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Kenan Social Engagement Scholarship


Kenan Social Engagement Scholarship Program

Receive up to $2,000 in scholarship funding per year for junior and senior years (based on determined need), academic enrichment opportunities, summer funding for planning and implementing a social entrepreneurship activity, and the chance to compete for $15,000 toward your social entrepreneurship proposal. Click here for application.

Scholarship Goals:

The Wilkes Honors College Kenan Social Engagement Program provides financial assistance to Wilkes Honors College students who combine the best practices of academic service learning, social entrepreneurship, and public-private partnerships. The goals of this program are to educate students in the fundamentals of social entrepreneurship, to help them develop plans for addressing a pressing social need, to assist them in partnering with nonprofit organizations, and to fund the implementation of these plans.

Details of the Scholarship:

All applicants will be required to complete a three-credit course in social entrepreneurship (IDS 3932: Honors Interdisciplinary Critical Inquiry Seminar: Social Engagement and Social Entrepreneurship) during the Fall of 2013; plan and initiate an approved service learning project that addresses a critical human need; report on the project; develop an ongoing, sustainable plan for continuation of the project, and serve as mentors during the senior year.

Each student will receive:

  • $2000/yr in scholarship money in his/her junior and senior year, $1,000 of which is stackable with existing HC scholarship awards*;
  • $2500 in seed money to initiate a summer service project proposed by the student;
  • $2000 in living expenses for the summer between the junior and senior year (while the project is being initiated).

Additionally, each year one student will be selected to receive a $15,000 seed grant for the project most likely to make a positive difference in the community. Further details of the program are outlined in the application.

*Students receiving the Flagler, Cornell or other full scholarship cannot stack this part of the award.

How to Apply

Simply fill out the application.
For more information, please contact the co-directors of the program:
Dr. Timothy Steigenga (561-799-8610, HC 104)
Dr. Christopher Strain (561-799-8017, HC 103)

Applicants/Recipients Must:

  • Be a full-time Wilkes Honors College student in good standing who has two years remaining at the Wilkes Honors College at the time of application;
  • Provide evidence of relevant skills (computer skills, website development, fundraising experience, etc.);
  • Provide evidence of a commitment to community service and an interest in social entrepreneurship;
  • Achieve and maintain a cumulative Wilkes Honors College GPA of 3.25 or above;
  • Submit scholarship application and supportive materials to the committee prior to the application deadline.

Application Requirements:

  • Completed and signed application form;
  • Official or unofficial transcripts of academic record for all college work attempted;
  • At least one letter of recommendation that addresses the candidate s commitment to community service, critical thinking ability, work habits, and other relevant skills (the letter must be from someone who is not a member of the scholarship committee);
  • A resume detailing community service, employment history, academic achievements, skills and interests, and honors and awards;
  • A brief (not to exceed 500 words) essay detailing your interest in service;
  • A brief (not to exceed 500 words) explanation of unmet financial need.
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