Need Based Employment Programs

Federal Work-Study

The Federal Work-Study Program is a federally-funded program for eligible students who demonstrate financial need.

1. Students will be required to complete the FAFSA Application each year to determine eligibility . The priority filing deadline for the following academic year is March 1st.
  If you have NOT been awarded Federal Work-Study, but wish to be considered, you MUST meet the following eligibility requirements:
2. Have already received an award which DID NOT include Federal Work-Study (FWS). Check MYFAU, click on the Money Matters! tab, and then click on "View Financial Aid Information" link, if you are unsure.
3. Have an Expected Family Contribution (EFC) of less than 10000.  Click here for information about the EFC .
4. Have unmet need. Click here for information about the calculation of need.
5. Meet Satisfactory Academic Progress Requirements. Click here for information about the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy.
6. Be enrolled a minimum of half time at FAU.
7. Submit the Need Based Employment Application to the Office of Student Financial Aid (We will begin taking applications  May 1, 2014 ).

Off-Campus Community Service / Literacy Programs (FWSOFF)

Florida Atlantic University encourages work-study students to become involved with our local community.  A portion of the Federal Work-Study budget is allocated for participation in community service jobs.  Community Service Jobs include positions that “are designed to improve the quality of life for community residents or to solve particular problems related to their needs”. These positions include designated tutors to improve reading skills and enhance family literacy throughout the community.

Florida Work Experience Program (FWEP) (website)

The Florida Work Experience Program is a State of Florida funded need based program providing eligible Florida students the opportunity to secure work experiences complementary to and which reinforce the student's educational and career goals.

Recipients of the Florida Work Experience Program may work on campus in positions that complement and reinforce academic and career goals, or off campus in local public after school programs. All recipients of the FWEP program MUST be Florida Residents.

Requirements for FWSOFF or FWEP:

In order to be considered for either the Off-Campus Community Service (FWSOFF) or the Florida Work Experience Program (FWEP), you must also meet eligibility requirements, numbers 1 through 6, listed above and submit the Need Based Employment Application  ( We will begin taking applications May 1, 2014.) 

1. The priority consideration for Need Based Employment applications will start on:
FALL:   May 1st

All applications are processed based upon availability of funds.

SPRING:   December 2nd
SUMMER:   February 1st
2. Students who have been awarded in any of the need-based employment programs may either return to an existing position or access the Get a JOB! database and follow the instructions below to find a position. Students are awarded on a "first come" basis.
     Students who have NOT been awarded any of the need-based employment programs must complete the Need Based Employment Application, and verify eligibility with the Office of Student Financial Aid.   Students then access the Get a JOB! database and find an appropriate position. The hiring department completes the Need Based Placement Forms. The student must return these forms to the Office of Student Financial Aid, to be awarded .

Before beginning a job, a student must sign in with Student Employment, located in the Administration Building, and complete all required steps.  Click here for more details and instructions for new student employees. 
For FAU Departments - How to Post Work Study Positions:
(For use by FAU Departments ONLY. Requires Adobe Acrobat to view form.)  

Database - Employers ONLY ( Login )



For Eligible FAU Students - Where To Find a Need Based Position:

STUDENTS :   To search need based job listings the "Get a JOB!" database login is located on MyFAU under the  Money Matters tab. Click here for detailed instructions.
Student Support Services Building SU 80 #233B
Boca Raton, Florida 33431
Telephone: (561) 297-3680 or (561) 297-1009
Hours: Monday - Friday  8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Send questions or comments to Tatiana Santamaria at .

Need Based Employment Assistance is also available at the branch campuses. 


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