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Fulfill any outstanding student requirements you may have ASAP.  Funds will NOT disburse until your Financial Aid file is complete.  Check MyFAU regularly to ensure all of your Financial Aid requirements have been satisfied.

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To view Financial Aid student requirements:
1. Log on to MyFAU and click on the Money Matters! tab.
2. Click on "View Financial Aid Information" .
3. Click on the " Financial Aid Status" link.
4. Click on the "Student Requirements" link. 

NOTE :  If prompted for Aid Year, select " Award Year 2013-2014"  for the following terms:

  • FALL 2013
  • SPRING 2014
  • SUMMER 2014

To review requirements for FALL 2012, SPRING 2013 or SUMMER 2013, select " Award Year 2012-2013".

    (Documents needed to further process your Financial Aid will display in the "Unsatisfied Requirements" section.)                        

When submitting required documents, please bring copies of the original documents. EXCEPTION:  Students MUST bring in ORIGINAL Citizenship documents to be photocopied by the Financial Aid staff.

Required Documents Info

In order to prevent unnecessary delays, be sure to submit your complete and readable Required Documents as described below to the appropriate FAU Financial Aid Office.  Below is a list of possible required documents which may appear in your account in MyFAU. 




Click here for further explanation of documents below.

Required Document Description
BNKRPT Bankruptcy Clearance
CC295 Verification of Non Parental Support
CERT Copy of your Birth Certificate
CNSRTI Incoming Consortium Student Form
CNSRTO Outgoing Consortium Student Form
CONCUR Concurrent Enrollment Form
DEFLT Clearance of Default Status
DGPLUS Direct PLUS Loan  
DEPEND Student Needs to correct FAFSA status to Dependent
DEPOVR Request for Dependency Override
DETH Provide Copy of Death Certificate
DPLUS Parent PLUS Loan
DHS Provide Alien Card or I94 or Valid Passport
DHSP Pending Secondary Confirmation of Resident Alien Status
DISCH Loan Discharge Clearance
DRUGQ Drug Conviction Issues - Resolution Required
DSUB Direct Subsidized Loan
DUNSUB Direct Unsubsidized Loan
ENTR On-Line Stafford Loan Entrance Counseling
EXIT (FFELS - Stafford Loans from Lenders) On-Line Direct Loan Exit Counseling
EXIT (DL - Stafford Loans from U.S. Dept. of Education) On-Line Direct Loan Exit Counseling
FAUL FAU Loan Promissory Note - Mailed by the Controller's Office
GPENTR On-Line Graduate PLUS Loan Entrance Counseling
IDTHFT NSLDS ID Theft ALERT Related to Student Loan
IRSS10 FAFSA Retrieval of Student 2010 IRS Data
IRSS11 FAFSA Retrieval of Student 2011 IRS Data
IRSP10 FAFSA Retrieval of Parent 2010 IRS Data
IRSP11  FAFSA Retrieval of Parent 2011 IRS Data
ISIR Federal Student Financial Aid Application
ISIRRJ Rejected Application - Refer to Your Student Aid Report
LTHT Less Than Half-Time
NOGRAD Student Needs to Correct FAFSA Status to Undergraduate
NSLDS Review of Aggregate Borrowing
NSLDSQ Review of Aggregate Borrowing
OVERN Proof of Clearance of Perkins Overpayment
OVERP Proof of Clearance of Pell Grant Overpayment
OVERS Proof of Clearance of FSEOG Overpayment
OVERTE Proof of Clearance of TEACH Grant Overpayment
PERK Perkins Master Promissory Note - Mailed by the Controllers Office
PROJUD Request for Professional Judgment
PRORAT Loan Proration Form
REVBUD Budget Adjustment Request Form
REVREQ Award Revision Request Form
SAPAPP Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal
SCHREI Scholarship Reinstatement Request
SERV Proof of Selective Service Registration or Exemption
SCHO Institutional, Athletic, Foundation & External Sch Require no Action
SSA Proof of Citizenship (Submit ORIGINAL documents)
SSCARD Copy of your Social Security Card
STAAPP State Programs Appeal Form 
SUMMER Summer Financial Aid Application
TERMS Web Terms and Conditions
TMALRT Review of NSLDS Transfer Monitoring Alert
USRD Resident Alien Card
VER5AI Additional Verification Information is Needed
VER5AS Additional Asset Information Needed
VER5CS Verification of Child Support Amounts
VER5EX Verification Information - Exemption on Tax Return 
VER5HH Verification of Number in Household
VER5ID  Verification - Identity Theft
VER5IR IRS Letter 1722 - Call (800) 829-8815 to Request
VER5LI Verification Information - Low Income Certification Form
VER5MI Miscellaneous Verification Information - As Requested
VER5MS Verification Information - Marital Status on Tax Return 
VER5NC Verification Information - Number in College
VER5ND Verification Information - Parent Non-filing Form
VER5NI Verification Information - Student Non-filing Form
VER5SP Spouse's Signed IRS Income Tax Forms
VER5SS Verification Information - Proof of Social Security Benefits
VER5ST Step-parents signed IRS Income Tax Forms
VER5SU Verification Information - Means of Support 
VER5TX Verification Filing Tax Extension  
VER5W2 Copy of W2 Forms
VER5WS Completed FAFSA Worksheet ABC Form
VERDEP Dependent Verification Form
VERIND Independent Verification Form
VETS Proof of Veteran Status - Copy of DD214
WEBDOC Web Document


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