specific Payments (Approval to Pay Lump Sum Payments)

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Update (Step by step instructions)

Undergraduate Students


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Verification of Employment

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Weight Watchers

Written Reprimand

Workers' Compensation

    'Return to Work'  (Workers' Compensation program)

Work Hours

Work/Life Balance

Work Number, The (Employment Verification)

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