Athletics FAQs

1.  When will my scholarship be disbursed?

  • Athletic scholarships are disbursed the week after the drop and add period. Tuition and fee payment is automatically deferred up to the amount of the student’s athletic scholarship.

2.   Do I have to fill out the Financial Aid Budget Form?

  • I f you did not complete the Free Application of Federal Student Aid and are on a partial scholarship, you must complete the Financial Aid Budget Form.

3.   Why were my loans or grants reduced?

  • Athletics scholarships plus all other aid has to equal the student’s total cost of attendance. Therefore if your total financial aid package goes over your total cost of attendance you financial aid awards will be reduced.

4.   What if I need to take some of my classes at another school?

  • The Concurrent Enrollment form must be filled out. The athletic scholarship is only going to be disbursed after the Concurrent Enrollment Form is completed.  

5.  How will I receive the funds?

  • Actual Disbursement of financial aid checks or Electronic Fund Transfers are a function of the Controller's Office as requested by the Financial Aid Office starting the third week of classes. Please make sure you fill out your direct deposit. If you are a full ride scholarship recipient, please read Off Campus Students Procedures.

6.   I am a recipient of another outside scholarship. What needs to be   done?

  • The scholarship donor must fill out the Custodial Scholarship Letter. This form will help determine if the scholarship was awarded using athletics participation as major criteria.

7.    Why did I receive a late fee?

  • Students are responsible to pay the portion of fees that the athletic scholarship does not cover. If payments of such fees are received after the payment due date, students will receive a late fee.

8.   What is an Athletic Matriculation Exemption I see on my Student Account Summary?

  • Total athletic aid may be a combination of athletic scholarships and the Athletic Matriculation Exemption. The addition of the two will equal to the total scholarship awarded to you.

9.   Why is my refund amount different than my team mate who is on a full ride scholarship?

  • A student refund will vary from student to student because of the differences in the in number of credits taken in the semester, parking tickets, late fees, lab fees, housing status, meal plan and additional financial aid awards.



 Last Modified 9/7/16