Sign Up For Direct Deposit Online!



Tired of waiting for your financial aid refund check to arrive in the mail?  Students, sign up for direct deposit online with your existing bank account!  For more information regarding the direct deposit online form and FAQs click here . To view Disbursement Information click here .

Establish, view and/or update your direct deposit information for financial aid refunds. The Direct Deposit Online Form is located on MyFAU and click on the Money Matters tab. To access the online direct deposit form, follow the instructions below:

1. Click on the Direct Deposit for Financial Aid link.    

Click on the Financial Aid tab or menu link.


Click on the Direct Deposit link.

4. Click on the Update A/P Direct Deposit Information link to UPDATE bank account information or Add New A/P Direct Deposit Information link to ESTABLISH or Add new direct deposit for the first time.

IMPORTANT:   In order to receive a financial aid refund, students MUST have a current and active address on file with the University.  To view or update your address information, log on to MyFAU and click on FAU Self-Service (OWLS) link, click on Personal Information and then click on View/Update Addresses and Phones.  Financial aid funds are disbursed after the drop/add deadline of each semester.  Tuition and other charges posted to your account will be deducted first.  If a credit balance results, the student will receive a refund.  Students are encouraged to sign-up for direct deposit. 

: If you are an Employee, go to the Employee tab to change your payroll direct deposit information.

Advantages of signing up for Direct Deposit


Students would not have to wait to receive their checks in the mail and would not have to go to the bank or credit union to deposit checks.
» Students would get their financial aid refunds even if they are away from home.
» Checks will not be misplaced, lost, or stolen and students would not have to wait for a replacement check to be issued.
» Students can avoid overdraft and NSF charges from late or forgotten deposits.
 Last Modified 7/17/14