Homecoming Court

The 2016 Homecoming Court is a prestigious selection that is awarded to students that display a commitment to academics, service to the community, University involvement, and the desire to #BeFAU!

How Do I Apply?

1. Applicant is nominated by faculty, staff, or student organization (nominator will write a letter of recommendation)

  • Applicant must have 2.8 cumulative GPA.

  • Applicant must have successfully completed 60 credit hours.

  • Applicant will submit an essay (answering a specific question), a resume (outlining campus involvement), and a picture (to be put on the website).

2. Applicants are interviewed by a committee appointed by the Homecoming Committee that includes:

  • 1 student from each campus (3)

  • 2 alumni

  • 2 faculty members and

  • 2 staff members

3. Committee picks 10 candidates (5 men, 5 women) who become “The Court”.

4. The FAU students will participate in online voting for the “King” and “Queen”.

5. A second selection committee will interview the 10 members of “The Court”.

6. The results of step 4 and 5 will be computed with the voting counting for 50% and the selection committee counting for 50%.

7. One King and One Queen are appointed based on voting and interview.

Applications will open September 3 and close September 30. We will NOT be accepting late applications, so please make sure you have your application completed and submitted by the listed date!

If you have any questions about the process, feel free to contact us at sghomecoming@fau.edu!

 Last Modified 5/16/16