Summer 2015 Programs  

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Brazil The College of Science is offering a new program featuring field based research concerning biogeography and environmental issues relevant to Brazil and Florida. 


 Hyacinth Macaws

Costa Rica Field Study in International Economics Professors Rupert Rhodd and Eric Chiang


 Carter - Costa Rica

Costa Rica Field Study in Hospitality Management Professor Madanoglu

 Costa Rica

Ecuador Ethnographic Fieldwork in Coastal Ecuador Professor Michael Harris
Archaeological Field School in Coastal Ecuador
Professor Valentina Martinez


Germany - Berlin  Extended deadline, only 4 spots remain
Berlin Culture, Society and Language
Professors Evelyn Trotter and Andrea DeCapua

 Germany - Arnold -Owlsey and Kristy


Ireland - Dublin

Global Perspectives in Curriculum Graduate program in Education 
Professor Roberta Weber 


 Ireland cliffs

Italy - Venice
Italian Culture, Language and Geography
Professors Ilaria Serra and John Sandell


Panama A few spaces still available
International Business Field Experience
Professors Peggy Golden and Mantha Mehallis

© UNESCO/Francisco Bech

Professor John Smykla


Spain Additional space may be available
Professor Carmen Cañete Quesada




Professors Josephine Beoku-Betts and Talitha LeFlouria



Summer Exchange Programs

Germany Anhalt University
Language of Instruction: English
Courses: Architecture



Sweden Business exchange program in Stockholm
Language of Instruction: English
Courses: Corporate Finance, Innovation, and Tourism and Hospitality Marketing
Students can study in Sweden for two, four or six weeks
Sweden Summer Exchange Flyer


 Artica Sweden

Language of Instruction: English
Courses: Architecture, Business, Communication, Engineering, Language and Culture, Psychology, and Science.
Thailand Exchange Flyer

Chulalongkorn University

Direct Enroll Programs

Czech Republic Anglo-American University (AAU)
Language of Instruction: English
Courses: Humanities, Social Sciences, European History, International Relations, Journalism and Communication, and more

AAU Direct Enroll Flyer

England London South Bank University
Courses: Comprehensive course offerings
Fall, Spring and Summer semester options available
LSBU flyer

London Guard

France American Business School in Paris (ABS)  
Language of Instruction: English
Courses: Business, International Relations, and European Economics
ABS Direct Enroll Flyer

ABS campus photos (open as read only)

Sacre Coeur

Italy American University of Rome
Language of Instruction: English
Courses: Italian Language/Culture/Cinema, Humanities, Anthropology, Art History, Social Sciences, and more
AUR flyer

 italy transpo

Summer Study Abroad Program in Lisbon
Language of Instruction: English
Courses: Leadership & Strategic Knowledge, International Financial Management, Brand Management & Marketing Communications, Persuasion, Choices, and Consumer Behavior, International Marketing Strategy and Simulation Game, and Cross Cultural Communications & Negotiation
Program Flyer

  Mansor - Soaring through Porto Portugal

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Language of Instruction: English
Courses: Spanish Language & Culture, Humanities, Social Sciences, Politics, Economics, and more
UAB flyer



Spain - Saginor - Huerto

FAU students can earn academic credit towards their degree through summer study abroad. Students wishing to participate in a summer abroad program must submit a completed FAU study abroad application to the Office of International Programs. All summer program options must be approved by the Office of International Programs prior to the student applying.  It is in the best interest of students to apply early as space is limited and often on a first come-first served basis.

Students with questions about summer study abroad or interested in learning more about a specific Faculty-led program or to see if a Program Provider program is approved by FAU should contact our study abroad information line at 561.297.1208 or email us at

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